As the heavenly heart sighs, the attack means issued by the seven evil spirits’ emissaries at this moment should be discussed in detail, and there must be thousands of them. Every emissary has used at least ten techniques from sound waves to nonsense to disturb the opponent’s mind, from dharma body to multiplier. If you change to a low-level deity or an unprepared deity, you will fall into their trap, lose the opportunity and fall into a bitter struggle.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha …" Tianxin continued to laugh, and the purple iron […]

"Depend! A ghost, dare to say something in front of me and die! Black tiger beast soul! Beat these two troublemakers to pieces! " Xu Qi good shake-up by shouting at him, conjured the devil’s wings out of the back of the black tiger beast’s soul, and the black tiger beast’s soul growled at the same time, and its shape suddenly became enormous. At this time, compared with the black tiger beast’s soul, spirit of war, the ghost, immediately changed from a giant to a doll …

Howl! ! ! Black tiger beast soul transformation, black tiger beast soul tail like lightning […]