The old man put away the jade with a flash of his hand, then waved the child to walk over and said to Meng Qi, "You must be Meng Qi."
Meng Qi nodded slightly and said, "The younger generation is Meng Qi who has seen the older generation." Although Meng Qi’s theory of repair seems to be one order lower than Zhao Xi’s, this knowledge and then are a hurdle, and they can’t be compared.
Zhao Xi nodded and then beckoned Meng Qi to sit down and said, "I heard that Meng Qi’s performance in this cultivation meeting was excellent and Zongli made a lot of contributions."
Meng Qi shook his head and said modestly, "The predecessors are ridiculous. This is what credit we talked about in the job."
Zhao Xi seemed very satisfied with Meng Qiqian’s false appearance and nodded and said, "Don’t be modest. How can you come here without credit?"
Meng Qi smiled and stopped talking. This elder Zhao belonged to the neutral school. Meng Qi didn’t need to put his figure too low. After all, Fang Ling Ling was the biggest one of the black emperors.
Seeing that Meng Qi was no longer modest, Zhao Xi once again appeared the jade in his hand. While playing with it, he said to Meng Qi, "Generally speaking, it is a kind of reward for monks to come here. In this year, they can get a rich stone, but there are also some people who want to take care of something. I wonder what you think of Meng Qi?"
Listen to Zhao Xi so ask Meng Qi a smile in my heart. I want this spirit mine to be managed by this Zhao Xi all the year round. Naturally, I don’t want Meng Qi to mind their own business. This is asking Meng Qi’s attitude.
And Meng Qi just doesn’t want to be in charge. It’s good to get the Lingshi, so he said, "The younger generation is also the rich Lingshi, so naturally I won’t mind my own business. Besides, this Lingkuang has predecessors, so I am a big player."
Meng Qi will also pick things so that he can get his share of Lingshi, and he is too lazy to care about this spiritual mine.
In this way, Meng Qicai doesn’t believe that Zhao Xi will not enrich himself in this kind of gravy train, and from the introduction of those younger brothers just now, Meng Qi has already felt that there is definitely something wrong with this spiritual mine.
And Zhao Xi listened to Meng Qi’s answer and nodded with satisfaction. He was afraid that Meng Qi would mind his own business and ruin his good thing. Since Meng Qi is so aware, he naturally won’t be difficult. Meng Qi will send that Lingshi to Meng Qi.
Anyway, this lingshi was taken from the clan share, and he had no loss.
Zhao Xi put away the jade and said to Meng Qi with a smile, "In that case, Meng Qi, you can have a good time around this spiritual mine, which is located in a country called Jin with beautiful scenery."
This is in Fujian. Meng Qi also laughed. "In that case, it is really necessary to go and see it. In that case, the younger generation will leave early to understand the beautiful scenery mentioned by the predecessors." Then he got up and left.
Zhao Xixiao smiled and shouted, "Where is the child? Come on, my guest. "He is still. Meng Qi’s identity is really not enough for him to pick him up personally.
And the words sound just fell and the boy who brought Meng Qi in appeared and said to Meng Qi, "Meng Daochang, please come this way" and then led the way in front.
Meng Qi followed the boy in a corridor. Seven Catharine was in front of the gate. Meng Qi faintly felt that this vertical and horizontal corridor actually constituted a law. It is impossible for outsiders to easily get in and out.
After leaving Zhao Xi’s residence, Meng Qi flew back and thought about things. Just now Zhao Xi said that this spiritual mine is located in a country called Jin.
And Meng Qi always felt that there was something in this state of Jin. Suddenly Meng Qi remembered that he had asked Du Sheng not long ago that Feng Tiancheng was a family of repairing truth in the state of Jin.
(Maybe everyone forgot who Feng Tiancheng was, the guy who chased Hu Xianer the most and was fooled by Meng Qi.)
I heard that that guy had reached the initial stage a few years ago. Seeing that his chances of promotion to then were slim, he left Haohanzong and went back to the State of Jin to inherit his family business.
Meng Qi was still wondering when to go to the State of Jin. I didn’t expect it to happen so unexpectedly. Meng Qi thought about it and smiled. Since God takes care of himself so much, how can he not accept this thief’s gratitude?
Chapter one hundred and thirty-five News
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I didn’t expect to win one when I came to Mengqi Zi Xuan. I was so happy that I threw the Zhujidan into the bag like garbage. After all, this thing has lost its historical significance.
Then it is to let Zi Xuan quickly stabilize the realm, and he is fart Dian Dian to tell the news to Cheng Rewei Hu Xianer, who is naturally very happy.
A few days later, several Tsukiji brothers were walking along the road and discussing some things with each other, and one of them, a monk named Tsukiji dzogchen, was frowning.
At this time, a monk next to him asked the monk with some uneasy tone. "Brother, you said that this just came to Brother Meng to find us. What can I do for you? Don’t want us to help him ….. "
The monk who was asked didn’t speak, but his frown deepened. It was at this time that he was worried. How dare they sit here for decades?
