I must take the words over. "I add that there will be some differences in the efficacy of the same Dan medicine with attributes and attributes, and the probability of success will rise by about 10%. I advise you to start early."
The sealing sound rang again. "You two don’t talk nonsense and hurry this round of auction."
There are not many people who own Jin Linggen, so this round of bidding soon ended. One hundred and thirty million intermediate lingshi and four kinds of seven lingzhi Wu seats got the four metallic Danle eyes, and they all laughed into a crack, which provoked Muheng to find him again.
When the fire attribute set was put out, the competition became very fierce. In a short time, the price of the second set of Dan medicine exceeded 130 million lingshi and continued to rise.
The auction price exceeded 200 million, and the number of competitors was much less. When there were three or five left, Feng Zhi was lazy and said, "210 million plus three thousand Zhu Guo."
Two companies immediately withdrew from the competition when they heard that the vertebral seal was coming out, and the remaining one was hard to hear. After adding the price twice, they no longer dared to make moves. No one competed for that set of fire attributes and naturally fell to the vertebral seal hand.
Hu Ying Xueyin asked Shuiqingyuan, "Is the vertebral seal strong?"
Shui Qingyuan replied, "He is now in the third or fourth layer of the magic baby stage, but everyone is afraid of him mainly because he is a distracted master. When he reported his family revenge, he was bloody and slaughtered for a hundred miles. Although he died, he still caused many people to encircle him. As a result, nearly a thousand people failed to stop him and let him kill our way out."
There are more people who own Fenglinggen than those who own Jinlinggen, but they are still much less than several common Linggen, such as Huolinggen. Therefore, although the third set of Dan is closely behind a small one, the transaction price is 150 million plus five kinds of Qilinggen.
On the contrary, there is fierce competition when auctioning four kinds of pills separately. A single pill that fills the sky almost makes people fight, and the transaction price is also amazing. It is more lively when auctioning Jiuqu Lingshen Dan and Virtual Miracle. A large number of Hu Yingxue have never seen Lingzhi constantly being taken out by people. One of them took out a slap jade bottle, which no one thought contained was a stone milk of ten thousand years.
This rhythm continued until the last Dan medicine auction went out, not to mention which Lingzhi Lingshi was changed to. I asked Miri that there should be hundreds of millions of intermediate Lingshi and a lot of water to clear the garden. I asked Hu Yingxue about the harvest. As Hu Yingxue said with a bright face, "Lingzhi still needs to be counted. Not counting those Lingzhi, it is enough to buy another blood bone and sea dumpling. I hope not to come again, otherwise I will turn around and become poor."
Hu Yingxue had just finished saying this, and he was going to suddenly flicker and reappear in Taiwan. "A temporary auction was added." After that, he pulled out an object bag and whisked it away and put the contents in front of the stage.
When it is released, it is a big lump of ice, which is three stories high and even more amazing in length. When it is taken out, it is more than 20 feet. Because of the great temperature difference between hot and cold, a large piece of white fog is produced. It is only through the white fog that you can see clearly what is inside.
Seeing something sealed in ice, Hu Yingxue’s mouth trembled. "I don’t know if it’s still there. I knew that Qianyuan Pavilion would add a beat at this time."
What Hu Yingxue did was because what was in the ice was what she had just bought in front of her, and it was also so sealed by the ice. Look at the freezing technique and you will know that it was just sent here, and it should also be sent by drunkenness.
Compared with the fact that it was placed in the middle of the venue at this time, it was much bigger than Hu Yingxue’s hand. Hu Yingxue noticed some small details. Hu Yingxue determined that this was a male dumpling in front of her, and the one she bought before was a female dumpling, which means that the drunkard may have solved a couple of bloody bones and sea dumplings.
No matter whether the two are husband and wife or not, what Hu Yingxue has to do today is to grab the male dumpling for the same reason as grabbing the previous one. She must never let the soul envy the heart of the blood-bone sea dumpling, but she didn’t rush to quote when bidding, but sat on the sidelines for a while before quoting a number.
