Zhao suddenly disappeared in situ.
This speed is extremely fast, especially with the combination of non-success princess, which is even faster than Zhao.
Almost in the blink soul field suddenly quiet!
The auditorium of the original noisy soul fight field was completely deserted.
The speed of this skill alone is enough to say that Zhao’s strength is the key. Zhao Lianwu’s soul has not been released yet.
Twin Wu Soul also has the strongest beast Wu Soul. The ancient undead birds have been constantly transforming their bodies over the years, which has long been different from the general soul teacher’s physique. Plus, he is thirty-five and close to thirty-six. If you deal with two soul-respecting teachers who have just passed away, you still need to make Wu Soul. Is that okay?
This punch directly hit Li Yunlong in the chest.
Li Yunlong was hit more than ten meters before he fell to the ground.
"Bad" to see his sister so easily defeated by Zhao Li Yunfei suddenly changed his face.
But there’s not much time left for her to think
Get rid of a Zhao didn’t stop.
Quickly rushed in the direction of Li Yunfei.
It’s still extremely fast. It’s still a fancy punch
With her sister’s experience, Li Yunfei had experience, holding her broadsword tightly in her hands and protecting her chest.
"Bang" fist hit Li Yunfei broadsword and suddenly a shrill sound came out.
Li Yunfei flew out and fell to the ground.
The battle was over in less than half a minute!
Go to the front of Ning Rongrong and look at her with an exaggerated expression with an open mouth. Suddenly, I was angry and funny. I dare to be so arrogant and distracted in the soul-fighting platform. Ning Rongrong is probably the first one.
"Hey, don’t be in a daze." Zhao didn’t good the spirit pinched Ning Rongrong face tender and said with a smile.
Ning Rongrong looked at Zhao excitedly and said, "Wow, Zhao, you were so handsome just now."
Zhao Le said, "Now you know I’m good. I think you’d better get ready as soon as possible."
"What preparation?" Ning Rongrong stared at the beautiful big eyes and was excited at this time. Did she see Zhao’s evil smile?
"What do you say? You promise, "Zhao walked over and attached his lips to Ning Rongrong’s ear and said softly.
Ning Rongrong realized what this meant by Zhao, and his face was flushed with shame.
Stamp your feet and run away. "I haven’t written a word yet. Wait till we get the diamond badge."
Chapter 9 Flanders cried
Zhao Hening Rongrong left the soul-fighting platform before the audience reacted.
"I his ya not wrong?"
"I haven’t seen clearly how to fight fast."
"I said big fight soul field is wrong to put a soul king came in? Being able to get rid of two soul statues without releasing Wu Soul is so easy. I’m afraid only a soul king can do it, "said one of the middle-aged men incredulously.
Just now, he bet on the combination of non-success princess and two thousand gold soul coins. Now it’s gone?
No, there must be something fishy about this fight
"I protest that this game is tricky."
For those gamblers who put all their possessions on the line, they also booed when they heard this sound. They don’t believe how fast the two souls will lose. This is completely beyond their tolerance.
In less than half a minute, all their belongings were gone.
I can’t stand it on anyone.
It was just when I heard that there was a big soul division in the enemy team that too many people rushed to crush the non-success princess team before the game started, because they recognized that two souls had defeated a team with a big soul division, and they were red-eyed because they didn’t recognize the enemy team’s chances of winning from the beginning.
But it was beyond everyone’s expectation.
"Silence" At this time, the host of the first soul-fighting platform also reacted and took a deep look at Zhao’s departure direction and then coldly drank.
"All soul masters who come to participate in the soul fighting will undergo professional testing. There is no problem for the enemy to combine two soul masters. And you just saw that the soul master is likely to cultivate into a soul king?"
"If there are any more booing people, they will all regard it as a provocation against our big soul-fighting platform." Being able to preside over the soul-level battle, the strength of this host is naturally not weak, and the drinking field mixed with soul power and sound is calm again.
In fact, they also know in their hearts that the age of the enemy team members cannot happen as they imagined, but they just can’t get over it or are unwilling to accept the reality.
Of course, someone still won the money
Many people have paid attention to Zhao when they saw the super high odds.
Flanders is the one who laughs the most.
Yes, he didn’t leave Soto City, but he has been paying attention to Shrek students.
Zhao is the focus of his attention. When he saw Zhao taking Ning Rongrong to register the two-on-two combination, he knew that this was a golden opportunity to make a fortune.
With Ning Rongrong, a great soul teacher, it is impossible for a normal person to bet on Zhao unless he is crazy. I dare to bet that there are some broken pots and broken people in Zhao, and there is not much money. He bet three thousand gold soul coins in Zhao, which is what he has with him.
Now he still has some regrets in his heart.
If I had thought that Zhao would team up with Ning Rongrong to make such a disparity, he would have lent Zhao Ji their money.
However, people should not be too greedy. This time, he has to pay some money to get 50 thousand gold soul coins.