However, this newly arrived brother Meng is also unpredictable. How can they provoke him? Although they also thought that there might be other things, but the ordinary things are enough, how can they get past them?
But now that they are called, they dare not come, otherwise they will surely struggle more than they can bear, and they will go to Meng Qi’s residence with anxiety.
When they arrived at Meng Qi’s residence, they were already waiting for them at the door, which surprised them even more. How could Meng Qixiu meet them outside?
Meng Qi smiled when he saw several Buddhist monks he met the other day, and then greeted him and said, "Let’s go to the back to talk."
Meng Qi thinks it’s windy and natural. Don’t let Hu Xianer know until you have a clue.
While several Zhu Jidi brothers turned pale, and the more uneasy they were when they went to the secluded place in the back hill.
When I arrived in the back grove, Meng Qijiao felt that there was something wrong with everyone’s face, some doubts, but I didn’t think a lot. When I was about to say what I wanted to say, the Buddhist monk dzogchen spoke, "Brother Meng, I’m afraid I can help you with your low mana."
Meng Qiyi exclaimed, I haven’t said anything yet, so you know it can’t be done?
And the Tsukiji dzogchen’s brother was slightly surprised to see Meng Qi, and his heart was even more certain that Meng Qi wanted their help, but it was his downfall of Zhao Xiqi.
"That Zhao Xi has been surprised here for decades. Even if Brother Meng is powerful, I’m afraid he is not his opponent." After saying this, he is ready to meet Meng Qi’s bad face.
But they can’t refuse Meng Qi today. Many people know that Meng Qi may not dare to do anything to them. If Zhao Xi knows that they helped Meng Qi harm him, they will really die.
And Meng Qi is the reaction after hearing what she said. These guys want them to help them bring down Zhao Xi, the old guy.
Meng Qi laughed out.
They see Meng Qi suddenly smile Meng Qi to start work to kill people is a burst of tension quite some spell impulse.
However, Meng Qi stopped laughing and said, "Your teacher younger brother misunderstood that I called you here this time because I wanted you to inquire about a famous monk in the state of Jin."
Hearing Meng Qi’s words, everyone was a little dull at the moment, so it wasn’t that?
Dzogchen, the brother of Tsukiji, was also confused, but after carefully observing Meng Qi’s expression, he breathed a sigh of relief and said, "So that’s it. We still …"
Meng Qixiao smiled and said, "I have already visited Elder Zhao, and I won’t give birth to what you think. By the way, have you ever heard of that monk named Feng Tiancheng, who seems to be a member of the Xiuzhen family in the State of Jin?"
"The wind is natural? Fix true family? Fengjia? " The preconditions for dzogchen monk mumbling gibberish way
Meng Qi saw that he seemed to have heard of it and quickly asked, "Has this younger brother heard of it?"
The younger brother shook his head and said, "I haven’t heard of Feng Tiancheng, but I have heard of Feng Family in the State of Jin."
"oh? Let’s hear it. "Meng Qi knows that the wind is natural and natural, but even at the beginning of his experience, he went back to inherit his estate. I’m afraid this wind home is not so good, is it?
The younger brother wanted to think and said, "The wind family is one of the top ten families in the state of Jin, but it is ranked seventh, but they seem to be awesome."
Haoranzong? Meng Qixiao smiled. He has already inquired about the wind. It seems that it was only because he gave a lot of lingshi and medicinal materials to the Black Emperor every year that he was collected in Zongmen. Speaking of it, it was probably just to curry favor with an elder of Haoran Sect.
So Meng Qi didn’t care what the younger brother said, but Haoran Zong asked about the powerful people in this wind family. "I don’t know who is in charge of this wind family now and who is the deepest in the repair?"
The younger brother looked at Meng Qi’s eyes and felt a little strange, but he still replied, "This wind family is now a generation of householders, and the wind whistling and heavenly repair is just the middle stage of learning, but I heard that his children joined the Haoran Sect in the early stage of promotion a few years ago."
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I heard that Meng Qi was more convinced that the child was naturally windy and laughed coldly and continued to listen to the younger brother.
And the younger brother will Meng Qi expression income fundus and then continued, "The wind home is now the most severe when a promotion then bodhi old zu in more than a hundred years ago, but few people know it now, and it seems that I haven’t heard that the wind home has a bodhi old zu."
Heard that? Meng Qi frowned. It’s hard to do if you have one, and it’s even harder if you don’t know one now.
The younger brother wanted to think warily and said, "In fact, there should be no other bodhi old zu in the Feng family, otherwise their Feng family will now be ranked as the fifth family in the State of Jin."
Meng Qi listened to a slight one leng and then smiled at the younger brother and motioned for him to continue to say.
And that Tsukiji dzogchen brother heard Meng Qi ask these questions, and his heart was already a little bit. I’m afraid this elder brother with a strong background is said to have had enemies at home or in that wind.