And giving an award to Chang Sheng … that’s simply entertaining the public in life!
In addition to their own awards, others and winners have also won the golden tapir award.
For example, Totti won the Golden Tapestry Award for successfully "driving away" the winning streak.
Of course, Totti looks much more graceful than Chang Sheng. He didn’t refuse the award, and he didn’t threaten to hit a reporter with a car.
He accepted the award calmly in the restaurant of the Rome Club.
In addition to Totti, President Sensi of Roma Club also won the Golden Tapestry Award.
When Changsheng led Lazio to win the UEFA Cup, the Golden Casserole Award was given to Sensi, the president of the Rome Club, to "commend" his wonderful performance and remarks in dealing with the problem of Changsheng. The Italian national television station awarded Sensi the Golden Casserole Award on the grounds that "I personally pushed an excellent head coach to Sensi, the sworn enemy of the same city, for his outstanding contribution to the football prosperity in the capital".
Of course, Sensi also refused to accept the prize, and was blocked by reporters. The president of the Rome club walked quickly to his car with his hand in front of the camera, and his driver came to help keep the two reporters behind him and let his boss drive safely.
If he won the prize for other reasons, he might laugh it off and smile at the camera with a small golden button as a souvenir.
However, this trophy was awarded to him because of his constant victory and outstanding volatility. If you can’t accept the performance of Italian national television, it’s like sprinkling salt on Sensi’s deepest and most painful wound. Who can stand it?
The golden tapir award is a tidbit in Italian football. After Mancini was laughed at by the media for a week, it gradually disappeared.
Even if Inter Milan lost to the winning team, they are still the second team.
Yu Changsheng wins Lazio … They won the winter break and went there.
Lazio beat Parma 31 away in the last league game before Christmas.
Although Inter Milan beat Atlanta 21 at home, they can still be ranked second.
In this way, the winter break champion belongs to Lazio.
Before Christmas, Lazio held an annual Christmas dinner in the club restaurant.
The player who have played in Lazio since that begin of the season don’t care where to hold the dinner.
Even in the restaurant, their interest is very high.
They will even tell their new teammates how lively and unique the Christmas dinner was last year.
"Avril Lavigne personally to give us a concert! You can’t find a second team to treat Italy like this! "
The tone of the person who said this is really very proud.
Of course, there is no Avril Lavigne this year. We had a meal together and recalled the past year. We tried our best to look forward to the future.
Then everyone received a small Christmas present-Avril Lavigne’s signed CD.
After the Christmas dinner, Changsheng flew to Canada, where he met Avril Lavigne, and then went directly to Avril Lavigne’s hometown, where the star returned home and spent a happy Christmas with his parents.
When I was young, I complained that my parents didn’t care. When I was old, I understood some of my parents.
After marriage, Avril Lavigne and her parents are not as nervous as before.
Everyone has to grow up, even Avril Lavigne, a skateboarding girl.
After an imaginary Christmas in Canada, Avril followed Changsheng back to Rome.
Although she is going to record her third album, she still wants to have a good time with Changsheng.
She would rather fly to Los Angeles several times a month to record.
After all, she is married now. She may be a big star in the eyes of outsiders, but she knows that she is a winning wife.
Where is the husband, where is his home.
Always winning in Rome, then Rome is her home.
She should be with her husband.
After that, she will live with her husband in Rome except for recording and business activities.
Former uncle always cooks for her when she comes home from training, and now it’s her turn to cook for uncle.
Avril Lavigne thinks that this is the real marriage life, instead of running around the world after marriage as before, and being separated from each other can keep in touch through words and the Internet.
This is not normal. Which husband and wife live like this?
Now she wants to get it back to normal.
When Avril Lavigne and Changsheng returned to Rome, they caused a lot of media to surround them at Leonardo da Vinci International Airport in fiumicino, Rome.
These media are not only sports media but also entertainment media.
Sports media interviews are always better than entertainment media notes Avril Lavigne.
In addition to the media, there are many Avril Lavigne fans who came to meet me at the airport.