"These are the two masters of the Western Regions, but I didn’t expect to become fickle puppets!" Su Xiaobai said, recognizing the identity of these two puppets.
Ten minutes later, the two puppets were finally solved by Zhuge Buliang and Su Xiaobai. From Su Xiaobai’s mouth, I learned that these two puppets were both top-ups. After being refined into puppets by impermanence, they not only did not weaken their strength, but also added a madness that was not afraid of life and death.
"M, these two living dead people are really hard." Zhuge spat without light.
"He fled in the direction of the Valley of the Dead." Su Xiaobai said.
Zhuge was about to chase him out before dawn, but suddenly he found that a black bead was left where he was sitting before impermanence, and an eerie smell emanated from this thumb-sized pillar. This yin qi even dare not approach those evil spirits around.
"What is it?"
Su Xiaobai’s eyes flashed twice and said, "It seems to be Yin Zhu. At this time, some powerful evil spirits or ghosts were left behind. I think before impermanence, I definitely wanted to heal with the yin in the yin beads, but unfortunately we disturbed his plan. "
Su Xiaobai said, and went over to pick up the thumb-sized black Yinzhu.
"Hmm …" But when Su Xiaobai picked up the Yin Zhu, she suddenly gave up and staggered back out, surprised: "What a powerful Yin force."
Strangers who use Yin Zhu without authorization will only be swallowed up by the Yin Qi in Yin Zhu, unless they are people who practice strange skills like impermanence. And the Yin qi in this silver bead is too strong. When Su Xiaobai touched it slightly, she felt a Yin force trying to erode into his veins.
Zhuge Liang frowned, and he also tried to pick up the Yinzhu. Yin Zhu was lying down, but he didn’t feel Yin Qi entering the body like Su Xiaobai. Although the Yin Qi on it was horrible, it was suppressed when Zhuge didn’t hold it.
In this regard, Su Xiaobai just took a look at Zhuge Buliang, and there was not much unexpected color, because he knew that Zhuge Buliang had a special constitution and it was not impossible to suppress Yin Zhu.
"What does this bead do?" Zhuge asked, toying with the thumb-sized beads.
Su Xiaobai said, "I heard that this Yin Zhu is of great help to ghost practitioners, just like impermanence. Another function is to wear it on your body, so that you can not be aware of the smell of strangers on your body. "
Hearing this, Zhuge grinned. God was really kind to him and wanted to eat hail under the ice. With this Yin Zhu, if you really enter the ghost world, you don’t have to worry about the smell of strangers on yourself.
"Let’s go, impermanence is seriously injured, even if it escapes to the Valley of the Dead, it’s no better." Zhuge is not bright.
Two people into two lightning towards the depths of the necromancer mountains, which is the direction of the necromancer valley.
Breaking through the heavy printing, as it goes deeper and deeper into the depths of the Necromancer Mountains, the ghost fog floating around becomes more and more intense and lifeless. Su Xiaobai had to run the psychic resistance in the body. It’s better that Zhuge doesn’t shine, perhaps because of the yin bead on him.
Half an hour later, the two men came to a dead valley. The valley was miserable, and the dark green fog was even more rich. Even there was a poisonous gas floating in the air. This was a corpse. When ordinary people smell it, it will be corrupted immediately.
Can Zhuge not bright and Su Xiaobai’s strength, is to make a slight operation of the spiritual force in the body, to resist this corpse is simply a cinch.
But what bothers him is not the poison here, but the dead. This is the real threat to two people close to the reason.
Zhuge held Yin Zhu in his hand before dawn, and seven stars flew out of his head, hanging down a big dipper screen to cover him and Su Xiaobai, which made their faces relieved a lot.
"Last time I stopped here, I didn’t go in." Su Xiaobai said, at the foot of a white glittering and translucent lotus flower appeared again, holding his body like a lotus.
Stepping into the valley of the necromancer, breaking the dead, the scene immediately made Zhuge not bright and Su Xiaobai frowned. Both of them turned white and resisted the urge to vomit.
Throughout the valley, there are corpses that have rotted or become mummified. These bodies don’t know that they are all teenagers buried here, and they are not completely corrupted under the rendering of dead air and ghost fog. Countless rotting corpses are piled up together, and yellow corpse water is flowing, and even some corpse worms can be seen crawling in those rotten meat.
"Tickle ~ ~"
Stepping on soft soil is not soil, but rotten meat. The whole land of the Necromancer Valley has been covered with a thick layer of rotten meat. The corpse worm wriggles in the rotten meat, which makes people sick.
"Holy shit!"
Zhuge Buliang and Su Xiaobai immediately rose to mid-air, and even if their minds were firm, they couldn’t stand this scene.
"Ha ha ha ha, you actually came back."
