"Ahem …" Ge Dalong spat out a mouthful of golden blood and glared at Zhuge, saying, "It’s a pity that my immortal golden body was not made, otherwise I wouldn’t be afraid at all!"
"Now say face words still interesting? You will become a part of me. " Zhuge smiled coldly before dawn, then said, "A point in Ge Dalong’s brow weakened his yuan god, and then his mouth was wide open, and a curtain of light swept Ge Dalong.
"ah! You … You are … No! " Ge Dalong seems to have guessed something and shouted wildly.
"Swallow the spirit and seize the spirit!" Zhuge Liang didn’t show off the secret method of writing a book and sword, and forcibly sucked Ge Dalong’s cultivation, even Yuan Shen didn’t let go.
"no! Please leave me alone! " GeDaLong miserable cry, to be swallowed up, it is more painful than death. Over the years, Ge Dalong has naturally made many enemies. If his enemies know that he has cultivated for nothing, he will be tortured more painfully than death.
"Are you afraid?" Zhuge didn’t smile.
"Yes, please leave me alone. I promise you everything." Ge Dalong was really scared.
Zhuge nodded without highlighting: "OK, then let me ask you, why did Stuart chase Su Xiaobai in the wind?"
"This …" Ge Dalong thought: "I really don’t know this very well. Brother Situ went to the Western Regions, and after he came back, he issued a wanted order, and said that the descendants of blade master had come to the South Region."
"You came out this time to find out Su Xiaobai’s whereabouts?"
"Er … yes."
"But what’s the result?"
Ge Dalong faltered and his face was in danger, but under the threat of Zhuge Liang, he still said, "I found the whereabouts of blade master’s descendants a few days ago and followed them all the way here, but the other party suddenly lost sight."
"what! You mean Su Xiaobai may be nearby! " Zhuge’s eyes lit up when he was not bright.
"I don’t know, maybe I have left …"
Zhuge smiled coldly. "Well, thank you so much." Exalting, Zhuge didn’t open his mouth and began to devour Ge Dalong’s practice crazily.
"ah! You are despicable! " Ge Dalong shouted.
In a short time, Ge Dalong’s skin quickly withered down, but it was metallic in color. The repair and Yuan God were absorbed by Zhuge Liang, and Ge Dalong’s body turned into a piece of scrap metal, and he fell to the ground.
Zhuge kicked the scrap metal out without lighting a foot, spat lightly, ignored the surprised eyes of the people around him, and left the town directly with Liu Zi Han.
"Gu Wu’s family actually appeared in the wild fairy land, but why did he hear that Gu Wu’s family suddenly burst into such strong resentment?" Standing outside the city, Zhuge thought with a frown.
Just now, when he was fighting with GeDalong, Zhuge did not feel that the soul in the body woke up before dawn, and when he learned that the other party was a descendant of Gu Wu gens, the soul suddenly became angry.
Are also Gu Wu, why so hostile?
Zhuge Liang tried to call the soul in his body, but found nothing, as if the soul was sleeping again. At this time, Zhuge couldn’t help worrying about Su Xiaobai again. According to Ge Dalong’s last words, Su Xiaobai disappeared nearby, but I just don’t know if she is still here now, or if she has left.
"Hey, can I have that gold-backed broadsword?" Liu Zihan asked.
"Ok, call a good host to listen."
"Go to hell with you! Delusion! "
They walked all the way to the west. Finally, Zhuge Liang couldn’t bear Liu Zihan’s entanglement, so he gave her the gold-backed broadsword. Anyway, he didn’t know how to use it in his own hands. Moreover, Liu Zihan has now become her own pure slave, so it is also helpful for her to improve her strength in the future.
As they walked along, they inquired about the news and finally learned that there was a Suzaku City three thousand miles away from here, which was the remains left by Suzaku Xianjun. The Lord of this city is Han Yue, a descendant of Suzaku Xianjun. Han Yue is also one of the few strong men in Nanyu, and has a close relationship with Stuart. It is said that they are fairy lovers, but they have not publicly expressed their identity.
