Chapter three hundred and ninety-five Town situation
Last winter, no, to be exact, the last five months were really busy. One hundred wheelbarrows and a huge caravan sent by the Wall Trading Company gave the town people a great surprise, and then the stories from the vendors shook the town.
Watching the guys of Huaer Trading Company hold out a hundred small jars from Tianxin’s wooden house like treasures, all the people who watched around were absent-minded. "It’s such a small jar that you can sell 80 gold coins with some things that are often in the mountains!" After a year’s hard work, people in small towns get only a few dozen gold coins, and only a few gold coins may get a bad harvest. A year’s work is not worth three months’ "fooling around" by a few little ones. What’s wrong with this world?
Grown-ups are feeling their hearts, and they look a bit like beating their chests. Looking at that situation, they are regretting their arrogance towards Tianxin in the past, so that they now have a mind to make money, but they don’t know how to speak to people who have neglected them. Children don’t have this kind of "restraint", except those who have been severely warned by adults or who are particularly shy. They all crowded over to watch the fun, greeted Tianxin with a smile, and then sat down or climbed into a mountain of bags full of food, touching this and patting that, which was amazing!
After the people from the Wall Trading Company left, the town slowly recovered its calm. However, another kind of craze is on the rise.
It is better to teach people to fish than to teach them to fish. And Tianxin has a bigger plan, so it is impossible to get entangled in wild vegetables. Therefore, three days later, he announced to the visiting mayor, several senior elders of Aceh town, that the techniques of making fragrant wild vegetables, such as identifying plants, blending spices and pickling techniques, would be taught to all the people in the town, and the town suddenly became famous.
"Boy, I didn’t expect you to be so generous, which surprised us. Originally, we came to you to find something to do for the idle children in town. Now, well, everything is solved, and we are relaxed! " Mayor prester and a bunch of elders beamed, these two days. Their nerves are being pounded by the women and children at home. Women are naturally moved by Huang Chengcheng’s gold coins, so they urge men to find a way; Children are more intuitive. They don’t have gold coins in their eyes, but they are filled with kit kat from Ginsburg. However, these things belong to Tianxin, Zoellig, Zomenger, Aaron Jos and Binglin. The five children built a small amusement park with these things. Except for the first day, if they want to play in the future, they have to pay silver coins. In this way. Adults are entangled in the boys at home, and they are reluctant to spend money on these things. This led to the trip of the mayor and others. I thought it would be a waste of breath, but I didn’t expect a big pie to fall from the sky. Tianxin actually gave up the "cash cow". This surprised and delighted them. Mayor prester is really an old ginger. "Little guy, although I don’t know why you did it, I still want to say that you are a lovely little guy."
"Ha ha, why not, the people in the town make me feel satisfied. I admire the men who are still in Mengshan ‘ao. It is because they are not trying hard to protect Aceh town from possible orcs. I’m a little man after all. If I can’t make a big effort, I’ll make a small effort. The home is saved. I can only live and work in peace, so I think my achievements should be dedicated to share with the warriors and their families in the town. " As patting small breasts, passionate tunnel.
"Shame, shame, shame on us!" Prester and a bunch of elders looked at each other, and the little guy seemed to have a big hat.
"However. I want to make one point clear. Because the winter is desolate in the mountainous area, there are not many winter wild vegetables suitable for pickling, and many things need to be studied accurately. This winter, except for me and Zoiger, Zomonger, Aaron Jos and Binglin, I am afraid that others will not make any money. "
"Of course, of course." Prester and a bunch of elders heard a heavy heart.
"However, I circled a piece of land in the wilderness in the east, where I was going to plant one hundred and eighty-three kinds of wild vegetables and six kinds of spice seeds collected in autumn. Where all the people go to help and train. Materials for curing game can’t be collected randomly, and many bright grass stems in the mountains are highly toxic. Therefore, I will distribute seeds next spring, and all people must use the plants grown from the seeds as pickling materials, and no materials can be added indiscriminately. "
"Boy, can you hurry up. We all understand what you said, but the cycle seems a bit long! " The elders are anxious, and they can’t stand the little devil at home for a winter.
"I can’t help it," Tianxin shrugged. "It took me and Zoiger, Zomonger, Aaron Jos and Binglin months to get the glory in your eyes."
"Is there any other faster way?"
"What is it?"
"I will pay all the people, adults and children who participate in the construction of our land in the east, as long as they obey the orders of Zoiger, Zomonger, Aaron Jos and Binglin."
"Boy, you will be so good? This is equivalent to teaching by hand, passing on technology and giving money! " Prester and a bunch of elders were obviously stunned at first sight, and then they were stunned by this secret candy.
"Of course I must be so good, or you won’t swallow me up." As imitating prester’s glaring way.
"Boy, you must have a trick?"
"What’s the trick? I’m just discussing the establishment of an Aceh trading company with Zoiger, Zomonger, Aaron Jos and Binglin. Otherwise, who will sell so many pickles next spring, and you will take them to Ginsburg to sell them, or wait for the businessmen who heard the news to buy them. The former needs to be invested freely, while the latter needs time, and you may not be able to afford it. "
"I told you, this boy is an absolute profiteer. At this time, I thought about setting up a trading company. " Prester laughed. "Well, boy, it’s a date. Your nonsense amusement house has fascinated a group of six or seven-year-old children, so open it. These days, we have been entangled and our beards have been pulled out a lot. "
"Yes, no problem."
