In fact, after returning home this time, Lin Feng was wondering about refining some Dan medicine. The two pills are one hundred times better than the life liquid.
Wang Dao’s words gave Lin Feng a great enlightenment. Even if the time goes back, some things will be saved by the law. Lin Feng also wants to refine some magic pills for his former friends, but now that I think about it, everyone has a destiny.
When Lin Feng came home, he suddenly received a message from his grandfather asking him to get back to the base immediately.
It turns out that the Earth Alliance has just received a message that the nuclear titanium alliance Lava Sakura will arrive on Earth for a visit in two days.
Windson a sneer at these guys this time is by no means a "friendly visit". They must have made some bad plans after the conspiracy was uncovered.
"We don’t know much about their technological level, so this meeting must be full of danger," said Chen Baichuan, chairman of the Federation, worried.
"Will they dare to do it?" Windson eyebrows slightly wrinkled.
Chen Baichuan waved his hand and said, "That won’t happen, but they may set up some conspiracy, which is exactly what we can’t guard against. I’m going to let your big uncle be responsible for guarding the work during the meeting."
"Grandpa, their scientific and technological ability is not something we can guard against. If you believe me, I will be in charge of your safety." Windson frowned and said that Windson knew that Big Uncle Chen’s jade was a military genius, and the deployment of troops was extremely rigorous, but he always felt that the lack of federal weapons on the earth alone caused harm to the people on Lava Sakura Planet, especially this time, the other party must be ready.
"Well, it’s no big deal that others can take their wives out to visit me and bring their grandchildren." Chen Baichuan considered it and agreed.
Based on the consideration of safety, the long place to meet Lava Sakura star was determined to be in the guardian star Chen Yu, who stayed up all night and was busy. Two guardian star defenses reached the pre-stable state. Four of the top ten ace mecha operators were arranged to participate in the guardian star security workers, and another 3,000 miniature war fortresses also entered a state of intense preparation. In addition, large and small warships kept wandering around the guardian star …
Chapter three hundred and twenty Lava sakura star people
Two days later, an aircraft landed on the guardian star. The aircraft had no fixed shape. Before landing, it kept changing its shape with air resistance, just like … like a pool of snot.
It was not until after landing that the aircraft changed into a dull diamond-shaped metal body.
Among the people who greeted the party in the square were many elite scientists of the Alliance. After seeing this scene, they couldn’t help but twist their heads and cast a glance at each other.
Chen Baichuan, chairman of the Earth Federation, smiled and greeted him, followed by a handsome young man in casual clothes.
A golden light bloomed from the aircraft door and gradually condensed into a light like a ladder. Three people wearing black hats walked on the ladder.
Behind Chen Baichuan, Lin Feng swept away at will, and now these three people really have the characteristics of Lava Sakura’s planet. Their ears are all curled. Walking in the middle is an old man with dim skin, and his eyes are full of dignity. It seems that Lava Sakura’s planet is long.
After saying hello to each other briefly, everyone entered the reception hall. After arrangement, the reception hall was half a meter away from the ground, and it was white fog, which made people feel like walking in the misty clouds. This is all Lin Fengjie.
After taking a seat, the star of Lava Sakura introduced himself. His name was Chun Yilang, and the two of them said it was a secret.
Windson heart full of vigilance, he didn’t believe this pure in accordance with the lang will come to visit with two secret.
"Mr. Chairman, it’s really a delightful thing that the Earth Federation can integrate its own strength into the major leagues of the universe! I came here mainly to express my best wishes to the Earth Federation on behalf of Lava Sakura, and I also hope that we can reach some mutually beneficial agreements in the future junzitang? " Pure according to lang sincere said
Chen Baichuan stood up and said, "Today, the Earth Federation is the result of the concerted efforts of several people. It is the hope of all nations to have equal exchanges and joint exhibitions with more planets. If the conditions of Lava Sakura Planet are really based on the principle of mutual benefit, we will naturally be welcome."
