"You said put put? Why? " Zhuge looked at the old man before dawn.
"Meng Nian, the elder of Zixiao Sect, is too much for you. You are so arrogant!" Zi Xiao, who claimed to be Meng Nian, sent elders to drink a way, with aggressive eyes.
Zhuge stopped laughing and said, "It’s really funny. Why didn’t you come out and say something fair when He Xiaoyun insulted the Yaohai Sect before? Now that your disciples have been beaten, you stand up and say that you are arrogant. This is your so-called noble faction, which is ridiculous. "
"You" Meng Nian trembled slightly and shouted, "Junior, are you teaching me how to do things? ?”
"I just don’t like you guys who rely on the old to sell the old." Zhuge was angry when he didn’t light up, and he didn’t give this Zixiao Sect elder face at all.
"With you, dare to scold the old lady!" Meng nian’s white hair stood on end, like a vast sea of real yuan fluctuations.
Not to be outdone, Zhuge kicked He Xiaoyun away like a dead dog. Take a step towards Meng nian and stand like a rock.
A big war is about to explode.
Just then, a dull roar sounded, and three figures flew quickly and fell from the sky. Two of them were old men dressed in black robes, and in the middle was a man covered in a black trench coat and wearing a strange mask on his face.
Judging from the body shape, the person in the middle is slender and uneven, obviously a woman.
The three of them turned out to be from the imperial air, completely fearless of the ban in the Buddhist prison, and obviously a master.
"The predecessors of the Immortal Alliance!" Someone exclaimed.
Three people fell in shape, and the two old men stood there, as if they were integrated with all things in heaven and earth. Obviously, they were two real masters of deification.
And the woman in the black trench coat in the middle is not under them.
"I have seen my predecessors." At this moment, even Meng Nian dared not be arrogant again, and bowed respectfully.
"This is less cultivate immortality alliance Lord, don’t salute! ?” Next to a deified old man drink a way.
The people around you were suddenly bustling, and the woman wearing a black trench coat and a strange mask turned out to be the young master of the cultivation alliance. Many people are in awe.
"What happened?" The cold voice of the woman in black, although very beautiful, is particularly cold.
Meng Nian immediately said, "Young master, this boy of the Yaohai Sect is arrogant, hurting my disciple He Xiaoyun. Please be fair."
Zhuge snorted before dawn, and in his heart he scolded Meng Nian, an old deathless woman, for thousands of times. It was simply disgusting to complain first.
"This old thing is unreasonable!" The little monkey and Li Kewei also came up. Because of face, Li Kewei also paid a tribute to the young master of the cultivation alliance.
The woman in black looked at the little monkey, then at Zhuge, and at that time she was silent. No one around dared to say anything.
A moment later, the woman in black asked, "Are you a practitioner of the Yaohai School?"
Zhuge Liang shrugged his shoulders and said, "No, I’m just a casual repairman."
All the major schools in Kyushu are confined to the alliance of cultivating immortals, and Zhuge Buliang doesn’t want the other party to regard himself as a disciple of the school, so as not to be suppressed and bound.
The woman in black said, "No matter who is right or wrong, forget about it for the time being. Don’t let people see jokes in front of foreigners."
She pointed to something, naturally, it was Beargguy, the practitioner of the monster beast clan, and some foreign practitioners from overseas.
"Hum!" Meng nian took a hard look at Zhuge Liang, threw off his robe sleeve, dragged up the seriously injured He Xiaoyun, and ordered several disciples of Zixiao Sect to come out and take He Xiaoyun to heal.
"Still treat what injury. Immortality is also abolished. " The little monkey whispered.
Zhuge Liang kicked it and motioned it not to talk. He knew that this little thing was outspoken.
"What’s the name of this young Xia?" The woman in black looked at Zhuge, and under the strange mask, she couldn’t see what expression it was.
"My name is Stone." Zhuge said without light.
"Stone? It’s really a weird name. Your real name doesn’t seem to be called this. " The woman in black said slightly funny.