The fencing competition is long over.
Chu Fei is far from seeing Song Anqiao. His face looks pale. Zhuo Wen hurriedly said, "Mrs. Chu went to wash her hands."
"…" ChuFei far frown worry.
"It’s like eating a bad belly." Zhuo Wen was afraid that Chu Fei would blame him for guessing Song Anqiao’s physical condition.
Chu Fei’s face suddenly changed slightly, and he stepped in the direction of washing his hands.
In the waiter’s guide, Song Anqiao walked smoothly to the fencing area and saw the handsome figure in front of her. She first smiled and then called "Fei Yuan" in a sweet voice.
Chu Feiyuan looked at the girl walking slowly towards him with deep eyes. "Where have you been?"
"Wash your hands"
"Not comfortable?" Chu Fei yuan Xin
Song anqiao walked up to him and shook his head lightly. "No, it is normal and convenient demand."
ChuFei far eyes slightly narrowed at her.
Song anqiao raised his hand and swore "true"
Chu Fei suddenly raised his hand and index finger in a circle and knocked on her forehead. "It’s convenient for you to miss your husband’s wonderful game for so long!"
The tone is angry.
Song Anqiao eats pain and covers his forehead with grievances. "I didn’t mean to?"
Hum, she was held by her rival in love and lectured.
Who is she angry with?
"Forget it" Chu Fei’s long arm leaned out and caught Song Anqiao’s voice magnetism "Kiss me and forgive you"
Simple and rude way to apologize. He is in Song Anqiao’s body
Song anqiao quickly kissed him on the cheek without wriggling. "Did brother forgive me?"
ChuFei far laugh "forgive forgive dare not angry with my Qiao Mei".
Song anqiao blushed. Chu Fei is far away. There are too many people who like you. What should I do with you?
Before the equestrian competition, King Chris suddenly suggested that a man should start a round from the castle track with a female companion, and whoever comes back first will win.
Chu Fei is far from interested, but he strongly agrees with this proposal.
Song anqiao was a little uneasy about changing his riding clothes and asked Chu Fei-yuan, "How about that? Good-looking? "
Chu Fei looked at her from afar, and her eyes were slightly crazy. Song Anqiao looked so dashing and handsome in his riding costume.
King Kersley just changed his clothes and passed by. Two people were immediately attracted by Song Anqiao. Usually, he saw too many westerners suddenly, and Song Anqiao was very surprised when he saw him wearing a riding costume.
"God, I can’t believe I can see such a beautiful girl." Kersley’s tone is exaggerated but also sincere praise
Song anqiao blushed and was shy when he was dazed.
Chu Fei saw that Song Anqiao was nervous and gave her a peck on the lip. "It’s good to relax and enjoy riding with me in Qiao Mei."
Song anqiao sip lip light "well" nodded.
Chu Fei held Song Anqiao in his arms, stretched out his long legs, relaxed his horse, and woke Song Anqiao up in a low voice. "Be good, relax your hands and hurry up."
Song anqiao took a deep breath to relax and give himself to Chu Feiyuan.
Before the whistle, Song Anqiao turned his head slightly, and Chris Ma was sitting with Bella instead of Shi Youdi.
She subconsciously looked for and saw a group of people surrounded by Shi Youshi, who smiled at them gracefully and calmly in front of the castle.
"What’s the matter?" Chu Fei’s distant inquiry
Song anqiao turned his head and looked straight ahead. "Nothing" was a dull and uneasy chest.
Dizzy and bumpy, Song Anqiao feels that riding is not fun at all, and his bones are going to fall apart.
Chu Fei didn’t care that Song Anqiao didn’t run fast. His mind was not to win, but to let Song Anqiao enjoy it. When they came back, someone had already won the top three.
"Do you still want to ride?"
Chu Fei seems to enjoy the pleasure of riding a horse in heaven and earth and wants to run anxiously with her like this.
Song Anqiao’s stomach upset and he shook his head quickly. "No, no"
One more lap and she’ll have to throw up.
Chufei laughed deeply. It was not bad for her to ride a horse for the first time.
"Chris, you’re back." I don’t know when Shi Youshi came up from the castle gate.
Keslima stopped beside Song Anqiao and the two horses were very close, almost less than one meter away.
Chris asked Bella to smile at Shi Youdi first. "Yes, it’s a pity that you can’t enjoy it when you come back."
Shi Youshen looked at Bella after two horses and smiled. "There’s still time after us."