"Our Yuan God has long been one with the jade knife. I am the jade jade, that is, my rabbit knows if there is a soul in Chayuli, but I don’t know that I am one with the knife. I can find out a fart!"
The jade knife wrapped in a ring can make three sounds at the same time and talk to three people respectively. As soon as the room becomes noisy, Mu Mu Hao accidentally screams. An egg immediately slams the door and rushes in with fists clenched in front of her. After looking for half a day, I wonder and scratch my head and find no enemy.
After the jade knife finished speaking, I laughed. "I don’t want to say three vowels, even if it’s ten or a hundred, it’s not serious!"
This time, just after the jade knife was wrapped in a ring, Ah Dan suddenly cheered. It seemed that when he found a good toy, he jumped over and picked up the jade knife from the dense beads.
Wrapped in gas in the jade knife, he swore at the egg, and the more he smiled, Wen Leyang and the old monk tried to rob the egg several times and ran around like flying. Neither of them could be cruel. He sighed and took out his mobile phone from his pocket. He immediately threw a jade knife at the bell and ran to Mu Mu for his mobile phone …
A Dan ran into the room with his mobile phone, and suddenly it was quiet. Wen Leyang put the jade knife in his hand and laughed. "You really can’t move?" More than half of my heart is steadfast. Just now, A Dan played with a jade knife for a long time, but I didn’t see it move at all. The old rabbit demon didn’t like to reach out and lead a big one and a small two strings of beads to fly back to his hand without any relaxation. "Be careful of his mistakes!"
The jade knife was wrapped in a ring, but he smiled two times. "It’s good to know that by mistake, the power in my hand is better than that of those lousy cattle noses …" Before he finished his words, he suddenly interrupted him with the same sound as him. "Now let the mistake come out and turn around, so that we can see the real power of this baby, and then we can talk!"
There are many people in the room, old and young, but when it comes to Jianghu experience, no one is better than the tepid old rabbit demon. Wen Leyang and Mu Muxiao Yi have never joined the WTO, not to mention. Just now, Ah Dan knocked around with a jade knife and swore, but in the end he didn’t call out a magic weapon, the jade knife wrapped in a ring. He was silent and Wen Leyang looked at the old rabbit demon with doubts.
Don’t think about it for a while and then suddenly realize patting the forehead and laughing "white! This jade knife is not everything that can nourish the soul. It’s just a remnant soul attached to it. After a long time, it becomes one with the jade knife. To put it bluntly, the jade knife is a horcrux wrap ring, and now it’s a horcrux. How many true yuan can there be? I’ve taken those magic weapons before me, but I can’t do anything else. The monk is confused and almost scared by him! "
If you don’t do it, you will hate it when you look at it. "You can’t move the magic weapon, and you can’t install any big land …"
Wen Leyang was relieved and shook his head with a smile, interrupting Wen. "Anyway, this … wrapped ring saved our life."
Wen didn’t look angry. "If he hadn’t made trouble and led away all the thunder, I would have directly bombed Jade Bird Road and made a name for myself before the third game!" Wen’s most bitter about not doing it is this matter. To win a great victory without rhyme or reason, the big horn failed. If he wants to fight, he is definitely not a jade bird opponent. If he comes in, he will find it awkward.
Wenleyang laughed and stretched out his hand and patted Wen’s shoulder. "I can’t do this either. If it weren’t for this jade knife, Jade Bird Mountain launched a thunder tactic, I wouldn’t have carried it …"
The jade knife wrapped in the ring suddenly spoke again. This time, the tone was lighter than just now. "I can’t start it by mistake, but you know what this jade knife is and don’t take me seriously?"
A few people in the house looked at each other. Who is not white? What does this mean? Don’t do all the work. Continue to laugh. "Want to correct us again …"
Jade knife wrapped in ring root ignored him "don’t you have a heart attack? Still pretending to be confused! "
Xiao Yi frowned and looked at the jade knife carefully. His face was horrified and he immediately took it out. The raccoon dog gave her the embroidered bag, and the blue arc was carefully played. The embroidered bag was full of silver powder and shiny silver like the jade knife.
Wen Leyang stared at the jade knife in his hand. "You … this jade knife was made by Lei Xin?"
Wrapped in the ring, I realized that they really didn’t know how to endure. Tell them, "There is a thunder marsh hidden in the mountains of the south. It thunders and flashes day and night. After thousands of years, the swamp has dried up, but it has refined a full-day thunder and thunder soul jade. This jade is a natural knife-shaped thunder heart jade that can swallow thunder and spit! I want a mind, Yuli Leili will be released immediately! My girl’s mine heart scab is made of Lei Xinyu, but after mana refining, she can release Lei Fa once, and it will be gone. "
Wen didn’t do it this time, and he was a little unsure. His face still didn’t care "true or false?"
Wrapped in a ring and sneered, "I don’t know if Lei Xinyu is true or not, just try and know!" Say that finish paused for a moment and added, "I can’t accept it if I want to let it go. If I really want to crash and burn, hey hey …"
Wen immediately smiled and pretended to be puzzled. "Why did you say it when you said it?"
Wen Leyang also quickly changed the topic of jade knife wrapping ring. Up to now, whether it is intentional or not, it has helped himself. This jade knife is completely warm and not carried out. "When I dug up the jade knife in Emei Mountain, it was blood red. First, I sucked the jade jade bird, Lafaman, and then I sucked the egg, and it turned into half silver. Finally, I sucked a horn, and my heart became silver completely."
Wrapping the ring and winning the fight by playing green husk has become a good mood. "Yes, Lei Xinyu’s knife has sucked up the thunder of the sky, especially in the end, when the mine was hit by the same force, I woke up and took back my baby!"
