Tal saw the gun pointed at himself and Sue Orange immediately pulled up Sue Orange and left the top floor at an extremely fast speed, hitting the floor with a shocking blow.
Arisha was scared silly. Stay where you are. Tal quickly put hypnosis into practice. Arisha immediately fell into sleep and collapsed to the ground.
See the helicopter landing to Tal and Su Orange quickly evacuate along the stairs.
After leaving the World Trade Center, Tal looked at Su Orange with a solemn face. "Since you are a Dracula, it is only a matter of time before you return to the family. In fact, being a real vampire is not so terrible."
"If you could choose to be a human being or a vampire, would you choose to be a human being or a vampire?" Sue orange replayed the scene of Zhen being shot in the head in her mind.
Tal ha ha a smile "I was born a vampire root, there is no need to consider this problem. It’s good to be a vampire! It is much stronger than human physique and ability, and the life span is many times longer. There are not so many rules and regulations, and we are pure-blooded vampires with special restrictions and abilities. It is not much different from human life to go to parties in the sun. Of course, if you are injured or weak, you may need to hide in a dark corner and have a good rest. In fact, you will get used to it. "
"If the judicial Latour family symbol is a cross?" Sue orange saw that Tal had a necklace around Bo’s neck instead of a ring.
"It’s not a cross, it’s a personal hobby. Do you think it’s cool?" Tal waved the cross in his hand.
Su orange is full of black lines. This guy’s hobby is really special!
Look at the cross again. It’s not Jesus, but a beautiful girl. Su Orange is also drunk.
"Thank you for your help today."
Tal provoked a smile at the corner of his mouth. "After all, you are the girl I like! I’m glad to help you. "
Su orange dropped a big cold sweat on his forehead and smiled awkwardly. "This joke is even colder!"
Tal instead serious "I’m not kidding! You know. "
"I have other things to go first." I’d better get out of here.
"I’ll send you!" Tal pointed to a very cool sports car not far away, and it was already dawn by this time.
"Can you still drive?"
"Of course! Are you vampires all terrapin? Human society will include dating girls and falling in love, and I usually plant some flowers and play the piano, and I also have a black cat named Mia. Do you think I am very emotional? "
In the face of such a smelly fart, a vampire Su Orange is very talkative.
I hope this guy doesn’t kill Mia when he is addicted to blood.
At this time, Ziyue appeared in the field of vision with a sports car. A cool and elegant car stopped in front of Su Orange.
The window rolled up.
"I just heard on the radio that Zhen was killed. Are you okay?"
Before Sue orange conversation tal cunningly smile "so your name is orange! It reminds people of that delicious fruit. "
Talking and licking the corners of the mouth
Su Orange quickly pulled the door and sat in the co-pilot position, then closed the door and said to Zi Yue, "Let’s go!"
Purple month return to absolute being nodded to the car out.
Tal waved goodbye to them.
Purple month strange way "who is he? How can I be with you? "
"people who eat melons"
"People who eat melons?"
Su orange closed his eyes and rested. Ziyue will broadcast light music and didn’t continue to ask.
Su orange must be exhausted this night. Her heart is that Su orange is alone with others. Isn’t it just the people who eat melons?
When we get back to the suburban house, it’s already bright.
Mother and Su pomelo are still lying on the bed with pillows in the sleeping hills, curled up like kittens afraid of the cold, and muttering from time to time, "Fried eggs …"
The sun shone through the window, and everything seemed so peaceful and quiet. It seemed that the kidnapping, fighting and shooting last night were just a dream.
The sun rises every day. It’s another day!
In order to avoid the mother and Su pomelo being frightened again, Su Orange asked Qiu Qiu to hypnotize and erase the terrible memory of last night, and then sent her mother home respectively. Zhong Suyou returned to school with Ziyue and Su Orange.
When mother and Su pomelo wake up, the affairs department will forget to think it was just a deep sleep last night.
After this night, Su Orange became more aware of the danger and uncertainty at any time, and it was impossible to lead an ordinary life as calm as in the past 16 years.
It is necessary to arrange mother’s life as soon as possible and give her more heart and protection.
But what makes Su Orange strange is that Su pomelo looks no different from ordinary people, and she doesn’t feel vampire breath at all.
After the induction of Qiuqiu, the little girl said, "Aunt and grandma are both ordinary human beings. How can there be a vampire breath?"
Sue orange still can’t rest assured. After all, Qiuqiu’s strength is limited. Otherwise, I could have sensed that Sakura Ink was a vampire but I couldn’t feel that I was a vampire.
Su orange and Su pomelo’s birthday coincided with the weekend. Su orange told her mother and Su pomelo that she had bought a new house through her birthday.
Looking at her daughter handing me the key, Meijia couldn’t believe her eyes and ears. "Did you buy a house near the sweet shop?"
Sue orange smiled and nodded "yes! It’s inconvenient to rent a house all the time, and it’s far from the sweet shop. It’s hard for mom to run around every day! Now that we have our own house, mom can feel at ease. "
"Orange …" Meijia’s eyes moistened her body, but her mother failed to let her daughter live a good life. As a result, her daughter killed herself, and this family has been struggling.
"Let’s move in the afternoon! I have already contacted the moving company to stay in the new house at night. "
"I’m sorry mom really didn’t make you and your sister suffer a lot. It must have cost a lot of money to buy a house! You are still learning to ask for money. Many houses are still sold, so don’t move your home. "
Looking at some thin daughter Meijia is very distressed and full of guilt.
Su pomelo finally came to her senses from this great news. "I’m not dreaming, am I? I just made a wish to have a big room when I blew out the birthday candles just now. I didn’t expect it to come true so soon! We actually have our own room! "