"Ha ha that is natural! Our planet Lava Sakura is the most reputable planet in the universe Federation-if we can reach an agreement, I can guarantee that the earth Federation will resolutely resist all aggression with ulterior motives when the century comes! " Pure lang also got up and stared at Chen Baichuan dribbling.
God alert windson suddenly felt a little fluctuation, a weak and inaudible trickle extending towards grandpa’s head.
After a deal with Lava Sakura, Lin Feng is now carefully behind his back and quietly reveals the Excalibur.
Five elements field!
A layer of water-wave-like diaphragm instantly stands in front of Chen Baichuan, and the fine particles of gold, red, green and khaki are flowing in a complex law.
"Poof" a light ring and then windson eyes fell on the feet of Chen Baichuan.
Half a meter before Chen Baichuan’s feet, there was a cotton thread. The general insect was blocked by the five elements, but then it was strangely melted into a pool of water stains.
"I really want to know your intention of this move!" Windson stepped in front of grandpa, and he secretly hoped that he would follow him. Otherwise, I’m afraid that sneak attack just now is by no means ordinary people.
As windson huffed dozens of earth federal elite soldiers immediately armed with weapons to Lava sakura planet surrounded by three aa.
Things go fast with windson and Chen Baichuan knowing the specific situation, so Chen Baichuan’s face looks ugly.
Pure in accordance with the lang push protection in front of the two "secret" face with a bright smile, if you look at this expression alone, everyone will. He is a kind and sincere old man, but Lin Feng doesn’t think so. The old man is so good at camouflage that he must be a wily old fox.
"This is really a misunderstanding. There is an ancient etiquette on Lava Sakura Planet, that is, once you form an alliance with the other party, you will sincerely offer yourself a pity … just now, that snowball is a baby that prolongs life. After 40 years of scientific breeding, we have bred six alas … all because I didn’t make it clear just now …" Chun Yilang’s face looked like a pair of regrets and remorse, as if someone were going to blame him again, and he would immediately be in tears.
"Ha ha, so that’s it!" Chen Baichuan smiled magnanimously and immediately found a reason to postpone the negotiation between the two sides.
Chen Baichuan’s face immediately showed a grim look after Chun Yilang and others were led to the hotel residence by the receptionist.
"Grandpa, do you really mean well?" Windson coldly looking at the distance.
"Hum, twenty years ago, I investigated the customs of many planets in the cosmic Federation. Lava Sakura does have this ancient etiquette, but most of the alliance planets have rapidly declined after forming an alliance with them." Chen Baichuan seems to be thinking something.
"Then let’s just take the opportunity to get rid of them!" Windson made a "kill" gesture.
"No," Chen Baichuan shook his head. "In that case, it is bound to alert other Gawain planets, and the Earth Federation should not establish more enemies now because it is unstable."
"Grandpa, you big league universe to join the earth federal out of kindness? I think their intentions are very doubtful! Otherwise, they will not visit the Lava Sakura Planet in vain? " Lin Feng feels more and more that there must be some special reasons for this.
Chen Baichuan also feels very tricky, knowing that furious but unable to add a weapon, Lin Feng thought for a while and immediately released his soul force to probe the hotel where Lava Sakura three people lived. They talked all about Lava Sakura’s planet dialect, Lin Fenggen, and learned about the conversation.
Observed some kind of Lin Fengxian three people seem to be arguing about what problems.
Suddenly, Lin Feng’s mind moved. Isn’t this pure Yilang the star length of Lava Sakura? How dare his two genera argue with him so boldly?
Haven’t come to think about this problem carefully, windson saw a more shocking scene. There was another person outside the door. This person, windson, is all too familiar. Then Charlie, vice chairman of the Earth Federation.
Why did Vice Chairman Charlie go to meet with the people of Lava Sakura alone? Does he want to climb the chairman’s high position with Lava Sakura?