Wenleyang is completely white. He has been hanging a Lei Xinyu knife. No wonder there must be a Lei reasonably drilling into his neck and hurriedly asking, "After that …"
The jade knife wrapped around the ring knew what he was going to ask and replied with a smile, "Now the jade is full of thunder, so naturally I won’t suck it again unless I trigger all the thunder tricks to be released. Hey, in that case, I will go back to sleep and wait for the thunder to fill it when I wake up, but people around me won’t be able to sleep!"
Wen was ridiculed by the jade knife and turned to take the old rabbit demon and took it out on him. "Red jade knife, nourishing jade, chaotic poisonous monk, your eyes are a little astigmatic this day. You haven’t seen it once!"
The monk pondered a treasure and solemnly sighed with emotion, "things are unpredictable!"
The village is still in a mess. The head of the chicken coop road, Zique, is in a coma. He walked over and watched the fun. The little rabbit demon was good and bad. He led the big merciful temple brother to prepare for the attack on Kunlun Road. The small head was busy rescuing the wounded in the chicken coop road. Now the real person has entered evil influence, and his mind is on his own achievements. Other things are not taken to heart.
Wen, Miao and Luo leaders all looked at the enemy coldly and said nothing.
Wen Leyang and others have now eliminated the hostility with the jade knife wrapped in the ring base. Although everyone has stumbled into each other by mistake, they have indeed helped each other. Wen Leyang dug him up from the bottom of the mountain and helped him fill up Leili to get back his magic weapon. Wrapping the ring saved Wen Leyang’s life twice
The old rabbit demon made it clear that the two sides were friends and not enemies for a while before trying to ask, "Did Ge just say that he was floating … swaying the mountain?" Mandrill wrapped ring now how … "
Wrapped in a ring, he didn’t wait for him to finish. He said, "I’m the three demons who are swaying in the southwest, eating the moon valley in the north of Shandong, and living in an overseas island."
The old rabbit demon frowned. He is a demon body, but he went through the baggage and take the journey from uniting and forming. If you know the demon gate, you will know that there are four demon mountains in the east soil, and now they have all been defeated. I have never heard that there were three demon lands in the past.
The jade knife wrapped around the ring seemed to know what he was thinking, and he said with a blunt smile, "How many years have you been practicing? These three demon mountains collapsed or flattened or sank in the sea before you were born. I was lucky not to die, but I also lost my magic. Compared with Tianwei, I was even less disheartened and didn’t have any ambition. I just found the mountains at the beginning of my life, practiced when I wanted to practice, and went out to play. Anyway, no one dared to provoke me at the end of the day."
"I couldn’t remember how old I was before the accident, and finally I will cultivate a change!"
The old rabbit demon was startled and exclaimed, "You … you are about to make a change?" !”
To put it bluntly, to cultivate a change is to cultivate a doppelganger for yourself. Although the Taoist way is less than one-third of the respect, the theory of empathy is that fighting, taking risks or practicing are all twice the result with half the effort, which is a high achievement of demon practice. Of course, the more successful this practice is, the more dangerous it is. The jade knife is wrapped in a ring, and it is sealed in the abode of fairies and immortals, and it is concentrated on cultivating the wrong mountain-closing array to protect the outside.
Wen did not squeeze out a wry smile and said to Wen Leyang, "It seems that it is going to be unlucky."
Sure enough, the jade knife wrapped in the ring sound suddenly became resentful. "I didn’t expect to suddenly run out of nowhere with a terrible monster. I broke my circle while I couldn’t be distracted, but I didn’t kill it at the door of the abode of fairies and immortals in the end. I left a sentence for Shan Gui to see that your practice is not easy, so I’ll leave you a life. By mistake, I borrowed it to play for a hundred years and I’ll pay you back when I think of it! Said the stretch hand to erase my magic weapon knowledge and roared off. "
As soon as the magic weapon knowledge was erased, I was immediately distracted in the practice of uniting the busy place in the abode of fairies and immortals. In the end, a few days later, although the busy place was refined, there was no care of the Yuan God, and it became a corpse that could not walk. The wrapped ring exploded my chest and lungs, and I rushed out of the abode of fairies and immortals and the enemy desperately as soon as I finished my exercise.
Wen did not gloat and laughed. "When you come out, people will run away early."
Wrapped in a ring, "I’m a mandrill. Who can escape from my palm if there is a place where there is earth and stone?" But the enemy’s hands and feet are quick. I can’t catch up at the moment … "
Hey, everyone is discouraged and sighed.
Wrapped in anger, "The enemy who can break my circle and take my magic weapon is certainly not an idle generation. I chased that monster all the way to the far north black and white island!" Speaking of this, the wrapping ring suddenly paused for a minute, which changed the topic "Rabbit, do you know Black and White Island?"
Rabbit shook his head, but Xiao Yi replied with a smile, "The island in the extreme north is divided into black and white day and night. That’s a very fierce saying that Hydra Liuxiang was nailed to the island by nine cones, so it can’t make any more waves."
Wenleyang walked over and patted Xiao Yi’s full and graceful forehead. "Great Xiao Yi Xi Xi smiled and was clear and satisfied, as if he had remembered the pharmacology of these myths, and it was Wenleyang who spent his time thinking.
Wrapped in the ring also boasted, "My girl is good. I didn’t expect this monster to be at Liu at that time! We had a big battle in Black and White Island and broke a nail demon cone. As a result, it shocked the hidden sword fairy! "
The old rabbit demon is not happy to wonder, repeating "Protecting Heaven and Sword Immortals from the World?" He has lived for almost two thousand years and never used these seven words.
Wrapped in the ring scolded a sentence, "I don’t know little monsters!" This day, you have heard of a few people who just watched you throw your weight around in the yellow land. In my eyes, it is just a buffoon … "