"No!" And Lu Xue said, "That’s the smell of demons."
"Are you sure?" Feather cherry fairy asked frowning.
"Sure, it’s definitely the smell of a demon, but it’s not a powerful demon." And Lu Xue said so.
"How powerful do you think you are?" Feather cherry fairy disgruntled said, anyway, she looked at the little snow cat, all kinds of dissatisfaction, will sell cute, will play the woman, will also please ChuYanQi, like to sleep beside him, on his shoulder, let her attached to hug his neck swing for centuries has a problem.
So, what does she think of Helu Xue, and how is it not pleasing to the eye?
"Feed, you won’t be jealous? Error-free novel network many words "and Lu Xue first one leng, then lie prone on ChuYan habitat pillow, rolling with a smile" you should be jealous of the whole city, I’m just a cat …, ha ha ha … "(to be continued! ! !

Chapter seventy-two Legend
Sure enough, she provoked her. The feather cherry fairy suddenly looked at Chu Yanqi piteously. "Little Yanqi, you are mine!" " The feather cherry fairy put her arm around his neck and said, "You can’t like the whole city."
"I didn’t say I liked her!" ChuYanQi handfuls of feather cherry fairy caught from his neck, otherwise, wait for this rogue fairy, sure to play rascal.
Six little Yanqi, why can’t you get out of your body? "Feather cherry fairy suddenly said.
The veins stood out on ChuYan’s perch. With his present spiritual strength, he has achieved the goal of fixing dzogchen, and he was almost out of body experience, but he kept dragging on and didn’t want to.
It turns out to be ridiculous, because the feather cherry fairy said that playing with him to strengthen Chu Yanqi is really afraid of her, so he has been deliberately controlling it. Anyway, in Chapter 72, it is said that he is obsessed with his soul, and he dare not let his soul force be too strong. It is better to wait, take your time and don’t worry. These days, instead, he uses his soul force to drive the black dragon of the ink jade and hit Baihui point, although it hurts him to death every time.
The seal of Baihui point has loosened a lot, and even sometimes, he has been able to vaguely sense the aura of filar silk and penetrate into the spirit, making him feel comfortable all over.
This feeling is very wonderful, but unfortunately, it is too fast every time. Before he had time to realize it, the spirit was closed and suddenly there was nothing.
"Hey, Little Yanqi, I’m asking you." Fairy Feather Sakura said, "You have been in dzogchen for a long time. With your qualifications, you should have been out of body. Why haven’t you been out of body yet?"
"People don’t want to be out of the body!" And Lu Xue rolled around on the pillow, then rolled into a snowball, and smiled. "Who dares to know that out-of-body experience is going to be strong?" Master, you are poor to meet such a rogue.
"You are the hooligan, and your whole family are hooligans!" The feather cherry fairy cried discontentedly, "How good do you think you are, relying on others all day?"
"I am a little pet cat!" Mention this, and Lu Xue can be proud.
"Pinch you!" Feather cherry fairy flew over Chapter 72 Legend has it that a little girl and a cat were in the bed where Chu Yan lived, so they played chase.
Chu Yanqi closed his eyes and wanted to sleep, but after a while, the two men climbed on him and shouted, "Chu Yanqi."
"Well," ChuYanQi opened his eyes and looked at the two men is wrong, a fairy and a cat.
"You take that thing out and show it to me!" And Lu Xue suddenly said.
ChuYanQi this just to think of it, he bought the piece of Yu Pei, and earlier get jade,
Pei, iron sheet, etc., immediately took out all three things and handed them to Heluxue.
And Lu Xue looked at the three things together and studied them for a long time before saying, "It’s really strange."
"What’s the matter?" Fairy Yu Ying didn’t know this kind of writing either, so she was very curious and asked, "What’s so strange?"
"These three are all demon essays, but Piansheng is three different demon essays." And Lu Xue said, "This is the endless sea. I heard that nine Hou said that in the depths of the endless sea, there are different kinds of immortals imprisoned?"
"Well, I don’t want to be imprisoned in the endless sea." ChuYan habitat in a comfortable position, said.
"This is easy!" Feather cherry fairy took advantage of his inattention, flew past, and just blare on his face.
Chu Yanqi stretched out his hand and patted her fly directly. Rogues are hooligans who will try their best to play hooligans at any time.
