And he won’t know that after he let the meritorious coach go, Real Madrid never won even one championship until he left in dismay …
Chapter one hundred and seventy-two Illusion
The Spanish Super Cup is a pre-season match between the league champion and the King’s Cup. The winner can also be regarded as Wang Zhongwang.
If the La Liga and the King’s Cup are won by the same team against the team, Real Madrid will still have a chance to seek revenge from Valencia in the Super Cup.
If the rules stipulate that the second runner-up is the supplement, Real Madrid will not even have this chance of revenge-Valencia will play La Coruna.
There is little difference between the starting lineup of Real Madrid and the season, that is, Morientes was replaced by Ronaldo.
Before the game, mendieta was recognized by the media as a hot topic, but he sat on the bench and didn’t get the chance to start.
I want to see mendieta’s expression because I keep giving him close-ups on the TV.
The transfer from Valencia to Real Madrid is regarded as the peak of mendieta’s career, and it is no accident that he will end his career here.
Even Valencia fans believed that mendieta would have a bright future when he moved to Real Madrid.
This feeling was even stronger after Real Madrid beat Leverkusen to become the Champions League champion.
Mendieta’s agent, Tordera, is even more complacent, bringing mendieta to Real Madrid, which is his best representative!
It is the media’s heart that mendieta meets the old owner before the game.
They want to see how mendieta collided with Valencia.
Who would have thought that such a topic figure was put on the bench by Bosco?
This has to make people have some doubts about the player’s future at Real Madrid.
Mendieta’s future fate as a substitute.
This game is the first time he has made a new formation appear in a formal competition.
He is very concerned about the team’s performance.
He wants to see how his new formation can perform against a team like Real Madrid.
Before the league tournament, you can play two games with Real Madrid. Taking the Galaxy battleship Real Madrid as the touchstone, Changsheng feels that such a luxury opportunity is really rare.
Although he knew that dream team Barcelona had no temper at all against Real Madrid, it was Barcelona after all, and Real Madrid itself went downhill at that time. In fact, since Bosco was driven away after this season, Yero moved to Real Madrid.
But after all, there is no real Madrid this season, and it has not really gone uphill.
I don’t know how big my tactical formation is.
After the game, Real Madrid stormed Valencia’s goal because it was their home court.
Valencia took the initiative to retreat to avoid the limelight.
This actually makes Real Madrid more energetic.
Florentino, who was able to attract Ronaldo to the team, completed a transfer deal that was considered impossible by others, which was a great stimulus to the morale of Real Madrid.
Real Madrid now feel confident of beating Valencia when they face Valencia.
Real Madrid’s strength has increased during this summer transfer period, while Valencia’s strength has weakened.
It’s silly to see this strength, and everyone thinks that Real Madrid will win at home.
Especially in the ten minutes before the game, Real Madrid almost stormed Valencia.
If canizares hadn’t done well, Valencia’s goal would have been scored.
In particular, Ronaldo, a new team player, is full of motivation and fighting spirit, eager to prove how right Real Madrid is to buy him and whether he is the best striker in the world.
He is very active in looking for opportunities in the frontcourt.
This puts a lot of pressure on Valencia’s defense, so they have to defend back to the restricted area
Watching this ten-minute game makes it hard to believe that Valencia played a pleasing ikiaka football in the season.
Watching Real Madrid besiege Valencia and beat Valencia until half time, he was a little unhappy because mendieta didn’t start, and Mr. florentino’s face smiled again.
That’s what he wants to see Real Madrid. That’s what should happen when Real Madrid plays Valencia!
Florentino has a proud feeling.
Real Madrid bombarded Valencia’s goal for ten minutes. Although the scene occupied an absolute advantage, it failed to score a goal.
Several times have made Real Madrid fans excited for nothing …
Ten minutes later, Real Madrid adjusted its own rhythm and put on the offensive pace, so its physical strength was too fast to consume one.
At this time Valencia regained the initiative.
Valencia lost possession when canizares gave the football to centre-back Ayala.
Always on the sidelines, he always won and squatted down, staring at the stadium nervously, trying to get an answer, an answer that satisfied him
Real Madrid’s tactics against Valencia are simple: identify the key players and guard against clinging to maggots.
The form player in this position was Guardiola.
Now Guardiola has been seriously injured and rested for half a season, and playing in this position has become Deco.
He is naturally the core of Valencia.
Whether it’s the reporters in the media gallery, the fans in the stands or the players in Real Madrid, they all have a common view.
That is, nobody takes Deco seriously
They think Deco’s first official game for Valencia turned out to be against Real Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup. He should be very nervous and at a loss.
Deco looks really easy to give people the feeling that he has never seen the world before.
Two thick eyebrows drooped, and the face was always bitter, as if the family had suffered a disaster and could not afford to eat.
This appearance is simply weak compared with the sunny boy in aimar.