"Come here." ChuYanQi cried.
"Uh …" Owl slave honestly moved forward a little bit.
"Put your ears up. You are a cat’s ear. What are you doing with your ears drooping?" ChuYan habitat disgruntled said.
Owl slave honestly pricked up his ears, and ChuYanQi also you’re welcome, SiJin twist.
"Your Majesty, your slave’s ear has been twisted off." Xiao Nu Shan Shan said, "I just said the truth."
"Shut up." Chu Yanqi said angrily, "I’m going to rip your ear off."
"If you screw it down, you will be disobedient." The owl slave said, "doesn’t your majesty want the slave to be honest and obedient?"
This is the threat of eating fruit. If Chu Yanqi unscrews his ear, he will be disobedient. If he is disobedient, he may slap him to death.
So, ChuYanQi can only loosen your hands, dark scold unceasingly in my heart.
"If your Majesty wants to swear, he can swear openly." Owl slave hey hey smiled.
"You’re spying on my mind?" Chu Yanqi wants to twist his ear again.
"Your Majesty, I swear, absolutely not, but I guess you must be cursing me." Owl slave laughed.
"Don’t talk about that cheating green elf." ChuYan habitat feeling, say more, he was reasonably owl slave rao to go in, this damn old demon.
"All right!" Owl slave nodded, and muttered in his heart, it was clearly what he wanted to ask.
"Do you know that there is a way to reshape the body, or to take it away?" ChuYanQi asked.
When Xiao Nu heard his question, he guessed the reason, and immediately said, "Your Majesty, the conditions for taking the house are very harsh, and-if you are an ordinary person, it’s okay. It’s not a problem to find a similar body and try to control it to help her take the house with slave skills, but that fairy is in great trouble."
"Oh?" Chu Yanqi was stunned and asked, "How do you say?"
"She is a native fairy, and she is extremely powerful. The blood of ordinary terrans simply cannot accommodate her." The slave said.
Chu Yanqi was a little confused. The owl slave thought about it, and with a stroke of his hand, a small handless cup placed on the table flew into his hand. He dragged the small handless cup and said to Chu Yanqi, "This small handless cup is filled with a glass of water, and there is no problem at all, right? There are many words in the error-free novel network. "
"Yes!" ChuYanQi nodded, handless small water, nature is no problem at all.
"The human body and soul are like a small handless cup and water." Owl slave waved again, and the teapot on the table flew to his hand. He lifted the teapot and poured water into a small handless den, saying, "Man’s Yuan God, if it happens to be filled with a small handless den, it is just right. If there is less or more, it won’t work. If there is less, you will find a small handless cup. If there is more, you may use a teapot. Also, for example, some people’s yuanshen is like wine, so they should find a handless cup instead of a handless cup. Some people’s yuanshen is milk tea, and it’s not good to use this handless cup.
ChuYan habitat feeling, owl slave not to be a teacher, it is a waste, his description is very simple, so complicated, incredibly can use such an image metaphor.
With a wave of his hand, the owl slave lost the water in the small handlebars. He took out a small stone and threw it into the small handlebars. He said, "There are some people whose yuan gods are not liquid, which is totally unsuitable for the small handlebars. You see, now this is a stone, because this stone is very small, and the small handlebars can still hold it, although it is neither fish nor fowl.
Chu Yanqi seriously thought about it, nodded and said, "Indeed, wine is packed in a small handlebars. Although it is neither fish nor fowl, it can still be packed after all. There seems to be something wrong with putting stones in a small handlebars."
"Yes, that’s it." Xiao Nu continued, "This pebble is small, and the small handless cup has been put down. Look, I’ll change it for a big one."
I don’t know where I got a big stone as big as a millstone, and where I put it. Looking at Chu Yanqi, I smiled and said, "Your Majesty, the fairy’s god is like this big stone, and the human body is just this small handless cup for her. What do you think if she wants to put it in?"
"Needless to say, it was crushed directly." Chu Yanqi looked at the big stone, then at the poor little handless den, and said helplessly, "You mean, the human body is not suitable for her, including those who cultivate immortals?"
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Chapter two hundred and fifty-one The sun’s spirit
Owl slave shook his head and said, "People who cultivate immortals are also human beings. If it is inappropriate, it is inappropriate. I estimate that she herself is not quite clear, otherwise, she would not be so optimistic. "
"How do you know?" ChuYanQi asked.
"The slave deliberately studied the possession in the past." Owl slave honestly said, "there are only two situations in which she wants to get the flesh."
"Oh?" Chu Yanqi asked, "How?"
"First, it’s a coincidence to find the right one, but it’s really unlikely. Where can I find the original fairy clan in this world, if there is … in those days …" Owl slave said here and immediately shut up.
