"Yes and yes! ! ! The three of us are the campus idol group F3, which has been popular in universities all over the country recently. Our FANS. " Sun Dasheng simply played a joke with the driver’s eldest brother.
After hearing Sun Dasheng’s words, the driver’s eldest brother looked suddenly enlightened, and he really believed it. Three people were shivering with laughter in the car.
"Escape" to the street corner of Cai Yi’s home was almost evening, and Qina simply took them to Cai Yi’s home to have dinner together. Back to the building, Xiu Xiu and Cai Yi have already come back. See JiNa back with two young people don’t know Cai Yi and Xiu Xiu expressions are a little startled. After Qina introduced them, they understood. Cai Yi greeted Martin and Sun Dasheng warmly. Xiu Xiu heard that her former classmates from Qina also hurriedly brought tea and water, with a hospitable smile.
Looking at the beautiful and charming Xiu Xiu busy for two people, Sun Dasheng and Martin looked a little embarrassed.
"Anan, is this your girlfriend? Sure enough, it is more beautiful than the photos in the newspaper. " Sun Dasheng praised.
"Can I be seen in the newspapers in China?" Xiu Xiu heard Sun Tianyi say this and blinked her beautiful eyes and asked curiously. She didn’t know that there were people paying attention to her at home.
"Of course, every issue of" titan sports "has a special page for Qi Nankai, which contains everything about him, as big as the performance of the game. There are news as small as what clothes to wear that day. You are the other half of Qinan. Of course there will be your picture! ! !” Martin explained to Xiu Xiu.
"His brother is so red at home? I thought he was only popular in Naples. " Xiu Xiu a face so expression.
"That’s for sure. If you know what happened this afternoon, you will understand how popular Qinan is in China."
"This afternoon, what happened this afternoon?" Xiu Xiu asked.
Sun Dasheng hurriedly embellished the story that happened in Huxiang University this afternoon to Xiu Xiu, and Xiu Xiu listened with his mouth open. After listening to it, I found that all the hats and scarves that Qinan bought this morning were really gone.
A few people were having a lively chat when the door suddenly opened and a cold wind blew in with a figure. At the same time, there was a hearty laugh.
"Ha ha. The big star is back. "
Qinan looked intently, and it turned out to be Cai Shu, the husband of Cai Yi. Aunt Cai specially called him back from the company. Jina quickly got up and gave Cai Shu a warm hug. There is no big shelf for a star.
Four big men, one big, three small, talked enthusiastically around the living room stove, while Xiu Xiu and Cai Yi went to prepare a sumptuous dinner.
"Qi, when I came back just now, I thought I saw a reporter-like person in the street corner. They didn’t find your whereabouts."
Qinan and Sun Dasheng Chen Feng were shocked, really? Did the news that he appeared in Huxiang reach the ears of reporters in Changsha so soon? And you’ll be here soon?
"Richie, don’t you know? Journalists have long known that you used to live here. In the first two months, Cai Yi and I received at least ten reporters. Mostly to inquire about your past. But your aunt Cai and I are tight-lipped. The answers to them are all irrelevant things. " Cai Shu laughed.
"What, reporters all know that I have lived here before? I thought I lived here in the dark. " Qina was startled.
"You also look down upon the ability of journalists now. They have already found out everything about you, only you are still in the dark. Maybe in an hour or two, this house will be full of reporters. " Martin warned.
Wait until around eight o’clock in the evening, so he was hit home by Martin. A large number of journalists have gathered in front of Aunt Cai’s small building, and more and more fans have followed. At nine o’clock. The front of the small building has been surrounded, and thousands of fans and reporters will take the street in front of the small building.
Full of money. The reporters were waiting in front of the small building with long guns and sprints, holding Qi Nan’s name.
Qinan, who ate this dinner, didn’t know the taste, so there was no way for anyone to eat well in this environment. After dinner, Qina sat in the living room with a bitter face and chatted with everyone. I hope those reporters and fans can leave with discretion. But by nine o’clock in the evening, the crowd outside didn’t mean to disperse at all, but there was an increasing trend.
"What should I do? Are these fans and journalists really going to wait here all night? " Jina has never encountered such a situation, and she is a little at a loss. In Europe, although Naples fans are crazy, they won’t do such a thing as staying at your door every day.
