After Ruan Bin called for a driver, he helped Yu Dandan get into the back seat of the car. Yu Dandan was limp and leaned on his shoulder like a claw fish.
"Sit down" RuanBin righted her "Where do you live"
Yu Dandan smiled. "I live near where you live."
Ruan Bin said to the driver, "Master goes to the community."
When the car turned the corner, Yu Dandan leaned against Ruan Bin’s shoulder and gently asked, "Uncle Zheng, the general manager of Ruan, knows my dad very well. He treats me as his daughter, and this business will certainly be successful."
"I’m sure of business, but you shouldn’t drink so much, especially in front of your elders. You always drink too much."
Yu Dandan smiled and said, "Don’t worry that Uncle Zheng wouldn’t want to talk about business so much. Did he talk about it at the wine table or did he tell me?"
Ruanbin sighed and said nothing more.
Yu Dandan slightly raised his head and looked at him with misty eyes. He was particularly sexy. He couldn’t see it from a distance, but he could see a little new stubble when he looked closely. He was particularly manly.
Ruanbin didn’t look at her, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t feel that he reached out and turned her face away and whispered, "Depend on it, don’t look around."
Yu Dandan did Sarah laugh "Oh good".
When the driver stops at the community, "Can I go by myself?" Ruan Bin asked.
Yu Dandan didn’t speak, but blinked at him piteously. Ruan Binnai turned to the driver and said, "Wait for me here. I’ll take her home."
The driver looked up at the rearview mirror, but it was obvious that the woman wanted to throw herself at the man, but the man didn’t seem to like the woman very much.
Section 276
"Good" At the end, the driver woke up and said, "Sir, if you drive for more than three hours at a time, you need to add 5 yuan in addition to the kilometer payment." He thought that how many men could refuse to throw themselves at such a beautiful girl?
The car RuanBin helped Yu Dandan into the apartment building and Yu Dandan was almost carried away.
"Where do you live?"
After pressing the button on the 16th floor, Ruan Bin helped her to 163 and rang the doorbell, but no one answered for a long time. He asked, "There is no one at home."
Yu Dandan smiled and said, "I live alone."
“? ? Then why didn’t you say the key earlier? "
Yu Dandan is confused again. "It may be in my bag or in my pants pocket."
"Take it out"
"Ruan always help me with Bai Xi Xi"
Ruanbin primly said, "Take it yourself or I’ll leave now."
"Aye aye" Yu Dandan picked up his handbag and said "It’s in the bag".
Ruan Bin sighed and looked at Mr. Zheng’s face. He put up with it. He took the key out of her handbag, played the goalkeeper and helped her into the house.
Yu Dandan stumbled all the way to the sofa. She pulled RuanBin by the collar and pulled him away.
At this time, she was awake, holding Ruan Bin’s neck and saying affectionately, "Ruan always thank you for sending me back."
Ruanbin knew this trick. He pulled her hand and stood up. Who knows, Yu Dandan grabbed his suit and pulled his mobile phone out of his pocket and fell to the ground.
It happened that the glass kettle on the tea table was pushed down at the same time, and the cold water crashed out and fell on his trouser leg shoes and his mobile phone.
Ruanbin frowned when he was not annoyed.
Yu Dandan immediately apologized when he saw it. "Oh, I’m sorry, Manager Ruan." She was busy picking up his mobile phone from the water pile, smoking a few paper towels and wiping it. She said, "Manager Ruan is washing his hands over there. You can wipe it. I’m sorry."
Ruanbin’s leather shoes are also filled with water. He has to go and wash his hands first.
Yu Dandan took his mobile phone as a treasure, but it had a password, and she couldn’t call it. At this moment, a call came in and Xia’s name jumped out of the screen.
Ruanbin’s mobile phone tone is mute. Does he know?
Yu Dandan looked up and washed her hands. Ruan Bin, who was guarding her novel, couldn’t hear it, so she quickly picked it up.
"Is the dinner party over?" Summer asked in a general tone.