A bunch of old guy left, four hours together, hesitation tunnel, "eldest brother, things haven’t wu hot in your hand you let out, isn’t it a bit …"
"I knew you four idiots would say that. Now the whole town is staring at our five children. What if we don’t let them out? We make a lot of money, what will people think in Mengshan ‘ao! They delay talking, sweat a lot, and may even bleed. I sold my life and didn’t get a penny. If we cling to this interest for a month at most, the morale of these people will suddenly fall to the end, and the whole town will
Next month, when the caravan of the Wall Trading Company comes with more supplies, it will become an orc, rush into my yard and rob everything. "
"Eldest brother, no way!"
"No, people here …" As pointed to his head. "It is restricted by the external environment. Adults are forced to restrain themselves because of a little rationality, while children show their nature completely. These days, you have seen many children in the town punching their sleeves. Trying to rush into the amusement room and take those gadgets. But whether adults or children, when the temptation is getting bigger and bigger, they will lose control and take a bad step involuntarily. By then, everything will be out of order. Therefore, it is the wisest thing to give up this curing technology. Besides, after the concession, we will not only lose money, but also make big profits. "
"Big money?"
"Yes, this is the operation. We had no money. Can’t start the thoughts in my heart. Now that you have the first bucket of gold, you can let go of it. From a certain point of view, what we lack most now is not money, but people. Take pickled wild vegetables as an example, we must first collect materials, mix spices and arrange a magic circle. After doing all this, I have to mix with the soft mud and burn small jar-shaped pottery pots. I’m exhausted and exhausted. There are only a hundred altars in a month. Now, we have released the pickling technology, leaving the most time-consuming and labor-intensive parts to housewives and children in the town. I ask you, will they buy small pottery pots from us when a large number of pickled wild vegetables come out? "
"This, of course," Zoellig and other four paths.
"A lot of things will form an industry with the increase of demand." Tianxin said softly. "Pottery jars are in short supply. By then, we can set up pottery workshops. That’s all right, this is the industry that came into being at the historic moment. We still have two killer weapons, one is seeds; The second is high-end sales. These two killers will bring us huge wealth for a long time. In other words, the town seems to be busy everywhere, but in fact they are all working for our soon-to-be-established trading company. "
"The boss is clever!" Sixiao listened with amazement.
"The benefits of the secret are not limited to these. We have won the favor of small town people, which is the most precious intangible wealth. In addition, we need more profitable points to seize. Pickling wild vegetables is not just about materials and spices, it also needs some basic seasonings, such as salt. With the expansion of the pickling industry, it will certainly expand, and the demand for salt, the most basic seasoning, will increase, which is undoubtedly a profit point. There is also spice trafficking, which is a huge market … "
"Boss, you seem to be brewing unrealistic things. No wonder you said you were short of people?" Four hours gasped, "it’s not enough to count all the people in the town if you want to do what you said!"
"Of course not. Eating culture is profound. Any branch can develop into a big group if it is carefully managed." As sighed, "well, don’t say that, Aceh town, a lonely town, the boss I do absolutely right now. What about you? If you don’t want to make pickles all your life, just give me a bright idea and find someone talented in this field to replace you. "
"Boss, what is talent?"
"There are one thousand kinds of people. Some people are born to be people in a certain industry. For example, in this pickling business, boss, I believe that after a year or two, Aceh will produce one or two geniuses, who will modify the formula according to their own taste and make pickles different from the public. You must find such people for me. Not only do you have to find it, but you have to hold it tightly in your hand. "
"All right. Boss, although we don’t understand why you want to do this, we believe you. " Four hours honestly tunnel, to be honest, they have been confused by heavenly heart. After all, that is, a teenager, who has not been influenced by the corresponding environment, how can he understand a lot at once? Six months ago, a few boys would never believe that they would become "rich men" after six months. According to the agreement of Tianxin, several children now have a net worth of 800 gold coins, and there will be more in the future. This is very satisfying to the parents of several boys. Old Zog is blowing everyone now, and how can his two sons be productive!
Old Zog was happy, so were Aaron’s family and Binge’s family, but the mayor prester quit. Hundreds of gold coins, he didn’t pay attention to, but after several contacts with Tianxin, the old guy felt a great opportunity. It’s a pity that Tianxin only wants to mingle with his peers, and has no interest in adults with "very old hearts".
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"Son, go and make friends with those little guys. Your future life will be wonderful." Old prester said to his youngest son, thirteen-year-old prester.
"No, unless they make me the boss?"
"Because I am older than them."
"But you beat heavenly heart? If you can beat it, there is no problem when you are the boss and big brother. "
"Well, then my position should be at least above Zoiger, Zomonger, Jose and Binglin."
"Son, it’s no use telling me this." Old prester smell speech to cay, stroking the small press specially back way. "Dad, I can’t control them, to be somebody who outranks you, you have to show considerable quality. The world of children is different from that of adults. Those little guys don’t hold you up just because you are the mayor’s youngest son. You must conquer them with your own performance. "
"Then I will fight with Zoiger, Zomenger, Jose and Binglin?" Prester excited tunnel.
"A duel? ….. Good idea, "old prester ha ha a smile, and then serious tunnel," but, son, don’t lose … "
"Lose, how could I lose? I am a bully in Aceh town. " Little prester jumped up.
"Don’t underestimate your enemy, son. Although they are three years younger than you, they are only in the elementary class at the Magic School. But don’t forget, they have been with Tianxin little freak for more than half a year, and maybe they have learned the moves that little freak gives you ass. "
"Anyway, I will try, and I must not let some small noses such as Zoellig climb on my head."
"Well done, son."
In the morning, the camera quickly turned to the afternoon.
Prester Jr. came home, black and blue. Old prester smiled. "Our little duel hero is back. How about it? Is it a victory? He has become the eldest brother below one person and above ten thousand people."
"Fart." Little prester’s eyes were red. "Dad, my intermediate quarrelling seems useless. I have used it all, but Zoiger, Jose and Binglin have no reaction at all, only a minimum of nine.