"Ah Nam, now I finally know how influential you are in China and Changsha, right? The madness of China fans is far beyond your imagination, for so many years. They finally wait until a mythical figure appears, of course, they will be a little ecstatic. For example, our school has a special "Qinan Fans Association"! ! ! Because of you, Dasheng and I are the chairman and vice-chairman of the association, and now there are thousands of formal members. And there are countless such fan organizations all over the country. It is conservatively estimated that your fans in China will reach at least several million, not counting those scattered fans who are not registered. If you count those people. I am afraid that there will be tens of millions. " Martin’s words made JiNa a little unbelievable. He never knew. A small football can make so many people like him. In Lin ‘an before, cuju was so good that hundreds of thousands of people in Lin ‘an liked you. At that time, the population of Dasong was only tens of millions.
Just then, suddenly came the sound of a siren outside the house. Xiu Xiu, who stood at the window and watched the scene of bustle, said to several people sitting on the sofa chatting, "Wow, there are many policemen here. A policeman with a head shape is coming towards us. "
Sure enough, Xiu Xiu’s voice just fell and there was a knock at the door. The little girl opened the door with the consent of Qinan. See the closed door of the small building suddenly open. After a commotion outside the house, generate gave more enthusiastic shouts. The air coming in through the crack of the door seems to be a little hot.
The people who came in were about 3045 years old. Under the military cap, there was a face of national characters, and there was a unique momentum of soldiers in the heavy eyebrows.
"Hello, I’m Zhang Guowei, the chief commander of Changsha Armed Police Force. I just received a report from the masses that thousands of people gathered in this community for no reason. When I received the task, I was shocked. I thought that any black gang could make such a big noise. Just after asking, I realized that it was the pride of our Changsha Comrade Qi Nan who came back. " Zhang Guowei burst out laughing, and the soldier’s bright and clear strength was revealed.
"I’m sorry ! ! I’m sorry for the trouble. I’m very sorry. " Qinan is also very embarrassed. It is not what he wants to see to cause such an impact.
"The fans in Changsha are really crazy! ! ! ! I haven’t seen such a scene for many years. As far as I can remember, only in 2002, when China entered the World Cup, there were so many scenes where fans gathered to celebrate. It’s been eight years before you know it. But it’s not a problem that so many people gather here and don’t leave. Can Mr. Qi go out and let these fans disperse? After all, the gathering of so many people here has caused great inconvenience to the surrounding residents. " Zhang Guowei is very leisurely asked.
"Call me Richie, I’m not a big name. Just a kid playing football. " JiNa laughed.
Zhang Guowei gave a thumbs-up: "He is really a big star, much more graceful than those so-called stars I have ever seen. They played badly, but they looked great. Now I know why so many people like you. Not only because you play well, but also because they are attracted by your personality charm. Brother said right? "
Jina hurriedly waved his hand and said no, no. Indicate that you can go out and talk to the fans and then let them disperse. Zhang Guowei laughed heartily and went out to decorate it, so that Qinan could go out and meet the fans waiting outside.
After all the arrangements are in place, Zhang Guowei came in again and indicated that Jina could go out. When Qinan walked out of the door, hundreds of armed police were lined up in two rows under the steps in front of the small building, in order to prevent the turbulent fans from losing their minds and rushing forward.
The moment Qinan opened the door, the sound of flashing lights came and went, making the door seem like daylight. God! ! ! ! Why is it so multimedia? Qina got a fright.
Seeing the legendary Qi Na appeared at the door, the noisy crowd was quiet for a while and then broke into even greater cheers. From time to time in the crowd, "Really! ! ! It’s really Qinan, Qinan of Naples! ! !” "Oh my God! ! ! Finally meet the living! ! !” "Wow, so handsome, so handsome! ! ! Handsome than on TV. 。” Words like this. The first few words are male fans, and the last sentence is needless to say, it must be female fans who are infatuated with flowers.
At the moment when Qinan appeared, the crowd became crazy, and countless people tried to break through the cordon formed by the armed police, hoping to get close to their idols. Zhang Guowei shouted loudly with a small loudspeaker in his hand, but failed to stop the fans from fidgeting. Jina genial smile that, hurriedly grabbed the horn in Zhang Guowei’s hand.
"Quiet, quiet, quiet, okay?" Qinan shouted at the speaker with the loudest voice.
Speak to the idol personally. The crowd began to quiet down gradually. Reason imitates everyone. This situation makes Zhang Guowei can’t help but sigh that his mother’s idol appeal is strong, and he can’t be a word when his throat is broken. If I had known, I would have let Qina come here earlier.
