Zhuge, who was not bright and conservative, firmly kept his original knowledge and immersed himself in the ancient tripod.
"Boom!" The thunderbolts dropped more and more horribly, hardly giving Zhuge a chance to catch his breath. Hundreds of thunderbolts were submerged at the same time. This was a scene of disaster, which made the world a big ship, and all the land of Fiona Fang was reduced to ashes.
The ancient tripod was suspended in mid-air and was beaten to the east and west, but after all, the ancient tripod didn’t know what it was made of. In the face of this terrible lightning, there was no sign of ruin, but it exuded a misty green air.
But Zhuge was miserable when he didn’t shine. Although he was immersed in the ancient tripod, at the moment he was already covered in blood and collapsed, trying his best to protect the original gods.
People in the distance watched with horror, and many people were full of sweat on their foreheads, making it difficult to breathe.
LeiJie road chopping down, hundreds of Excalibur conan the destroyer, one after another, the ancient tripod and zhuge not bright completely submerged.
Ten minutes later, Lei Guang dispersed, and this wave of LeiJie has passed. Zhuge Liang collapsed in the ruins like a pair of mud, bloody, and his body was so dark that he risked a little smoke.
Armageddon didn’t give Zhuge Liang any respite, and began to brew again, and the whole void completely turned into nothingness.
"Liang Liang, I want to go out!" Small sword spirit immature voice in zhuge not bright ears.
"Be obedient and stay in the magic city." Zhuge not bright brimming with pain said.
The magic city in troubled times is connected with Zhuge’s original knowledge. As long as he protects his original knowledge, the magic city will not be hit by the apocalypse.
High in the sky, the purple "lotus" bloomed in the void, accompanied by a shocking sound of sword singing, and a mountain-like Excalibur crashed down.
The ancient tripod shook violently and was bombarded by Lei Guang from side to side. Excalibur penetrated into the ancient tripod and fell on Zhuge’s dim body. At this moment, all his insides turned into a pool of paste.
One by one, Lei Guang drowned him.
Zhuge’s dull body has collapsed, emitting an unpleasant stench, his internal organs have been completely destroyed, and his bones have completely collapsed. In this case, anyone would have been a dead man.
He protected his gods, and the breath of the avenue in the ancient tripod quickly repaired the injury of Zhuge Buliang.
Zhuge’s dim consciousness has been blurred, and he collapsed on the ground like a pile of mud, and all his internal organs collapsed, but under the nourishment of the breath in the ancient tripod, the originally collapsed body was reorganized at an alarming rate.
In the robbery cloud in the void, purple lotus blooms and spews out a series of lightning Excalibur.
In nine days and ten places, under this terrible tianwei, everyone is shaking, the earth falls, the sky collapses, and it is a completely doomsday scene.
At this time, the whole Buddhist prison shook, and some towns were sealed with big and dangerous things, all of which trembled and gave off a frightening breath.
"What’s the matter? Is the fierce thing in the Buddha’s prison going to riot? " The people in the distance said with.
Roars and whistles shook the earth, the sky was vast and the momentum was soaring.
On those mountains, there appeared a series of magic shadows. They stood in the void, looking at the direction of Zhuge’s robbery, and the terrible smell filled them. However, they have not stepped out of their own fields. Under the suppression of the law of the treasure and the Tao, they can’t take a step and just wait and see.
"Father, help a bunch of little stars." Blood is anxious to hold the burly man’s arm.
The burly man’s face was in danger. He glanced at the bloody coffin at his feet. Vaguely, he could see that there seemed to be black chains under his feet, connecting him with the bloody coffin.
"No way, we can’t intervene, otherwise it will bring him a more painful blow later." The burly man said.
"Boom!" Under the big carpet, the terrible Lei Guang flooded the surrounding space, and all of them turned into fly ash under the thunder.
Zhuge’s dim consciousness in the ancient tripod has become blurred, and the flesh is completely destroyed. In his body, seven stars flashed, and seven acupoints came out of his body, brushing out a big dipper screen, and restoring the broken flesh together with the breath of the avenue in the ancient tripod.
Suddenly, a figure suddenly appeared in this area to meet an old man dressed in linen and covered with black cloth, holding a tattered bamboo pole in his arms. It was a blind old man.
"It’s the old blind man!" People in the distance are surprised.
Du Gulan, the elders of Xianhuang Pavilion, Bai Yu and others have a facial expression, and their eyes are full of resentment.
With a long whistle, the blind old man came to mid-air. Facing the apocalypse from the sky, the glazed Gu Jian behind the blind old man was drawn and pierced the sky, and the shocking shock wave actually scattered several days of thunder.
"This … scattered Wan Jian’s robbery. What is the strength of this old blind man?"
"At the beginning, in the secret realm of Tianchi, he blocked the master of the gods with no effort, and it is likely to be an old monster with a virtual period."
"The hole is empty, the legendary hole is empty!"
The thunder of the day rolled down, and the glazed Gu Jian in the hands of the blind old man swept out a colorful shock wave, sweeping across the square to counter the bombardment of the thunder of the day.
He glanced back at the bloody Zhuge in the ancient tripod, sighed and said, "It’s good of you to dare to rob in this place. Mama of, this time I’m afraid even the old man my half-life, if it weren’t for the man entrust, the old man I’m too lazy to tube you this reckless boy … "
The color of the blind old man’s face is dignified, and the glazed Gu Jian points to the sky, breaking a doom. But he flew out himself, shaking violently.