Xiaoqing heard Baiye listen and stayed. The woman seemed to know Baiye’s meaning. When Baiye and her daughter left, she said to Xiaoqing, "Girl, your skill is almost as good as ours."
This is in line with Xiaoqing’s mind. She has been practicing for just a few hundred years, but if Baiye and Kirin didn’t help her to repair it, it would only be those. But now she has survived five times, and for such a long time, she has rarely fought, and she doesn’t know her strength. Hearing the woman’s words is just the test.
Seeing Xiaoqing nod, the woman smiled and led Xiaoqing outward. She had a special venue for learning.
Bai Ye was dragged by Mu Shuang towards the backyard and entered a spacious place through a small array, which was Mu Shuang’s practice field.
"Junior brother, there are some differences between us in the practice of Liuli Sect. They all pay attention to the practice of magic weapons, and we are practicing the body to enhance actual combat. If we are of the same skill, we will definitely win easily!"
Jose double to baiye said, and then pointed to the venue to practice body things introduced one by one.
Baiye is very interested in these things, which is very similar to Huang Zhen’s practice at the beginning to make up for his inability to make mana. Now, if it weren’t for the influence of drug control on his body, he can deal with a young man by himself!
Just as the two were in high spirits, a throb swayed in the bottom of Baiye’s heart, and he immediately looked up and saw a small hut at the end of the venue, from which there was a faint breath that made people tremble.
Baiye immediately looked at the scene in the spirit ball hut of the Five Elements in his mind, and it emerged that there was a long knife hanging on the wall in the room. The knife looked very ordinary, and the gray knife had a silver blade without luxury decoration, but Baiye could feel the breath coming out of the knife, which was tough, sharp, although weak, but with contempt for the sky.
"What’s in that room?" Baiye asked Mu Shuang next to him.
Mu Shuang looked at a tunnel in the direction of Baiye’s finger. "That’s a settled place!"
"Can you show me?"
Mu Shuang was stunned. "Okay, I’ll show you!"
The two soon reached the hut, and Mu Shuang gently pushed the door. The knife was hanging white leaves on the door wall and asked directly, "What is this knife hanging here?"
"That’s my dad’s combat knife. It used to be two pairs of double knives, but the other one was robbed by others!"
"Was robbed? What do you want with this knife? "
Mu Shuang walked forward and stroked the blade of the knife and said, "Because that knife has my father’s fighting memory, if you can master that knife, you can directly use my father’s fighting skills. Even an ordinary mortal will become fierce and abnormal!"
Hearing Mu Shuang say this, Bai Ye immediately thought that the robbed knife had fighting memory and this knife had fighting momentum. The combination of two knives is the right way. Why grab a knife?
Just want to ask the instant white leaf, the answer is now. It turns out that the knife hanging on the wall is a broken knife. Although the connection place looks like a seam, it can be seen in the heart of white leaf that he didn’t pay attention just now.
"Who robbed the knife? Why not get it back? "
Mu Shuang’s face showed a wry smile and said, "Have you ever heard of the Nine Halls?"
Baiye nodded. Where there is a Nine-Temple in the Fairyland, there is also a Nine-Temple. Baiye’s mother is in the Nine-Temple to retreat and recover from the loss caused by production.
"In those days, my dad Lingyunpai, the deputy patriarch, took that guy and scrapped it by half. Lingyunpai took the matter to the Nine Halls and made a decision to let my dad compensate Lingyunpai for the double knives. Of course, my dad didn’t do it because it was a fair fight, and Lingyunpai picked it up and demanded compensation for what he lost. So my dad looked for the Nine-Nine Temple, and when he went there, he was not only killed by them, but also robbed of his knife. They sent this broken knife back and announced to heaven that my dad was possessed in the Nine-Nine Temple and unfortunately fell! "
After listening to Mu Shuang spoken parts Ye Dao, "Aren’t they setting out to destroy our glazed pie?"
"Who said it wasn’t? They didn’t dare to be too publicity because we still have a backer!" Jose double face is still a wry smile.
"What backing?"
"Although I’m not sure about the origin of our Liuli Sect, I heard that my father used to be the younger brother of Tianyin Sect, but it’s better for Tianyin Sect to be the patriarch!"
Baiye knew that Tianyinzong was one of the seven schools in the East, and he asked, "Since there is such a backer, why not seek justice through Tianyinzong?"
"My father once said that he owed too much to Tian Yinzong and wouldn’t let us go there. After my father died, my mother said that she used to go there, but she didn’t go in the end!"
Bai Ye thought in his heart that they would go to Xinghai in a month’s time. Did you find justice in front of many sects? The Lingyun Sect is not allowed to send the colored glaze Sect. I really don’t know where the colored glaze Sect has offended him. !
Mu Shuang suddenly laughed and looked at Bai Ye. "Are you wondering why there are so many people to deal with us?"
Baiye nodded and Mu Shuang held out his fist and said tightly, "Because we are so strong that they are afraid that if they don’t have a magic weapon, we can still bomb them even if they are one or two levels higher than us!"
With that, Jose’s fists went directly to the door to blow a blow, and the wind blew a hole in the ground.
If others saw it, they would definitely think that nothing could be done by any yogi, but Bai Ye was stunned by this punch. In those years, Huang Zhen demonstrated to him that "it’s no big deal to master certain rules without magic aura, and you can make an effect with any punch!"
Bai Ye suddenly had an idea in his heart and asked, "What was the name of the reclusive patriarch that day, senior sister?"
Mu Shuang looked up and thought for a moment and said, "I don’t know the specific name, but I heard that others called him Huang Zhenren, but I also heard that he had already soared. Now I don’t know what his name is!"
Section ninety-six I’ll teach
"Huang Zhenren? Sister, then show me a few more tricks! "
Mu Shuang saw Bai Ye’s eager eyes and was very happy to finally have the opportunity to teach others. He said, "Okay, let’s come outside!"
In the open place outside, Mu Shuangding slowly punched his fist, but it didn’t seem to have any strength, but it caused a breeze to blow, then his fist suddenly vibrated and then slowed down …
Baiye looked at her and admitted that the real Huang should be his adoptive father, Huang Zhen. Although he introduced him to all kinds of sects in Huang Zhen in the celestial world, Baiye was too busy training himself and didn’t care much. I didn’t expect to meet his adoptive father now!
"Her father and my adoptive father got along so that the teacher elder sister is really settled …" Baiye smiled.
"How about teacher younger brother? Is it very powerful? " Mu Shuang finished that set and asked Baiye
Baiye nodded. She played really well. She must have gone through some hard work or she wouldn’t be fluent just now.
"Ha ha, you should also practice hard. This boxing is not easy to learn. I practiced day and night for a month before I mastered it!"
Mu Shuang smiled and then ignored the men and women’s suspicion of pulling Bai Ye. "Let’s go, brother, I’ll take you to the side to watch the senior brothers practice!"
There is also a venue next to this venue, where Luo Shu and Yang Jie practice. Bai Ye, as soon as they went in, they saw the two men fighting.