You can’t leave a curse on the soul-taking technique, and you must know them before destroying them.
Ga ga ga, don’t say it’s you. I couldn’t believe it when I got the curse of resentment, but if you think about the ancient array of the fortress of resentment, you will understand why the brothers of the fortress of resentment want to live in the forest of annihilation. The simple way is to let the brothers of the fortress of resentment be infected and let them practice the curse of resentment without fear of resentment, so as to lay a solid foundation. But I don’t know that it was in the hands of that generation of kings that the curse of resentment was sealed in consideration of its harm. Fortunately, I always cared about the miraculous power of the seal in the middle of heaven to make the curse of resentment reappear. Because it is difficult for their strength to reach the most important level, few people practice the curse of resentment, but even if they practice this strange feat, no one can trace it to us. Today, if you didn’t have a conflict with the person who was cast the curse of resentment, you can’t know that I am the real murderer behind the scenes. Even if you guess something and don’t tell you, you will never be directly sure that I am the mastermind behind the scenes. The attacks by the ghosts and the members of the ghost murder group are completely different. Xiao Yangshen said in Chapter 19, Destroying the magic weapon.
Xiao Yangli’s curse has already achieved a very strong strength, but before his plan was successful, he showed off in front of others. At this time, Situhao was surrounded by hundreds of mutant magic soldiers, just like chopping block meat. At this time, he suspected that Situhao had become the object of talking and the object of showing off.
Situhao’s heart was full of doubts at this time. He listened quietly to Xiao Yang and asked you as soon as his words stopped. You should have achieved your strength long ago when you were in the Arctic demon domain, but you still wanted to meet me with thousands of souls.
At that time, I was not strong enough to attract resentment. Today, I can deal with resentment in ghost magic soldiers, but it was only because more than 10 thousand members slaughtered dozens of cities crazily that I achieved it. And at that time, because I also accumulated a lot of resentment, even if I cast my soul Sect, it would not affect me much. In that case, the old talent and soul Sect came to deal with you
You scum deserve it. You cut off Sun Situhao’s body. He has already recovered completely. The doubts in his heart have been answered. I don’t want to talk nonsense with Xiao Yang here, so that the body spirit can lead to nirvana and the mind can quickly run in the body. Then Xiao Yang’s body is immediately surrounded by a huge thing.
He wants to kill Xiao Yang with the avatar of Chaos.
In Xiao Yang, surrounded by penetrating things, the instant Situhao body rioted, and the lightning blade suddenly moved to attack the magic weapon around him directly.
Xiao Yang had stopped the command to let the mutant magic soldiers attack after seriously injuring Situhao. At this time, he was surrounded by real things. When Situhao cracked the thunder blade and attacked them, they were still wait for a while and did not fight back.
After an attack, dozens of mutant magic soldiers were hit and dissipated directly in the middle.
Situhaoli’s consciousness ensures that these mutant magic soldiers can’t move and attack them crazily. Every attack can kill dozens of mutant magic soldiers.
Thanks to these variation magic weapon, today’s body has reached a strong solid state, otherwise, I’m afraid that Stuart Hao’s strong horse attack will kill them in a few minutes.
The huge sound keeps ringing, and Xiao Yang’s mutant magic weapon is decreasing at dozens of speeds.
In the variation of the magic weapon was attacked by Situhao, there were dozens of times when a shocking noise wrapped Xiao Yang’s huge object and smashed directly to Xiao Yang’s flying shot.
Situhao is very Bai Xiaoyang’s escape. It is impossible to do anything to him at the moment. He temporarily ignores Xiao Yang’s waving hand to crack the thunder blade and attack the few mutant magic soldiers crazily.
After an attack, dozens of mutant magic weapons once again vanished, and hundreds of mutant magic weapons left less than fifty at this time.
As SiTuHao ready to attack the remaining variation magic weapon, the remaining variation magic weapon directly by disappearing SiTuHao this just stopped attacking fly back just visible to Xiao Yang.
Xiao Yang has also fallen to the ground at this time, holding the thunderbolt Excalibur in his hand and shaking all over. His face is very ferocious, and his eyes are staring at Situhao, and he is going to breathe fire.
He is already extremely angry at this time, and his body trembling is the performance of extremely angry.
Little chop suey, what secret is hidden in your body in the variation of magic weapon attack? Actually, you can get more comfortable. What’s going on with that object now? Xiao Yang looked at Situhao with horror and asked.
Ga ga ga Lao won’t tell you how you can blame me. You are so stupid. You have lived in the far north demon domain for a long time. Today, you still think you are stupid, but you have never seen you so stupid. You have to laugh and hurt your old belly. Haha
Situhao’s heart was constantly chattering, but he didn’t show such emotions.
Listen to Stuart’s words, Xiao Yang is so angry that his body can’t help shaking more violently, and his face is already red like a red face.
Little beast, don’t be arrogant, even if you kill all the old ghosts and magic soldiers, I will have the same ability to kill you, and my strength is comparable to that of the fairy and magic world.
Half a year ago, if you had such strength, you would have been afraid of you, but today, the two worlds of fairy and magic are not very strong in the old eyes. Now that you are not a threat to me, I will kill you and die in your hands today. Thousands of people will take revenge and hate Situhao with a cold face.
Xiao Yang heard this statement from Situhao, and he was afraid to look down on Situhao’s strength after several strange events happened in his body.
After all, he recognized that Situhao had no counterattack twice, but both knots were unexpected.
It’s not that easy to kill me. Since you want revenge from those untouchables, it’s up to you to die.
Xiao Yang is yelling that the thunderbolt Excalibur in his hand has been lifted above his head and reached this instant sunny day. In horror, there are three lightning thunderbolt Excalibur, and Xiao Yang is surrounded by a layer of thunder, which seems to have been melted into one.
The thunderbolt Excalibur has accumulated all the thunder-force minerals and achieved just the right result. In terms of performance, the thunderbolt Excalibur has reached a rather horrible level with strength.
Just as the sunny day flashed, Xiao Yang’s Excalibur suddenly swung and split.
There was a strange sound in the sky, and a flash came from the thunderbolt, and Excalibur pulled it directly to bombard Situhao.
At the beginning, when fighting with the magic statue, Situhao mistakenly used the heavenly punishment Leili as the magic statue to attack it, but it was hard to shake, but it was attacked and fell into a coma. He didn’t want to meet this kind of thunder attack again. Just when the thunder attacked himself, Situhao’s body flashed directly to one side and flew a hundred feet away.
Leili hit the ground and there was a loud noise. In the sky, several mud, trees and debris were immediately raised. The ground was hit by a Zhang Lei attack with a foot of 100 meters.