Seeing that the crowd began to become orderly, Qinan breathed a sigh of relief. On the street at ten o’clock at night, the cold wind roared. As if to tear people apart. But at this time, Jina didn’t feel cold, but shed a cold sweat. Standing in the cold wind, Qi Nankai began his first speech in front of China fans.
"Ladies and gentlemen, my friends, you like me to support my friends. Thank you for your kindness. To tell the truth, I never thought that there would be so many fans and friends in China and Changsha who like me and support me. I was moved by your enthusiasm and have your support. I will play football more attentively and bring you more happiness. " These words JiNa said very smoothly, without any stagnation. In fact, Zinan has said these words many times in Naples. During this period, what new policies and measures the club wants to introduce need the support of the fans, and all of them are directly pulled by Qinan to Naples TV station for release. Generally, the ending of Qi Nandu is these words. Practice makes perfect.
"But. . . The conversation turned. "You wait here has disturbed the normal rest of the surrounding residents. And it’s freezing. You’ll catch a cold standing here! ! ! So I hope you can listen to me and go back, okay? Supporting me needs to be proved by actions. Now if you can disperse, it will be the greatest support for me. Is that okay? " Qinan constantly bewitched the fans below.
"JiNa right, you do this has constituted an illegal party, has been a nuisance. I can arrest you on behalf of the public security organs. " Zhang Guowei next to the opportunity to threaten. Two people sing a good COP and a bad COP, and the cooperation is also perfect.
"I promise, I will hold a special fan meeting in Changsha when I have time, and then we will get together again. You can sign your name and take a group photo, okay? " Seeing that the fans’ will was shaken, Qinan quickly put another satellite. I don’t care if it can be taken back then.
Having said that, the fans will be ungrateful if they don’t disperse. Sure enough. The fans in the back began to leave gradually, and the fans in front followed suit. Today, they have seen the legendary Qinan, and they are satisfied. What’s more, Qinan also promised to hold a special fan meeting to meet you again! ! !
Around eleven o’clock, all the fans and media reporters finally left and returned to the house. Qinan was almost numb with cold. Shaking by the fire, Xiu Xiu brought a towel to cover him with heartache.
"Damn, these crazy fans are desperate to catch up with the stars." Zhang Guowei rubbed his face blue with the wind and sighed.
"Zhang elder brother, this is nothing, more crazy fans you haven’t seen yet. European fans. That’s crazy. They are not so easily encouraged to leave. They can chase you from the training base to the door for an autograph or a photo. They don’t care how far the trip is. " Qinan told Lavezzi Hamsik’s experience to the commander-in-chief of the armed police force in front of him.
"Ah! ! ! Speaking of it, these fans are not easy, they are freezing in the cold, and they have been waiting for you for so long. " Zhang Guowei shook his head from crying.
"Oh, by the way, Brother Qi, your goal of living here is too obvious. If you can, you’d better find a star-rated hotel. At least there is a special security system, and it is not easy for other people to get in." Zhang Guowei made a suggestion.
"No, I’m leaving Changsha to go back to my hometown tomorrow. Now all Changsha people know that I’m back, and I’m sure I can’t get out if I stay any longer." Jina tightened the towel on her tight body and was answered.
"Go home! ! ! ! Where is your hometown? It’s not convenient for my brother to ask. If there’s anything I can do, just say, we need someone, a car and a car. " Zhang Guowei’s bright personality makes Qina like it very much.
"Really? That’s good. If you have a spare car, can you give me a ride? My hometown went to Xiangxi. "Jina was pleasantly surprised. Originally, he wanted to ask Xiao Canghai for help, but today, it is estimated that reporters will follow him when he goes out tomorrow, and he can’t even go if he wants to.
"This is not a piece of cake! ! ! Brother, there are many military vehicles under my command. You can go wherever you want within Hunan. " Zhang Guowei nobly agreed.
"Also, can you do me a favor and send me these two classmates back to Hunan University? There are a few taxis on such a cold day. " Jina remembered Martin and Sun Tianyi because the fans blocked the street just now and still couldn’t go back here.
"Just drop by, we back to the armed police brigade just from there. Ha ha! ! ! ! ! Go, two young men "Zhang Guowei hand a recruit, Martin and Sun Tianyi said goodbye to all and left in Zhang Guowei’s car.
Seeing off a bunch of people, Qinan breathed a sigh of relief. It was really a chaotic day! ! ! ! ! It seems that I really underestimated the enthusiasm and power of China fans. Qina sighed with concern.