The voice of impermanence came from the valley of the dead. On a pile of rotting bodies, impermanence stood proudly on it, holding the judge’s pen in his hand, and the Book of Life and Death was carried behind him.
"Nima, only you who are neither human nor ghost are willing to live here." Zhuge is not bright, let alone let him live here all the year round in a place like this, as long as he stays for one day, it is a kind of torture for him.
Impermanence stood among the corpses, and Mori smiled coldly: "Today this place will be your burial place!" "
Say and a surge of dead broke out from his body, impermanence, a wave of his hand at the foot of the pile of corpses crashing blast, countless minced meat splash, disgusting resin water splashed everywhere. And under this pile of corpses, there is a quaint door hidden, which is thick and thick, sending out a thick dead air.
"The gate of hell!" Zhuge’s eyes lit up immediately when he didn’t shine.
"Go to the ghost world and repent!" Impermanence laughed at the sky, and a gold seal was printed on the palm of your hand, branded on this quaint door. The quaint door "rumbled", the heavy thick door left a gap, and the sad lotus flower burst out from the stone gate.
"It’s really the gate of hell. This guy has the strength to open the gate of hell!" Zhuge looked at this scene in surprise, holding the Yin Zhu tightly in his palm.
"Ha, ha, ha, I in the name of impermanence, rebellious into the ghost world to repent! Never be super-born! " Impermanence at this moment seems to really become an agent of the ghost world. With the transformation of the law in his hand, the heavy door has been completely opened, lotus flower storm surge, and a powerful suction swept out from the door.
"You are quick to retreat!" Zhuge not bright blunt Su Xiaobai drink a way.
"You should take care." Su Xiaobai knew that the purpose of Zhuge Buliang’s trip was to enter the ghost world, but the impermanence of this move just satisfied Zhuge Buliang’s wish. At present, Su Xiaobai went out, and the flash of sword light had appeared thousands of meters away.
The gate of hell is wide open, and the suction is sweeping towards Zhuge’s unlit madness.
"ah! ! !”
Zhuge was screaming in the sky when he was not bright, and purple gas spewed out from his body. Seven bright stars were suspended above his head, and the Beidou light curtain fell layer by layer, which perfectly protected Zhuge from being bright.
The next moment, Zhuge flew towards the gate of hell like a comet before dawn.
This scene makes the impermanence stunned. He originally thought that Zhuge would fully resist the sucking force of the gate of hell when he was not bright, but he didn’t expect him to take the initiative to fly inside.
"I don’t know how to live or die. If you enter the ghost world, you can’t think of it!" Impermanence gnashing way.
"Brush ~ ~"
Zhuge didn’t shine like a streamer and went into the jaws of death. His body disappeared instantly and was swallowed up by boundless blood.
The gate of death closes slowly, and the heavy door closes. The gate of hell also sank into the ground, buried in mud and minced meat. ……
"This guy … actually took the initiative to go in. What does he want?" Impermanence was complicated at this moment, and suddenly a tingle came into his heart, saying, "What is this guy doing in this necromancer mountain for no reason?" Could it be that his original purpose was to rush to the gate of hell? He wants to enter the ghost world! "
Thought of here, impermanence can’t help but hate the root itch. I thought about knocking Zhuge out into the ghost world to repay his humiliation last time. But I didn’t expect myself to fulfill each other invisibly.
The white shadow flashed, Su Xiaobai once again appeared outside the valley of the Necromancer, standing on the white lotus, and the holy white lotus surged out of the halo to protect Su Xiaobai from being infected by the dead.
"hey! You dare to come back. " Impermanence gently coughs, and black blood spurts out. It can be seen that the load on him who just summoned the gate of hell is huge. What’s more, impermanence at this time was seriously injured.
"Hum! His business has been solved, and now it’s our turn. " Su Xiaobai snorted, and the whole person turned into a stunning Excalibur and killed it towards impermanence, bringing up a voice of thunder and wind.
"Ha, ha, ha, want to kill me! ? Come on! " Impermanence is also a sound, and the whole body is dead and poured into the hands of the judge’s pen, killing Su Xiaobai.
Two streamers, one black and one white, collided in the valley of the necromancer, and the momentum was like a rainbow. The whole valley of the necromancer collapsed under this fluctuation. …….
Chapter 577 Meet each other
Chapter 585 Meet each other
Smoke filled the air, and the flames were blazing. It seems to be an ancient battlefield, and the world seems to be red with blood. There are traces left by some wars everywhere, some broken cities, buildings collapsed, and there is no one to see.
The ghost world, this is the ghost world.
Yan Magic Ridge, an important fortress in the ghost world, is known to all the ghost practitioners in the ghost world, and it is a forbidden area connecting eighteen layers of hell. On weekdays, there are hundreds of profound ghosts guarding here to avoid the destruction of the seal of eighteen layers of hell.
But on this day, the whole Yan Moling was not calm.