I glanced at Zhang Mu Matsuno, waving a huge tentacle, and the blood spirit didn’t laugh at Mo Tian evil, but the face was heavy. Old four was in an emergency. I also joked with you. This’ Zhang Mu Matsuno was very powerful three thousand years ago. I don’t know what magic weapon he has developed this time, so you should be careful. Don’t blame me for not waking up when something happens.
Mo Tian evil surprised to see the eye blood spirit a little touched. Thank you, brother. Wake up. I won’t say much. _ Let Murang come together _ Buda octopus.
As soon as Mo Tian’s evil body disappeared into the air, it appeared behind’ Zhangmu Matsuno’
With a wave of his hand, Mo Tian’s evil sword turned into a rainbow to meet and shoot at Zhangmu Songye’s head. At the top of Zhangmu Songye’s head, 300 meters away, there was a shining black light, and Tianxie Sword suddenly turned into a thousand-handle Tianxie Sword, and a thousand lightsabers covered Zhangmu Songye like Zhang Jianwang.
The dense lightsaber can turn Fiona Fang thyme into ruins. However, the’ Zhangmu Songye’ is casually waving a few tentacles and a dark cloud, and those lightsabers are easily wrapped inside.
When Mo Tian evil moves, the blood spirit would have offered an ingenious axe, and drank a "eat grandpa’s axe and chop Yang’s axe at Zhangmu Songye" _ he saw a magnificent golden light chopping at Zhangmu Songye.
"Good is good, I learned the card. This treacherous Japanese-style god attacked Zhang Songye in the face of the blood spirit. The ugly head was bigger than the football field. When he yelled at it, he lifted seven touches. As the tentacles lifted from the end of the seven tentacles, seven groups of black ink were as hard as black" color "ore. Too _ blocks greeted the blood spirit.
"Bang" a loud noise, in which a cloud and the golden light blew up the sky and scattered to the earth _ the speed of the remaining six black clouds continued to attack the blood spirit.
Means to pass by and do it. God has been "forced" by you for so long. I should also take a good breath. I drank my right hand and continued to pick and chop, and I was forced to turn into a bloody gold awn, screaming and rushing towards those dark clouds.
Only when the nuclear bomb exploded did the light shine in the sky. The earth energy wave generated by the explosion surged, and the "tide" poured into the earth one after another and disappeared from people in the blink of an eye.
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The second part The second volume Chapter 37 Biochemical soldiers
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Looking at the guard outside the door, he saw a pile of gold bars stuck in his eyes.
These days are the most exciting days in history. In the past few days, he has robbed 1,000 banks and 30 gold warehouses in the United States. There are nearly 1,370 billion RMB in the ring. (Now China has reached the peak of the world, and RMB has become the highest currency in the world. The ratio of RMB to US dollar is I, while RMB to Japanese yen is only _ _ _ _ a golden meal.) At that time, he was so happy that he forgot the purpose of his trip. The only thing he wanted to do in his heart was to rob all the money in the United States.
Zong Ming’s madness made the United States panic about 20 consecutive robberies. The United States has not taken any measures since it took measures for the first time. All Americans are angry about the "government" practice. They have taken to the streets to block the "government" building to discuss.
Although he is a scientific man, Dr. Ross in the United States has a careless understanding of all these politics. He did a very stupid move and let the people make trouble. He decided to kill Zong Ming himself. Then everything would be solved. It was his stupid decision that led to the street jam and the uproar in the United States. It was more convenient for Zong to rob. And because of the street jam, those who didn’t rob the bank but transported the money away before the law could wait for Zong Ming to rob. The presidents of all banks and Huangku got old.
"Ah …! Gold You Zongming Grandpa came to adopt you. You are all happy and happy …! " Zong Ming Zhang guffawed and walked slowly to the "Qiao Li Jin Ku"
"Zongming’s adult, come to me … just when Zongming was excited to take the first step, suddenly an urgent distress signal came from Tokyo for help. It was Zongming’s puppet emperor" Sano Ryuno "in Japan.
Zong Ming was robbing happily, and he was happy to receive the rescue signal from I Wild Dragon.
Zong Ming didn’t reach his goal at this time, but he still wanted to continue the robbery. However, Ryuno Sano’s rescue at this time must be very urgent and I believe he must have encountered considerable trouble, although the surface day has not been officially included in the Zhongtai map, but the real day already belongs to China.
Zong Mingneng shook his head and teleported to Tokyo.
On the day of arrival, Zongming in Tokyo was immediately shocked by his eyes _i A street in Tokyo was filled with a thick bloody smell. There were human body fragments everywhere, and half a complete body could not be found. Each body was divided into seven pieces. There were severed heads, broken hands and broken feet everywhere, and people’s dirty bodies were everywhere. I dyed the streets of Tokyo into red blood, and the liquid was flowing in the streets. The cruel scene of the river made people feel miserable and nauseous.
The buildings were damaged by force, and the cars were dismembered into pieces like the bodies of the local people. Yi Bu was cruel, and an invisible weapon, fire, medicine, left traces. His gods felt that there was some kind of force left in the air that did not belong to the people who fixed the truth. This is an evil force of Yousen, which was possessed by the magic star people he once met.
"Ross, you guys don’t look stupid. You know that starting work in your own country will bring disaster to your own country and lead the war to be made in our country! I just smiled at your death in Japan, and he didn’t care at all about the Japanese injuries _ how many days did he die, or the Japanese died? Just teleport to the position where God felt Ross.
