In the servant girl, Feng Yun got up and sat down beside the heater, wearing a white cloak and chatting with Xiao Jinyang.
Probably Xiao Jinyang won the first time in her life by letting Fengyun light Fengyun light chess. She looked up at Xiao Jinyang. "Big brother, do you have something on your mind?"
Xiao Jinyang nodded with a gray face. "I’m running out of time. These years were stolen days. Now I have a few things I want to ask you …"
Fengyun frowned lightly. "Brother, if you have something to do, please talk about it!"
Xiao Jinyang smiled and looked at Feng Yun lightly. "I have something for you. You take it to the blue snow country emperor. The more you look at him, the more white you will be …"
Xiao Jinyang bowed his head and pulled out a piece of blue handkerchief from his sleeve, then opened it to reveal a glittering and translucent blue floating cloud.
Fengyun gently took over Yu Pei and repeatedly toyed with Xiao Jinyang. "Your father Lanfeng surpassed your mother in her life and never married a fictitious sixth house. He recognized six adopted daughters and planned to choose one of them to inherit Lan Xue Jiangshan. If he knew you were here, he would be quite pleased!"
Fengyun light holding Yu Pei don’t talk Xiao Jinyang continued, "I have always denied that Yan Xueling’s lover is actually the more maple, the more maple hurts her several times. She followed me back to the red moon, but after all, I didn’t protect her …"
Xiao Jinyang smiled bitterly, and his eyes were full of grief and regret for the past.
Fengyun gently held Qingyun jade and didn’t know what to comfort. She frowned and whispered, "It’s my mother who didn’t have the blessing to miss a good person like you in Taidian!"
Xiao Jinyang shook his head. "Don’t repeat your mother’s tragedy in your body. If you love someone, don’t be afraid to hurt and love boldly!"
Feng Yun looked at Xiao Jinyang with a puzzled look. "You have been in a coma for a day and a night. Xiao Chu and Xiao Liu have been outside for a day and a night. I know that you have tried to take Xiao Liu away. Now Xiao Chu is still out in the rain. It’s up to you to forgive or let go …"
Fengyun’s pale face was a little surprised. She stared at Xiao Jinyang for a moment, but Xiao Jinyang continued to laugh. "One more thing, my father is old and has no daughter! I can see that he really loves you. No matter whether you can be Xiao’s daughter-in-law in the future, I hope you can take care of him for me and make him happy occasionally … "
Fengyun nodded lightly. "My father is as kind to me as a mountain. I will be filial to him for a hundred years!"
Xiao Jinyang smiled with relief. "I’m glad that the third child married you, a princess with a wan ku. I’m relieved to have you in Xiao’s house!"
Feng Yun’s silence is a bitter smile. Xiao Jinyang struggled to move himself to a wheelchair. He coughed weakly. "You rest early. Don’t worry about him over there. Let him get caught in the rain and be punished more. See if he dares to divorce his wife every time …"
Fengyun smiled lightly and watched Xiao Jinyang leave with delicate Qingyun Yu Pei in his hand, but his mind was complicated.
How can a princess find her own father and her status as a phoenix star not change her vulgar fate? Can a princess’s aura change everything?
She never cares who she is, and she never cares who her real father is.
For her, the phoenix facing the sea, the emperor of the blue snow country, or the father who punched her and her mother in the past life is a father’s name.
Maybe it’s because I can’t get what I want. I look forward to her looking at Xiao Linchu’s brothers. They have harsh fathers but good hearts, and gentle mothers who care for each other. I don’t know how envious they are.
I have been staying here and staying with him not only because I love him, but because he is dismissive.
He doesn’t care. It’s father, they give affection and themselves give love …
Fengyun smiled at herself and looked at the cold and cold winter rain outside, showing tight eyebrows.
When she returned to the quilt, she was awake and blurred.
Xiao Linchu smiled and said to her, "Take care of yourself", and the sample kept coming to my mind. Finally, a flash split her into pieces.
She is pale and full of strength. It is not that Hugh that hurts her the most, but that he is gentle when he smiles.
It was only two hours after she closed her eyes and drove away all kinds of thoughts in her mind, listening to the wind and rain outside and taking a look at the sky.
I can’t bear to …
After all, the law is as heartless as he is …
Fengyun put on her clothes and shoes, clinging to an oil-paper umbrella and went out with the light in the room.
She walked slowly as if every step would exhaust all her strength in life.
On the veranda, she saw the tall man in the heavy rain.
His clothes are soaked to the skin, and the water runs along the bottoms of his clothes and trousers.
He turned his back on her and looked at the direction of the palace. He didn’t know what he was thinking, and he didn’t even notice her approaching him.
It was not until an umbrella covered the heavy rain above his head that he slowly turned around and saw a pale phoenix and a light cloud.
Fengyun has some strength to hold an umbrella and stand on tiptoe slightly. At the moment, her lively expression has become more elegant than that of a good family.
She stared at Xiao Linchu’s thin but handsome face, and her eyebrows puckered slightly. The opening sound was as clear as the tinkling sound of spring water. "Go home with an umbrella and don’t wait here …"
She handed the umbrella to him, but he refused to pick it up. He stared at her eyes for a moment, and the phoenix eyes lit a blazing fire.
She can try to persuade him, "Go back and live a good life with Zhang Qianqian. I’m not Princess Chu, Xiao Liu, so I won’t argue with you! It’s funny. I, a phoenix star, can’t bring you trouble! "
She smiled as brightly as ever, and she put the umbrella in his hand. Nai said, "If you drench it again, you will get sick and be fed all kinds of unpalatable tonics by the imperial concubine. At that time, there was no good-for-nothing to help you …"
She smiled and let go of the hand holding the umbrella, and he fell into the rain without answering it.
Her clothes and hair were instantly wet by the rain. She smiled and frowned, bowed her head and turned to go back to the room. Chapter 167 Your Majesty, you have changed your mind. You don’t love me.
Chapter 167 Jin Guifei You’ve changed your mind. You don’t love me.
Her clothes and hair were instantly wet by the rain, and she smiled and frowned, bowed her head and turned to go back to her room.
He suddenly reached out and grabbed her wrist. When she pulled her body, she successfully fell into his arms.
He picked her up and strode into the room.
Fengyun’s face was instantly ugly, clutching his clothes, and she prevented herself from falling and frowning with beautiful eyebrows. "Let me go, Xiao Linchu, let me go …"
But he ignored her and went straight to bed and put her on the soft bed. He sat on the bed and trapped her in his body and bed with his arms and looked at her condescendingly.
She could almost feel the scorching temperature of his skin through his wet clothes, and the familiar smell of men kept getting into her heart, which made her dizzy and had the illusion that he loved her too.
She pursed her lips. "Let me go. You’re soaked. Rain will wet my clothes …"
She curled up and tried to escape from him, creating an ambiguous atmosphere that made her addicted, but his knife-shaped eyebrows wrinkled and pulled the brocade quilt to wrap her inside, and then pulled the brocade handkerchief conveniently to carefully wipe her hair wet by the rain.
He was overbearing but gentle, and his delicate phoenix eyes wiped her carefully as sharp as before. He said gruffly, "We will go home when the rain stops!" "
Fengyun shook her head lightly. "I won’t go back to Chu Wangfu with you. Now that I’ve decided to walk in Di Road, don’t hesitate. It’s best to leave now!"