Her eyes staring at Li Yuandao "what do you want to do! Are you crazy? If you are dumped by a woman, there is no need to just pull someone and say that she is your woman. Have some manners! "
The boss didn’t want to help when he looked at the woman with a cow, and he didn’t mean to be angry. His eyes meant that they didn’t know what they were thinking.
A long time later, he took a glass of red wine on the table and handed it to Li Yuan. "What proof do you have that she is your woman?"
Li Yuan was surprised that this man was so accommodating. He hugged him, and the woman didn’t get angry. His eyes were full of doubts. Did he miss something?
Otherwise, such a big boss should have fought with him a long time ago. What’s the matter with being so peaceful now? Looking at the big boss handing me the red wine glass, he secretly warned that he would suddenly hit his head with a glass.
They looked at all kinds of men and women sitting in the box without moving their eyes. At this time, they all stared at him and looked at the women in his arms with some doubts.
But those eyes didn’t look at the drama, which meant deep curiosity?
Li Yuan feels that his head is big. Does the woman in his arms not be favored? The boss has long wanted to dump her, but there is no excuse. He stumbled into it by mistake and the boss wants to fix them up?
His heart beat like a drum, and he couldn’t guess what the boss was thinking. He stared at the red wine for a long time, and he didn’t know whether to pick it up or not. His first thought was
Is there any medicine in this?
In those few days, there was medicine in the general information. If you really gave medicine, how did you finish it? Where did you put your face?
The boss looked at him and laughed in his heart. It was a vigilant guy who just didn’t know whether it was rotten wood or rough jade. If the former was dragged away early, don’t get in the way of everyone’s eyes.
If it is the latter, he will pick it up and carve it carefully, and it will be a beautiful jade in a few years.
Bosses thought of their knees and eyes, and looked forward to looking at the woman beside Li Yuan. The woman was so angry when she saw the bosses looking at her like this.
My feet want to kick Li Yuannai. If they are separated by a low table, they will fall upside down.
This brainwave raised his hand and gave Li Yuan a hard twist. It’s good. Don’t you like to take advantage? Then I’ll let you take up a small enough!
"Dad, you don’t let people pull him. Your daughter doesn’t know him. Your baby daughter is so arrogant that you still drink with him? !” The woman was furious.
Li Yuan is here to cry out for pain. Is this woman called Big Boss Dad? Do these two people have a quirk of address?
No, the surrounding atmosphere is wrong. It is obvious that women and men are relatives! Li Yuan wants to cry. How can a real father bring his own daughter? He made a mistake!
With a quick flash, Li Yuan took the glass and drank it. "I’m sorry, sir, I mistook you for someone else!"
He let go of the woman’s hand and turned to leave, but the woman was also angry and took a few steps towards him, quickly grabbing his sleeve and trying to slap him.
Li Yuan reacted very quickly, raised his hand and grabbed the woman’s arm. "This lady was really misunderstood just now, just like you said, I just lost my love and my emotions are hard to control."
"I also hope that you are Haihan!" After saying this, he bowed to her and turned to leave. The woman didn’t want to let him go like this. This man let her fall like this!
Isn’t it too simple to leave like this!
Stamp your feet and sweep your eyes at your dad. Cold hum, raise your finger and point to Li Yuan’s back. "Dad, if you don’t control him today, you’ll be punished later!"
When men and women sitting in the box saw that their boss was threatened by the big lady, their corners of their mouths were slightly raised, and they simply couldn’t hold back their desire to laugh.
I don’t blame her for being said in public by my daughter, but I am very spoiled. "Good girl, I’ll let people catch him."
He waved, and private security guards immediately stopped him from leaving. Li Yuan estimated the skill and number of bodyguards, and then he retreated.
It’s not that he’s spineless. These bodyguards are big and burly. It’s important that there are four outnumbered. The best way is to soften him up first and walk up to the bosses and be fearless.
He said cautiously and seriously, "I just apologized. I don’t know what else you want?"
YanLan body turn to the front of Li Yuan eyes light quickly screwed up "you hands to me in public just want to forget it? You think it’s beautiful! "
Someone immediately booed, "It’s beautiful to think about it. How about you take action to admit your mistake since you have offended?"
Coaxing these people is YanXiong is usually familiar with YanLan, jokes will not be angry, and their eyes are staring straight at Li Yuan at this time.
"Young man, you don’t look like you’re drunk. Why don’t you explain to us why you just said that? Did you see our house or was it another reason?"
Yan Xiong’s eyes are bright and bright. He has such a daughter who usually refuses to fall in love. He can’t even have a grandson if he wants to. It’s not that Lan’s eyes are above the top, but that she meets the person she likes.
Will it be an opportunity for this young man to come now?
He actually felt that his little grandson was waving at himself and seemed to be affectionately calling his grandfather Yan Xiong. I was so excited that I couldn’t point to a position opposite him.
"If you don’t want to get into trouble, sit down for me!" He seems to have hidden threatening statements, which made Li Yuan sit down after picking his eyebrows.
"Explain whether you fell in love with Lan at first sight?" Yanxiong continued to ask YanLan clearly aware that his father was wrong and quickly snorted "Dad, you forgot what Mom asked me to follow you for?"
Yan Xiong smiled and looked at Yan Lan’s face with a smile. "You won’t get involved first!"
He sat silently watching Li Yuan look at people in the way he looked at his son-in-law, which made Li Yuan look creepy. How could it be stale?
"You can’t leave until you drink these drinks, or you must stay as long as we stay!" YanLan pointed to a table full of wine coldly looking at Li Yuan.
Li Yuan a listen to her words and thought of four bodyguards appointed to look at the table wine seems a bit much …
This woman is deliberately making things difficult, but if he doesn’t drink, he will never get out of this small box and sip his lips. He pours wine into himself and continues to pour it quickly.