In the face of an interview with the "media" in the field of cultivating immortals, Han Yue just euphemistically expressed her appreciation for Situ Chengfeng.
Zhuge Buliang and Liu Zihan appeared in Suzaku City, which is also an ancient city of ten thousand years and has great influence. The architectural styles on both sides are deliberately different from those of other cities. In the middle of the city, Zhuge Liang saw a white jade statue more than ten meters high.
The statue is a beautiful woman, vividly portrayed, with a pair of wonderful eyes with a touch of sadness, looking into the distance, as if waiting for something.
This beautiful woman is Suzaku Xianjun, who was famous in the fairy land 10,000 years ago, and one of the few powerful people who were successfully promoted to be immortal 10,000 years ago.
In a Xianweng inn, Zhuge Buliang temporarily opened a room to stay. This is the territory of Han Yue, and Han Yue and Stuart are inextricably linked. He believes that Su Xiaobai will come sooner or later.
"Sister Shi" has a timid voice all her life.
I saw a 15-year-old boy and a girl coming out of the Xianweng Inn. It turned out to be Xiao Huo and Xiao Mu who burned the sky.
"The teacher elder sister, we finally found you." Xiaomu came up with joy and took Liu Zihan’s hand.
"You … why are you here?" Liu Zihan excited way.
"Elder martial sister, you have disappeared for such a long time. The Presbyterian sent us out to look for elder martial sister, and we just settled in this Suzaku city." Xiao Mu said, just as Zhuge was not bright, he said, "Hey, it’s Brother Fan Xiu. Why are you with my senior sister?"
"Ask her." Zhuge didn’t smile, but at the same time he didn’t forget to wink at Liu Zihan, implying a threat.
Lu Zihan hated the itch of his roots, but there was nothing he could do. He could only say, "Lu Yu was in danger a few days ago, and he saved me."
Zhuge nodded admiringly and ignored the two women talking. Instead, he went to Xiao Huo’s side and said with a smile, "Yes, man, you know how to bring a chick to open a room at such a young age." It is said that Zhuge Liang is several times older than Xiao Huo, and now he is not a disciple of Burning Heaven. It is not an exaggeration to call him a "man".
Little Hoche whispered weakly, "I didn’t bring her, she dragged me."
"oh? Now girls are so crazy? " Zhuge is not bright and angry.
"The teacher elder sister, go home with us. Are the elders and Zhang Jiao worried about you? " This side small mu took Liu Zihan’s hand and said.
Liu Zihan’s eyes are complicated. It’s not that she doesn’t want to leave. It’s just that her life’s core monuments Yuan God is in the hands of others. If people don’t talk, how can she just leave?
Zhuge smiled and said, "Since they have worked so hard to find you, you should go back with them first."
"what! Really? " Liu Zihan said with joy and some disbelief.
"hmm." Zhuge nodded without highlighting: "Don’t think about me, even if I am in another big domain, I can get in touch with you." When he said this, Zhuge Liang had reminded Liu Zihan in a subtle way.
Liu Zihan gently hum 1, don’t away.
"Excuse me, a word." Zhuge dodged Xiao Mu and Xiao Huo before dawn, pulled Lu Zihan to a deserted corner, presented a flat peach in his hand, and said, "Take this."
"ah! This … this is … what do you mean? " After Liu Zihan’s surprise, he couldn’t help but watch Zhuge not bright. Nothing is unlimited, and she doesn’t believe that Zhuge Liang will be so kind.
Zhuge Buliang said, "This flat peach should be able to improve your cultivation again. Although you are my maid now, I don’t want you to hold my back in future battles."
"You … you want me to be your thug!"
"Hey, it’s right to serve your master." Zhuge doesn’t shine evil and laughs.
Even though Liu Zihan didn’t approve of Zhuge’s dim view in his heart, he couldn’t resist the temptation of flat peaches and put them away. Even if she doesn’t accept this benefit, Zhuge Liang won’t return life’s core monuments Yuan Shen to her. It is better to take advantage of it than to take advantage of it.