This spiritual cultivation tactic is completely different from Yuan Ying’s route. It is a sword-leaning style cultivation tactic. At the same time, from this spiritual cultivation tactic, Guo Xiaosi actually saw a tactic that he was familiar with.
Guo Xiaosi was aghast at what was going on? What was the transformation tactic? What was the transformation tactic? So who will be the transformation tactic or Xiao Datian?
What’s going on here? What’s the implication of Xiao Da Tian Xiu Shen Fa? What’s the connection between Xiao Da Tian Meng Zun and Xiao Da Tian Xu Zhen Xian? Guo Xiaosi doesn’t know what’s going on here, but he seems to be exposed to some big secrets.
How did this happen? When Guo Xiaosi digested the spiritual cultivation tactic in his mind, Tang Xiaoqian and Li looked at each other in horror, and they looked at each other in horror. Guo Xiaosi Bai and they certainly saw that some of the spiritual cultivation tactic was the transformation tactic.
Let’s not talk about this now. Let’s go to Guo Xiaosi and look at the stone stage. The water ripple door is now on his mind. He needs to be quiet for a while.
Well, Tang Xiaoqian Li’s heart is also very messy. It’s urgent to leave the Chamber of Secrets and the underground palace of Ji Xian. When Tang Xiaoqian Li presses her horror into the water ripple door with Guo Xiaosi.
When Guo Xiaosi Tang Xiaoqian Li’s eyes flashed a white mountain, they found that they and others had come to a dense forest and the atmosphere around them was very dignified.
Yi Guo Xiaosi suddenly cried, his face showing color. Hehe, this is Ji Lin. Here we come.
Chapter four hundred and ninety The monastic sentiment
Chapter four hundred and ninety The monastic sentiment
Hearing what Guo Xiaosi said, Tang Xiaoqian and Li quickly looked around and immediately laughed. They also often went to the lonely forest to refine their hands. At first glance, they saw that the surrounding environment was really a lonely forest in the spiritual world.
Speaking of Ji Lin Guo Xiaosi can’t help but think of those damn hunting and touching rings. I’m afraid I won’t get this ring if it’s not that big fellow
I didn’t expect that the entrance to the underground palace of Ji Xian turned out to be in Ji Lin. Li walked over and looked at Ji Lin’s environment and took a few deep breaths. I felt that this Ji Lin gas was much better than the authentic gas, and it was also comfortable to smell.
Small four, what’s the cultivation tactic? Actually, the transformation tactic Tang Xiaoqian can also come from the Ji Xian underground palace, but I’m glad that Tang Xiaoqian can’t help but think of the cultivation tactic in my mind, and even more, it can’t help but think that the cultivation tactic contains the transformation tactic. You must know that the cultivation tactic is unique to the demon family, but the demon brother can change the tactic.
When I heard Tang Xiaoqian, Guo Xiaosi and Li couldn’t help but throw the excitement from Ji Xian’s underground palace to the outside of the cloud nine, and couldn’t help thinking about such a heavy topic or thinking about the reasons by wave brain cells.
I think this matter is still rotten to the stomach for a moment. Guo Xiaosi looked at her eyes and was surprised. Tang Xiaoqian, Li Dao, Ji Xian’s underground palace has been practicing the Dharma in the spiritual world for so long, and it has been so long in the spiritual world. But why haven’t you seen anyone practice it with your own eyes? You also know from the words that the magic emperor used to practice the Dharma, but what happened to him? I believe you all know the saying that we are guilty of practicing the Dharma. I believe that we will never enjoy a stable life. We may face the pursuit of the celestial world and other immortals in the spiritual world.
Guo Xiaosi combined what he already knew and thought about it. He found that it’s really impossible to say "Don’t talk far, just say Xiao Datian". The transformation tactic he gave turned out to be part of the cultivation tactic, which means that Xiao Datian either holds the cultivation tactic or is hiding something.
Besides, the purpose of fighting in the spirit world of the Magic Emperor is to cultivate gods, but this purpose directly attracts a large number of immortals. What does this say? The celestial world doesn’t want people to get this cultivation method, and it doesn’t want cultivate immortals to get this cultivation method.
Guo Xiaosi can be a white celestial body and a white celestial body. What doesn’t allow people to get the method of cultivating gods and what doesn’t allow people to practice the method of cultivating gods? Everything is for the sake of the celestial body.