"I’m not interested in knowing what happened to you in those days, and you don’t have to explain it to me." For owl slave don’t want to say, ChuYanQi natural won’t ask more.
Owl slave smiled, almost let it slip, and immediately continued: "The integration of protozoans is very desirable, and it is also a good choice. Unfortunately, it is also impossible to seek existence. Even if it is sought, it may not be appropriate. Therefore, there is no possibility that the fairy will take her away. Your Majesty, even if you take her all over the wild north and south, you will never find a suitable person. "
"What about remolding the flesh?" Chu Yanqi asked, and he felt desperate when he listened. He had never heard of any protozoan or protozoan.
"Remodeling the flesh, although a little troublesome, is possible." Xiao Nu said, "Gather three kinds of mothers of life, and slaves can help her reshape her body."
"Not to say, as long as five-color soil?" ChuYan habitat leng ran, how to three kinds of mother of life? What is that thing?
"Colored soil can only make her have a body. There are no other two things, just like walking dead. Not at all. " Owl slave shook his head. "For ordinary people, it may be good to have five-color soil, but she can’t. The conditions needed by the original fairy family are really harsh."
"What is the mother of life?" ChuYan habitat confused, maybe. The feather cherry fairy can only be in the state of Yuan God all her life?
There is no hope of taking possession, and it is so difficult to reshape the body?
"Your Majesty, you should know what the mother of life is." Owl slave suddenly laughed.
"Sunshine, moisture, soil?" ChuYan habitat leng ran, almost instinctively replied.
"Yes." The slave said. "Remodeling the flesh, of course, is not ordinary sunshine, water, and soil can achieve, need the sun spirit, the mother of the stock solution. Five-colored soil, these three things. "
Chu Yanqi almost didn’t swear. Are you kidding me? I don’t know where to look for the five-color soil, but what else does the sun need? Mother of stock solution?
Owl slave fingers a little, and a small firebird appears at his fingertips. ChuYan habitat only feel, for an instant. The temperature in the room suddenly rose a lot.
"This is the essence of the sun." Xiao Nu said, "I collected it unintentionally in the early years." Of course, he won’t tell him that he didn’t collect it unintentionally, but collected it intentionally.
ChuYan perched on the little firebird jumping at his fingertips. Although it was only a little bit, he could feel the hot temperature it was brewing, and he could not help his curiosity. He immediately reached out and touched it.
Owl slave was busy holding his hand and said, "Your Majesty, I can’t."
"Why?" ChuYanQi watched him put a little bit of the sun spirit into the body, curious and asked.
"This little bit is enough to burn all the gods of mankind to ashes." Owl slave whispered, "Your Majesty, I beg your pardon, you can’t touch such things."
ChuYan habitat when he pressed his hand, already understood, oneself such a waste human, if encounter such a thing, is instantly engulfed, burned alive, attached to the ashes will not leave a little bit.
"Where do you need to find the other two things?" ChuYanQi asked.
"Mother of the stock solution, your majesty can try his luck in the West Desert. As for the five-color soil …" Xiao Nu looked up, thought for a while and said, "In the depths of the endless sea, there is a place called the Fallen Abyss, which is extremely underground, and there may be five-color soil. Your majesty, I mean-possible."
"Well …" Chu Yanqi nodded. "I’ll try my luck then."
"Your Majesty can’t go." Owl slave suddenly harsh voice said.
"Why?" Chu Yanqi was startled by him. It was the first time he saw the owl slave talking at him in such a harsh voice.
"That place can’t go at all." Owl slave has come to his senses, and what he said just now is smooth. He said it carelessly and immediately said, "That place can’t be entered even if it is connected with immortals. Your Majesty is going to die if he goes like this now."
"Can you go in?" Error-free novel network does not skip words. ChuYanQi asked.
"I can’t." Xiao Nu shook his head and said, "If I go in, I will never return-I am older, but I haven’t lived enough, so I won’t go there to die."
"Oh …" Chu Yanqi looked at the owl slave carefully, knowing that he should not lie to himself, and immediately said, "That fairy’s adult, there is no chance?"
"Not in theory." Xiao Nu sighed, "If I can, I want to help her, but …………………… let’s talk about this in the future. Maybe by chance, I can find the right one."
"hmm!" Chu Yanqi nodded. He now knows much more than before. He will have an opportunity in the future, or he is strong enough to go to the abyss of endless sea to find out if there are any five-colored soil.
"Oh, your Majesty, you can’t let them out of this place." Xiao Nu said, "This place is suppressed, and the demon family can’t enter it. Because your jade tripod is very special, it is blocked. Otherwise, the little demon and the little green elf will die when they enter here, and the fairy is also in the state of Yuan God, so they can’t."