"Do you think I can save her?"
"You can!"
Xin You nodded solemnly and said, "From the first moment I saw you, I knew you were strong, maybe better than the five of us. There are some things hidden here except me, but I believe you are the deepest. Don’t ask me anything because I don’t know it myself."
Embarrassed at the crowd with the wave Chen cold embarrassed smile "you that … you continue to pranayama ha I was just dreaming blather, you don’t take it seriously that our team is short of no one, captain Yuxiong, you also don’t get too excited. It’s all a misunderstanding …"
"What are you two singing?" NingLing roll their eyes stare at two people.
"I’ll try my best, but I can’t promise you."
"That’s enough!"
Two people puzzling dialogue is not over yet YuYun maple show some unhappiness "oh? Better than all of us? Yunfeng, why don’t we learn from each other? I admire you, too! "
Not good!
Just when Chen Han didn’t know how to deal with it, his face suddenly changed, and he felt severe fairy force fluctuation through the enchantment fairy knowledge.
At least a dozen people came flying from a distance, each of them was the late realm of Luo Jinxian. Through the fluctuation of scattered fairy power, it can be determined that these ten people have a minimum talent increase of two orders.
His fairy knowledge is comparable to that of Luo Tianxian in the early days. After he sensed it first, the other five people successively became furious.
Elite team!
Come here, this team is also an elite team, and everyone is the best in the same order. It is very likely that one of them is the second ancestor with an unusual identity.
On this day, punish a star in the star field unless you already know a group of people running over to say hello. The only possibility is-robbery!
Run away?
That more than a dozen people quickly launched a teleport directly to the outside of the enchantment and wanted to run. Six people were livid.
They have two choices, either to fight to the death or to hand over all the benefits, including all the magic weapons and pills. The second choice is that they must be searched by the other side to make sure that they have handed over all the treasures before they have a chance to survive.
Chapter 535 Hand-foot cannibalism
Enchantment collapsed in dozens of sword lights. Thirteen men and women have already besieged six people, and Yu Xifeng’s face suddenly eased a few minutes.
There was a young man in the other group. His eyes rested on Yu Chang Feng and he exclaimed, "Chang Feng? Why are you here? "
"Why can’t I be here?"
Yu Changfeng burst out laughing, and his eyes swept the young man’s companion and said, "What’s the matter? You’re not going to take someone to rob your brother, are you? "
The young man is obviously very familiar with him, and it seems that he is likely to belong to the same power and his status is lower than that of Yu Qifeng.
"Chang Ying, is he your friend?" A colleague asked
"He is …"
"I’m his big brother."
YuChangFeng face is proudly color sink a way "Changying what you hesitate? Do you really want to rob me? "
Such an arrogant tone made the young man Yu Changying look a little ugly. He kept his head down and stopped talking.
"Yu yuying!"
YuYun maple is not angry and complete drink a way "what do you mean you don’t talk? Don’t forget that I am the heir of the family and you are the father and concubine. I treated you like my own brother on the day of my life. You don’t know how grateful you are. Is it bad for me to join others? "
"shut up if you don’t want to die!" Chen cold quickly sound said
"What for?"
Gave him a hard stare. Yu Qifeng sneered repeatedly. "Yunfeng, this is my business. If you don’t intervene, put it away. You are a face!"
Chen cold couldn’t slap him to death with a hint of anger "you idiot! Heaven punishes the star field, bound by the rules of heaven, and sends a message to you. He dare not kill you? This is not your family. You don’t have a master around you who is obviously at a disadvantage. You still embarrass him and make him lose face in front of everyone. If I were you, I would kill you too. Not only can I vent my anger, but I can’t tell if he is the heir to the family when things happen here! "
"He dare to kill me? You can … "