"I know what you said, and spread the secret of spiritual cultivation." Chu Yanqi said, "I will find a suitable opportunity to spread it."
"I feel thirteen is good, let him find that flower if Yan." Fairy Feather Cherry said, "Can this thing just get out? Otherwise, I always feel so lost."
"I am also thinking about this question." Chu Yanqi smiled.
"Neither of us is cut out for business. If you talk to Thirteen for a while, he should have a way." Fairy Feather Sakura said, "Forget the promise around you. He is also stronger than brains. What is not pleasant to say is that his limbs are developed and his mind is simple."
"Do you think your mind is not simple because your limbs are underdeveloped?" And Lu Xue.
"Did I annoy you again?" Feather cherry fairy nu way, "you don’t talk, no one when you are dumb."
"If you don’t talk, everyone thinks you are a cat!" Chu Yanqi said.
Xiaoyan Habitat "Feather Cherry Fairy hugged Chu Yanqi’s neck and gnashed her teeth." I want to push you. "
Chu Yanqi took the opportunity to fall down on the bed, just looking at her, bullying her was in the state of Yuan God, and he couldn’t help it. Sure enough, the feather cherry fairy puffed up her mouth, and then, while Chu Yanqi was distracted, she kissed his white neck with great speed.
ChuYanQi some ticklish, even if feather cherry fairy is in the state of yuan god, he has been reluctant to let her cuddle his neck, but, fairy adult angry but ah, afraid of her, why let and road snow sleep on his shoulder every day? Why don’t you put that damn demon in the animal bag? Ok, ok, she is a noble demon, but she can stay in the jade tripod. Anyway, the jade tripod is big enough and spacious enough, with a unique hole in the sky and full of aura, and no amount of demons can hold it.
And snow with a white tail, gently rolled ChuYanQi neck, and then, little face rubbing on his face, ChuYanQi like and snow this intimate little affectations, although know that she is a demon, this little snow cat is just seal her body, but in his heart, he still regarded her as a little pet cat.
"What this says should be the abyss of depravity." And Lu Xue said, "This should be a map with place names on it, but I can’t see where it is."
"Is that all you can do?" Feather cherry fairy is very dissatisfied with her big white tail. It haunts Chu Yanqi, but her heart is a little pantothenic.
After all, she is a yuan god, and there is no body attached to the seal. It is a problem to touch Chu Yanqi’s face. Thought of here, feather cherry fairy can’t help some dim. This book is available for download.
Chu Yanqi toyed with two pieces of Yu Pei and an iron piece, and suddenly his heart moved and said, "This map is not a place to record the depths of the endless sea, is it? There are many words in the error-free novel network. "
"Er" and Lu Xue were one leng, and then said, "This map is incomplete. It should be moved from something. If it is complete, it is estimated that we can speculate a thing or two with these text explanations. That legend, for the world, seems to be quite old. Moreover, legends should be at the highest level of some families or sects. "
Because both Wuji and Jiuhou are disciples handed down by some mysterious descendants, and they talk lightly about the legend of the endless sea, which is absolutely confidential to ordinary people who cultivate immortality. ! ! !

Chapter one hundred and seventy-three black dragon Zi Mo
Chu Yanqi nodded and said, "This is very likely. These imprisoned people want to be discovered and then get out of the cage, so they left clues and dispersed after a long time."
"This possibility is great!" Feather cherry fairy said, while flying to ChuYanQi again, kissed him on the face, and constantly rubbed his face with his hand.
"I haven’t seen a good virtue like a good color!" ChuYanQi shook his head, anyway, he also can’t take feather cherry fairy.
"Who are you?" Feather cherry fairy disgruntled said "you have knowledge? Also dropped the book bag? "
ChuYanQi smile, argue with feather cherry fairy, you also can’t argue out what tricks, who have you ever seen reason with a woman, can speak clearly?
"How long does it take for Little Green to change? My Chapter 173 black dragon Zimo wants to sleep!" ChuYan habitat sleepy, immediately yawned and asked.
"Where do I know?" "I’m not a demon race," said the feather cherry fairy.
"Little Green is not a demon!" Chu Yan touched the soft fur of Lu Xue and said, Little Green is just a monster! "
"Little green is different from ordinary monsters!" And Lu Xue said, "She is estimated to have the ancestry of the ancient demon race. I don’t know where that green bow came from. How can it have such a strong power?"