On financial resources, Hu Yingxue is definitely the richest person in the audience at present, and she is much richer than Lingshi. The Lingshi people just invested a lot in Dan medicine, and they will definitely not have him. Hu Yingxue grabbed the male dumpling without much time. First, it is worthy of envy, but he has never made a hand since he quoted several prices.
Successfully grabbed the blood bone sea dumpling Hu Yingxue’s mouth but floated a little nai. If the person behind Qin Yu was really jealous, the banquet was a banquet. On what they were going to calculate before, she must be very eager to get the blood bone sea dumpling heart. If she refuses to teach it, she will definitely try her best to grab it. The so-called crisis may be this.
So swaying became the target in the eyes of the traitor. Yang Jingfeng found out that Qin Yu and Hu Yingxue had a close relationship before the jealousy of the soul. Hu Yingxue considered whether it would be brave to return the invitation to the banquet and know how dangerous it would be. It was stupid.
I don’t want to leave trouble for Yang Jingfeng and Shui Qingyuan. The reason for refusing to attend the party is not easy to find. Before I think about it, Hu Yingxue met Qin Yu and Qin Yuan Qin Yu in Qianyuan Pavilion and took a picture of fire. Seeing Qin Yuan’s happy face, I should have promised him.
See Hu Yingxue walked in with Shui Qingyuan, and Qin Yu walked over. "The duke and his wife really made a big shot today. My family is short of a weapon. I don’t know if the two can transfer two sternums to the old man."
"You made a mistake about the blood-bone sea dumpling. I took it." Hu Yingxue looked at Qin Yu and said that before coming over, Shuiqingyuan and Yang Jingfeng had discussed that they should buy this blood-bone sea dumpling, but she refused to covet the blood-bone sea dumpling body materials. Many people, some of whom were the body masters. Yang Jingfeng was not good enough to offend her and took things away, so they were in trouble.
Hu Yingxue didn’t let Qin Yu’s face show displeasure, but pulled Qin Yuan to her with a smile. "This ignorant little man offended Xianlaotai a few days ago and made amends to Xianlaotai here."
Qin Yuan bowed at Hu Yingxue with his head down. "Please forgive me."
Sound and body movements are in place, a sincere confession, but Hu Yingxue didn’t miss the reluctance and anger that flashed in his eyes when he bowed his head. This means that the gesture just now was either Qin Yu asked him to do it or he specially showed it to Qin Yu.
Because the Qin family is still a big clan in Binhai after all, Hu Yingxue did not directly show his dislike for Qin Yuan, but he was relatively cold and nodded at Qin Yuan. "If you want to mind your own business, remember to ask what is going on first."
"The lesson of the predecessors is that the younger generation must keep in mind." Qin Yuan clenched his fist in his sleeve and wanted to make moves against Hu Yingxue.
At this time, Cherie Sun came out from the inside and saw Hu Yingxue holding the arm of Shui Qingyuan at the door. Cherie Sun quickly came over. "Madam, Hu Xian is here to get the bloody sea dumpling, right?"
Hu Yingxue nodded and took out a bag and threw it in the past. "This is to buy blood bones, sea dumplings and lingshi. You order a little."
Cherie Sun took one look and put the bag away. He took out four bags of red, blue and green and handed them to Hu Yingxue. "The blood bone dumpling has been handled. Please check it out."
"I believe in Qianyuange" Hu Yingxue took the bags and put them away.
Hu Yingxue knew that it was an excuse that the blood bone sea dumpling had been handled. That guy was still wrapped in a thick ice shell and stayed in one of the bags. The other three bags contained all kinds of spiritual plants in the Dan medicine auction and after deducting the purchase of blood bone sea dumpling, there were hundreds of thousands of intermediate lingshi. One moment, he still had hundreds of millions of calculation lingshi. Now he can calculate it. This contrast is not normal.
Don’t want to Qin Yu pester Hu Yingxue Hu Yingxue put him away for the bag. Cherie Sun turned and called Qin Yu to get the mending Dan. Qin Yu dealt with Cherie Sun and asked Qin Yuan to follow him to get the mending Dan.