Imagine that the main purpose of practicing the divine method is to make the immortal directly ascend from the spiritual world to the celestial world and directly skip the realm of the celestial world, so that the celestial world will decline and disappear completely.
Guo Xiaosi believes that people know that the three of them will definitely become the target of killing, that is, they will not be killed or placed under house arrest or seal.
After listening to Guo Xiaosi’s words, Tang Xiaoqian and Li were stupefied and immediately meditated to think about Guo Xiaosi’s words, and found that they were facing a situation. Indeed, both of them were thoughtful and exquisite. After Bai Guo Xiaosi emphasized that he was guilty of holding his back,
Teacher younger brother said yes, we are rotten in our hearts about the underground palace of Ji Xian, and Li took the lead in lamenting that his tone was full of nai.
No, Guo Xiaosi shook his head and said, "We still have to talk about the underground palace of Ji Xian, because many people have seen us fall into the ground, and we can’t guarantee that Weide and others can’t find their way. We need to hide the secret of spiritual cultivation, and we can tell others about other things."
Well, Li nodded and then smiled again with a sigh, and Tang Xiaoqian nodded. She also figured it out that she had to bow to the situation when she was in white.
Finally, we have come from the underground palace of Ji Xian. Let’s go back to the demon gate first. Although Guo Xiaosi Bai figured it out, they still came from this place for a short time.
Well, anyway, Yaomen is Guo Xiaosi Tang Xiaoqian’s home in the spirit world. No matter what it is, I still have to go back, even if I have a look.
However, Guo Xiaosi Tang Xiaoqian Li didn’t know that disaster was coming on their heads when they practiced the magic formula and stuck their edges.
Spend two tables each.
Guo Xiaosi and them came from the underground palace of Ji Xian, and Wei De and them were still hanging around in the underground palace of Ji Xian. After Wei De recovered, he took his younger brother to the island suspended in the grass. When he ran to the island, he met some other brothers because he ate Guo Xiaosi and others. Wei De saw these brothers when he ordered them to kill them completely.
How can these scattered brothers be Gankun’s younger brothers, and their opponents will become a virtual world, and they will not even qualify for reincarnation
Then Weide took his younger brothers into the hut. In Guo Xiaosi, after they left, the hut has been restored. It’s just a table, a chair and a bed. Unfortunately, Weide is very familiar with the printing tactic, but he is not familiar with the law root. If he is angry, he will destroy the hut without saying anything, but he can’t find any clues.
However, when Weide destroyed the hut, all the islands shone, and Weide and others disappeared completely. When Weide and others disappeared from the island, the destroyed hut slowly condensed and then slowly recovered, and then became the previous appearance again.
When Wei De reappeared, he found that they had returned to the spiritual world and had come from the underground palace of Ji Xian, but what puzzled Wei De was that there was no cloud figure in this group of brothers.
But what puzzles others is that Wei De didn’t ask anyone to look for the cloud. When he took his brother to the top of Gankunmen Mountain and went to the top of Gankunmen Mountain in front, Wei De silently said, Cloud, everything depends on your luck.
Weide knew what the cloud disappeared, and he did it on purpose. During the First World War of Xuanque in the Jixian underground palace, Weide fed his own blood to the giant sword. At that time, Weide found that he always seemed to be controlled by the giant sword, and his actions were always unsatisfactory. When Weide sucked his own blood, the giant sword seemed to be staring at himself.
Wei De doesn’t want to be a sword slave, and he will never let a sword become his own master. There are two ways to eliminate this influence. One is to destroy the giant sword. Wei Deji has not destroyed the strength of the giant sword. Naiwei De’s second way is to make people willingly feed their own blood to the giant sword and then replace himself.
In order to make the giant sword agree, besides its great strength, it is necessary to have enough desire. This is why Wei De chose the cloud.
Wei De, who silently finished this sentence, put the matter behind him. What Wei De has to do now is to find Guo Xiaosi, Tang Xiaoqian, and Li wants to get something from them. Wei De can pay the price if he becomes stronger.
Of course, Wade didn’t know that because he didn’t send his cousins to the human world to wait for them, it was a massacre in the celestial world.
It is said that the cloud was sent directly from Ji Xian’s underground palace at the first time, and then he chose himself. Lu Yun wanted to be strong, wanted to be strong, and wanted to completely step on Guo Xiaosi’s foot. This is why when Wei De gave him the giant scorpion sword for safekeeping, the cloud moved the giant scorpion sword.