His heart turned slightly and his eyes sank. He stopped his car calmly without panic. He approached the door of his villa.
The forensic police, with a camera flash in their hands, flitted across the steps at the gate from time to time in the dark. In its dim white light, it was very clear that a stiff woman was lying quietly on her back on the steps.
A woman’s white face is faint and bluish white, which seems horrible in the dark.
That’s a dead woman-
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The night wind blows cold and attacks people.
The police at the gate are dealing with the scene of death. Because this is a villa area, there are not many onlookers. Even whispering outside the cordon is very low. It is rare for such a thing to happen around them. In the middle of the night, the feeling of terror fills their hearts and they are afraid to come out with special emotions brewed after seeing the body.
This night is as silent as death.
Lengxiao said nothing and frowned silently.
A woman’s body was stuck in front of his house, and naturally there was no way to enter the house before the police did it.
And the present situation is so weird.
The dead man was his servant five years ago, and then he personally sent him to prison, Sister Hong.
It’s normal for people to die, but what happened when they died at his door? !
Silently, he stood awe-inspiring, tall, and with a strong spiritual force, he was cold and distributed to the extreme, as if he had infection and penetration, which made several criminal police officers who handled the case quickly feel that he was there.
Some people are not angry and arrogant.
Some people don’t talk, but they are worth a thousand words.
A criminal policeman who looked like this group of leaders was dazed for a few seconds and slowly came over. The light didn’t shine in the night, and he glanced at his shoulder rank. He was very deceitful and friendly and asked.
"Hello, chief, I’m the vice captain of the criminal investigation brigade in D District. My name is Zhang. What can I do for you?"
Glancing at him indifferently, Leng Xiao stood with his arms in his arms and glanced over the steps. The corpse sounded cold and cold.
"This is my home."
"ah? Oh "
Obviously, what he said surprised the other party, and of course explained why he was here.
Not only he, but also the policeman who was taking pictures at the door turned to look at him.
Several police officers were all from the Criminal Investigation Brigade in Area D. When people passed by nearby, they called 11 to report the death of the people. The police immediately transferred to the Criminal Investigation Brigade under their jurisdiction. They just arrived at the scene, and it is still unclear about Sister Hong’s identity and case.
Wanted to think a police officer hesitated to ask briefly.
"Chief, do you know this woman?"
Although "knowing" has passed for several years, is it comparable to ordinary people to be a special army king Leng Xiao’s memory power? Besides, Sister Hong should have just died and her body was not deformed, so he can still remember crying when she was dragged away.
Section 291
But there is no pity for him.
Everyone should pay a corresponding price for his own business.
"Chief …" Officer Zhang was even more hesitant. "Could you please tell me something about her?"
Eyes coldly swept through him, and the cold voice was even colder than this winter night. "She told Fang Hong to go back and look through the files."
Looking through the files means that this woman has a criminal record.
Looking through the files also said that the chief comrade didn’t want to say anything to him.
"Good" Zhang police officer nodded awkwardly and turned around to look at several people at the disposal site. He raised his voice and asked, "How is Xiao Wang?"
Smell speech A policeman in a white coat looks like a forensic doctor came over, took off his white gloves, pulled off his face mask and frowned. He said, "No scars were found on the body of the deceased in Zhang Team, and no signs of poisoning were found. That is to say, her appearance signs have no specificity to check. Now, if the cause of death is still unclear only according to the autopsy, she must wait back to the station for further autopsy."
Officer Zhang frowned. "Is this the first scene?"
"There is no trace of the deceased being removed, so it can be confirmed that this is the scene of death."
Lengxiao’s brow fretted.
Just then, the door was closed and someone hit it from the inside.
Although it was only a few minutes before and after, it was enough to wake the sleeping person inside. A sliding door suddenly saw the woman corpse at the door, and the man screamed’ ah’ and waved his body. He almost passed out directly.
The master is Aunt Lan.
In fact, she has been hiding behind the gate just now, listening to the noise and movement outside with her ears upright, but she didn’t dare to open the door. If she hadn’t heard the cold sound, she probably wouldn’t be able to play.
"Don’t move!" Seeing that she was about to step out of the door, a criminal policeman quickly stopped her for fear that she would ruin the scene.
"I don’t move …"
Aunt Lan said weakly that her voice was trembling with fear. In fact, she couldn’t move her legs at the moment, shaking like wrecks, and she finally turned her eyes to the outside.
"Sir Zhong, you are back."
"Well," Leng Xiao nodded and his eyes flashed. "Where’s Miss?"
Aunt Lan naturally knew that he asked if it was Bao Qi who raised her hand and patted her chest. "Miss, let me see the situation inside."