"Why can’t you look at me?" Lu Xiu thought to catch the little nurse’s eye, but he was always dodged.
"No!" The little nurse was not found by Lu Xiusi, so she quickly raised her head and looked him in the eye, but I didn’t expect the little nurse to be fascinated by Lu Xiusi’s handsome appearance
"You … you are so handsome!" The little nurse looked at Lu Xiusi’s excellent face value and said sincerely
Lu Xiusi silently looked at her and didn’t talk. After all, Lu Xiusi’s face value can also kill a second.
"Well, now think about it. Has anyone been here?" Lu Hughes found himself fascinated by the little nurse, so he asked conveniently
"It seems to be …" The little nurse looked at Lu Xiusi and was obsessed with it.
At this time, I knew that the little nurse didn’t know what to say, so I didn’t want her to say what not to say. I took something in my hand and broke the vase opposite.
"Bang!" Just when Lu Xiusi was about to ask the answer, the vase on the side was very inexplicable and broke.
Lu Xiusi was very surprised and looked at the vase. He didn’t understand the vase. There was no wind in the room. How could he just drop it?
Lu Xiusi thought about this matter quickly in her mind. Finally, Lu Xiusi felt that someone in the room must not want the little nurse to say what she should say.
The little nurse recovered from her thoughts just now and picked up the broken vase in a panic. She knew it was because she was not satisfied with herself.
"Oh, what a pity! This vase is broken!" The little nurse was very embarrassed to pick up the vase fragments in a flurry and said
"I didn’t help you!" Lu Xiusi now knows what he has in mind, so he doesn’t care if he asks if there should be an answer.
"No thanks!" The little nurse was very embarrassed and looked up. "Sir, I was offended just now, but I told you the truth today. If you have other problems, I don’t think I can help you!"
Lu Xiusi saw that the little nurse didn’t answer her meaning, so she said politely to the little nurse, "It’s fine without you telling me. Thank you, then I’ll go first!"
Lu Xiusi said that he was very polite and left the room.
After a long time, I have been hiding behind the curtain and I can’t help but ask, "Have you left?"
"Let’s go!" The little nurse doesn’t seem to have recovered from the fawn crash just now. She said very casually
Shen Qing slowly came out from behind. "I’m exhausted. Lu Xiusi is so slow. It’s almost annoying!"
Shen Qing is very complaining about landing and thinking about it. At the same time, looking at the little nurse is also a little angry. "You said that you are really worthless and you lost your mind when you saw being handsome!"
"It was my fault, but I didn’t tell the truth!" The little nurse knew that she had neglected to make Shen Qing angry, so she sincerely apologized to Shen Qing.
"But it’s a good thing you’re smart." Shen Qing knows that you can’t scold the little nurse now. It’s nothing. "You’re always doing well now. When the time comes, you have to behave yourself. I won’t miss you a penny!"
"I see. I’ll pay attention," said the little nurse very embarrassed. "But … I don’t know your name yet!"
"My name is Shen Qing." Shen Qing simply reported his name. "Just call me Sister Qing!"
"Good sister, I will definitely cooperate with you later!" The little nurse said very seriously
Lu Xiusi was very surprised when he came out of the room. His intuition told him that someone in the room must be preventing the little nurse from telling the truth just now, so Lu Xiusi sat in the car silently and waited for that person to appear.
After about half an hour, Shen Shen sneaked out, and Lu Xiusi couldn’t help feeling happy.
☆ Chapter 26 Should I say …
"It was her!" Lu Xiusi raised a smug smile at the corner of his mouth. "It seems that this matter can’t be separated from Shen Qing!"
Lu Xiusi waited until Shen Qing left and then entered the hospital again. This time, he didn’t talk to the little nurse again but went directly to the monitoring room.
"Hello!" Lu Xiusi walked into the room very politely. "Can I watch today’s monitoring?"
"Who are you?" The person in charge of monitoring is very alert. Looking at Lu Xiusi, I don’t know where he is.
"I am the family of the patient who died today. I am here to investigate and monitor!" Lu Xiusi, with his domineering appearance, can make Thaksin, but he didn’t expect Lu Xiusi to encounter waterloo in his life.
"If you can’t monitor, you can’t easily show it to others. If you have an ID, I can show it to you!" Monitor is very serious and said
"I’m a family member. I’m here to investigate the scene of the accident. Isn’t that okay?" Lu Xiusi was very puzzled and asked him if he could go directly to see such a thing himself.
"No, we are also in the photo system, so there is no need for you to make trouble here!" The monitor showed some impatience, and Lu Xiusi was kicked out by the smelly face.
Lu Xiusi has never done such a thing himself. I didn’t expect such a thing to need so much trouble, so he was very angry and called the housekeeper
"Does the housekeeper need any documents for investigation and monitoring?" Lu Hugh thought some depressed asked.
"Yes, young master," the housekeeper agreed with Lu Xiusi at the other end. "You must have a photo certificate for this matter!"