Come to Tokyo’s "government" building and hug the top in the open sky. Dr. Ross is sitting on a comfortable sofa. His face is full of arrogance. He is holding a glass with half a glass of wine as bright as human blood.
Around Dr. Ross, there are hundreds of scales monsters. These scales monsters are seen in the foundation of the United States. One of the monsters is holding Ryuno Sano’s neck in his hand, and his face is very painful. Obviously, he is suffering a lot.
"Zongming, you’re finally here. You’ve been here for a long time. _ Dr. Ross will drink the wine in the cup at one gulp and throw the glass at Zongming with a smile.
"oh! Then I’m really sorry to have kept you waiting.
I smiled and said easily, "Please explain how to finish sending me so many rings when I am late. I will be very heartbroken and blame myself."
As soon as Zongming said this, Dr. Ross’s smiling face horse "dew" gave a ferocious and evil smile. "Zongming, don’t be too rampant. You are a real natural enemy. Tell you that I am the most powerful person. I will know what absolute power is as soon as I do it.
"Ha ha! ….. "Zong Ming looked at Dr Ross and laughed." It’s really funny. Absolute power depends on your arrogance in front of me. I hate to be bothersome. What can I do for you? Just let me see your bullshit chapter _
"I can’t believe you’re in such a hurry to die. I’ll be you _" Dr. Ross waved to the monster around him. "The cards will give me a good ravage, but don’t kill him for me. Keep him. I’ll torture him."
"roar! At first, the monster with scales screamed and pounced on Zongming, while the monster holding Ryuno Sano threw him into the middle, and then its seemingly clumsy body turned into a secluded mountain and rolled over. A moment later, Ryuno Sano’s body was smashed into tiny minced meat all over the sky and splashed "shot" everywhere.
Zong Ming is a faint look at Yi with a slight smile. "Alas! Dr. Ross, you are really a timid guy. All you know is to ask some monsters to do it yourself, but you dare not do it yourself. You are really not a timid guy
Zong Ming’s words had just finished, and more than one scale monster had already jumped to his side. Zong Ming slowly blew his hands without looking at it. It was a trick to crack the hands of monty and detain thousands of images. Thousands of deadly ghosts went to cover the hundreds of scale monsters.
At this time, Dr. Ross also came up. "I don’t have to do it myself to deal with you. These biochemistry can pick up you casually. If I move _ Wanban Wood, it will be ravaged by me like a chicken, so it won’t be much fun."
"Ha-ha ….." Zong Ming’s hand swung out the crack monty, and all the scales monsters flew out. The strong real force broke out on the surface of the scales monsters, and the bright white mans scales monsters flew for several kilometers with this white mans before stopping.
"This wood is what you call absolute power. You’re a warrior, too fucking beaten! I just casually cut and they flew to me like a ball. Zongming finished watching Reservoir Dogs with a smile.
Dr Ross was also surprised to see Zong Ming beat his biochemical soldiers for several kilometers with a casual blow. He had a high estimate of Zong Ming and thought that Zong Ming could repel his biochemical soldiers with a blow, but he thought that Zong Ming had at most "forced" some biochemical soldiers to retreat a few steps, but he didn’t expect him to repel his biochemical soldiers. It seems that Zong Ming’s strength is far beyond his original estimate. Dr Ross is really a little underestimated. He is still very confident in his biochemical soldiers. He knows that his biochemical soldiers will be timid enough to be killed by this blow. On the contrary, Zong Ming will be able to do so.
Bo looked a little surprised, but the horse was too careless. "Ha ha! But it’s interesting, but you also underestimate us biochemical soldiers. They are all more powerful when they are injured. You will know how tenacious their lives are _ "
Zong Ming thought that Dr. Ross was farting again, but the biochemical soldiers horses confirmed what Dr. Ross said. Those biochemical soldiers who were repelled by Zong Ming for a few kilometers were flying very fast.
Flying back, the biochemical soldiers Zong Mingxian felt that they were different. These biochemical soldiers were very angry and violent, and there was no sign of injury.
Surrounded by Zong Ming, the biochemical soldiers shouted loudly in the sky, and the building with strong feet shook violently. As Bu Daxiao’s biochemical soldiers were covered with a layer of purple-green "color" and purple-green "color" light, they were covered with dark black "color" scales, making those scales like a layer of ladies’ jade fluorescence.
At the same time, a powerful and proud force surged from the body of Bu Tuo to Zong Ming like "tide" water, and a vast force enveloped Zong _
The shock wave generated by the crazy force like hundreds of millions of tons of fried "medicine" almost crushed Zong Ming to climb the mansion, and almost burst to Zong Ming’s heart. I didn’t expect these biochemical soldiers to be traumatized to make them worse. If their lives are as tenacious as Xiaoqiang and as strong as that bastard Ross said, it is really dangerous for them.
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The second volume Chapter 30 Wood be beheaded
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After a long time, the stronger the opponent is, the happier he is. He pursues absolute power, but this absolute power is limited to challenge ii, so he can get more excited about having such a good opportunity.
Zong Ming’s eyes flashed suddenly, and a magnificent conan the destroyer innate force surged out of the city from Zong Ming’s body. In case a hundred students gave off an imposing wave, such as a raging butterfly wave, they covered it up.