"It seems that I asked for nothing, and you are a poor man …" ChuYanQi suddenly sighed.
"Yes, master, I have nothing." Kunlun slave honestly replied that in the early years, he was rich, but now, he is naturally penniless.
"What about you?" ChuYan habitat looked at the golden snake, asked.
Lok Kin Snake is embarrassed, and so is he. He has nothing on him.
"A master, as a slave, should not own property." Luojinshe said honestly.
"That is to say, you are my slaves, and I have to spend money to support you?" Chu Yanqi suddenly felt that he would eventually become a man who could not afford to keep slaves.
God knows how many slaves those two bastards, Jiuhou and Thirteen, have made for him. If all these slaves come to him in the future, they will call out, "Master, my liegeman is very poor recently. Please give me some magic pills …"
No matter how many possessions he has, he can’t afford to lose.
ChuYan habitat in the heart thinking, can’t help but looked at ZhuoChangQing, ZhuoChangQing instantly make him look creepy.
"You have no money, do you?" ChuYanQi asked.
"Master, I’ve been robbed several times …" Zhuo Changqing said busily. If he had money, that would be strange. The last time he was tied up, those vicious kidnappers stripped him naked. Although he changed something afterwards, this time he was robbed again before being put in a birdcage.
"You said that you are a little patriarch of Tiantai Mountain. What are you doing?" Dissatisfied, Chu Yanqi began to criticize Zhuo Changqing’s guilt. "You are tied up and tied up. Do you still bring trouble to me?"
"I …" Zhuo Changqing wanted to say, when did he bring trouble to him? However, think about being under one’s roof, Chu Yanqi said, and he just listened.
"You were tied up twice!" Chu Yanqi said again, "You have been branded with the blood of slaves, making me a cheap master. You know, how much do I have to earn to keep you slaves alive?"
Luojin snake and Kunlun slave looked at each other, and they didn’t know what to say. But Chu Yanqi had already started to look for things in Lanli. Soon, he turned out several ordinary storage rings, three kinds of healing elixirs and some spiritual stones, and threw them to the three of them and said, "Put them away first, and wait for your master to make money. I will take you to eat spicy food."
"That’s after you become a real person in Tiantai Mountain?" Chu Yanqi said, "The investment in the early stage is too big. I need to find someone to calculate for me. Is this business worthwhile … By the way, are you both trained in infant spirits?"
"Yes!" Luojinshe and Kunlun slaves both agreed.
"Is the cultivation very high?" ChuYanQi asked.
"Not bad." Kunlun slave doesn’t think that his cultivation is high, otherwise, he wouldn’t have been kneeling on the ground, listening to his nonsense.
"Zhuo Changqing, East Wilderness Sect, the richest family?" Chu Yanqi suddenly asked, "Since you are too difficult to feed, I’m going to rob the East Wilderness for a while."
ZhuoChangQing silently looked at him, he doesn’t want to take such two infant spirits period of cultivate immortality, ran to the wild rob those cultivate immortality factions? There are many words in the error-free novel network

Chapter two hundred and twenty-one Kunlun slave
Well, it’s okay for him to go to the wild and rob. ZhuoChangQing began to think, the richest cultivate immortality sect in the east, or family, the richest in the east …
"Master, I think it is more appropriate to have a family if you want to rob." Zhuo Changqing said.
"Oh?" Chu Yanqi asked, "Family?"
"This family is absolutely the richest in the East Wilderness by its unique alchemy inheritance. The key point is that the current owner of this family has no children. It is said that the family talents are dying and are going downhill, which is the only candidate for robbery." Zhuo Changqing said.
"Sounds good." ChuYanQi nodded.
"Since there is such a family of cultivating immortals, what happened here, shall we rob it?" The Kunlun slave is busy saying that as an upright cultivator of the realm of the seven-story heaven in infant spirits, he can’t let the master, a mortal master whose spirit is closed and he can’t practice, scold them for being useless, while burying his head in the storage bracelet to find something and thinking of ways to feed them slaves.
As a slave, it seems necessary for him to tell his master that serving and supporting his master is their natural occupation, rather than letting his master pay for it.
"I also think that we are too poor, so it is necessary for us to rob a big family." Luo Jinshe is busy saying that they are really poor, and it is impossible to rob them in Fusang’s secret land. Those demon families are not easy to provoke, and the whole Fusang’s secret land is Alice’s territory, which is not conducive to robbing and stealing and getting rich.
Therefore, it is more appropriate to find a family of cultivating immortals in the wild, with more money and more fools.
At the same time, Luojinshe and Kunlun slaves all know that every alchemist’s family, the family’s pharmacy, is bound to store all kinds of magic pills, all kinds of precious medicinal materials, such a family. Strong foundation, if there is no master in the town, you can eat for many years if you open a business.
"Zhuo childe, come on. We add up … "Golden snake called ZhuoChangQing way. "People, how many disciples are there in their family? Well, the point is-how many great immortals were there above the infant spirits period?"
"yes. This is very important. " Kunlun slave also helped to say.
"There is only one thing I have heard so far, but I don’t know if there is anything hidden." Zhuo Changqing said, "I heard my father say that their family has been declining in recent years. My disciples are dying. I wonder if there will be a holiday. "
"Come on, let’s make a concrete total, while it’s okay now." The golden snake is busy.
"Is the family so pitiful?" Kunlun slaves also expressed surprise that an alchemist’s family actually declined.
"It is the city of Cangwu!" Zhuo Changqing said, "I heard that their family has reached the point where there are no successors …"
At this point, he suddenly felt something was wrong. Immediately shut up.
Originally a native of the Eastern Wilderness, Luojin Snake naturally knew the city of Cangwu, and heard that it said, "Is Sangchangfeng the realm now?"
"Listen to the infant spirits period …" ZhuoChangQing said such a word, suddenly some guilty, secretly glanced at ChuYan habitat.
Kunlun slave said: "It turned out to be the city of Cangwu. This is easy to handle. I wanted to rob the city of Cangwu a long time ago. "
Zhuo Changqing couldn’t help but secretly look at Chu Yanqi again, and Chu Yanqi waved his hand and said, "This is not appropriate. Change a family. "
"Why is this inappropriate?" Rocky snake said, "master. The city of Cangwu is really rich. If Sang Changfeng is not consecrated, we don’t have to be afraid of him. Just grab it, or, if it doesn’t work out, let’s go dark. Isn’t the talent in their family dying? We kidnapped their young master, and then let Sang Changfeng’s spiritual stone and medicine come to redeem him. "