Seeing a flaw in Hermes Leon’s attack, Rumbert went crazy and killed himself. He drew his sword and chopped Hermes on the shoulder without considering his own danger
Don’t you think that you have earned everything from Hermes? Aaron mumbled in one side.
Obviously, Hermes would not choose him if he wanted to be the same. Lance twisted his hands and said quietly
Palembalt’s sword fell heavily on Hermes’s armor, and Leon wanted to mend it, but seeing this momentum, Leon just held his ground.
At this time, Rumbert didn’t know where this vicious force came from. He kept attacking Hermes, who was knocked to the ground, and the sword leg repeatedly hit Hermes’s body
There is no other sound in a camp except this sound.
People just look at the scene like watching a desperate fight in the fighting skill field. Rembert stabbed Hermes sword after sword, and his body penetrated his neck, chest, abdomen, waist and eyes. Blood kept splashing until Hermes’s eyes and pupils were enlarged and his feet were spread on the ground. Rembert continued to attack.
It was not until Rumbert lost his strength that he collapsed on the ground and looked at Hermes’s body in confusion, as if it were not his body now, and he shrank back in horror.
This is the most terrible Rembert I have ever seen. This is lance’s evaluation afterwards. Although he has no affection for this noble young master, he can still live a good life.
The soldiers are busy picking up the pieces. The Hermes military department has raised the white flag. Zeke Fred watched the blue dragon flag floating in the sky and said nothing.
Salwadiga died in Hermes and disappeared at the same time. Since he left arthurs, he has been as elusive as a wandering bird. In the battlefield, the Kassin army found the body of General Vongoo. He did not choose to break through the encirclement, but fought until the end. Now only Randall Zik Fred Wadiga is left.
Zeke Fred, come and help me. I think Diawi also needs you to return to Garland’s team. Randall came to Zeke Fred and said quietly.
Leon Lance came to Zeke Fred’s side as if nothing had happened, and the two of them looked at him like idle people. Lance suddenly said, I remember when we first went to Linkfontein, we saw Zeke Fred riding a burly horse into the city, and we were still thinking that it would be nice if one day he could become another department.
Lance, the truth is, didn’t we once interrupt Leon in his department?
I didn’t deny Lance’s answer to General Cheekford that Randall can’t work together after us. He still needs your help.
You won’t stay in Garland Randall. After listening to Lance Leon’s words, Randall feels that you may be asking too much. Now that Leon Lance is the head of Ponte’s Eastern continent, how can he stay in Garland as his own department?
Randall, it’s not that I don’t want to stay, it’s the fact that a more important thing is that I need to do a good job first, and Leon said mysteriously
You’ve done it. Lance seems to know Leon’s plan.
Well, I didn’t expect this little selfishness of mine to make this decisive battle easier, Leon replied somberly.
What are you two playing charades on the ground? Randall didn’t get the core of Leon Lance’s conversation.
Leon Lance looked at each other and looked at the sun at the same time. The sun suddenly climbed from behind the dark clouds and rose slowly into the sky.
Randall, I still have work to do. Besides, it’s always a bad thing for the eastern mainland troops to stay in Garland. I think I’ll go first. Well, by the way, I think the eastern mainland will be in front of Lillian Hall soon. I hope there will be no mistakes in the mainland peace agreement. Leon seems to be ready to leave after making a concluding speech
Me, too. Leon said, I don’t think Garland people want to see Ponte wandering around their land all the time, right? Lance also said
It’s really strange for Randall to say that two friends are at his side when he needs help most, but now he chooses to leave, which is somewhat too fast for Randall, a man who values friendship.
Then Randall, if possible, I’ll go to Pebalusalion and say.
I have to say, me too, lance. Keep talking
This is San Randall’s tone of continuing to ask when two people parted at the beginning.
It’s the Covenant. Two people answered with the same mouth again.
Leon frowned when he left Randall’s camp. He rolled over on his back and looked at the south. Dickie sat down on his shoulder with a letter and watched Lance flap his wings constantly.
Not going to take me, lance suddenly asked
I said that the Silver Eagle Temple is somewhat my private affair. Leon replied with a wry smile.
Dark gens is a private matter for me, the people in the Covenant Collection. Lance smiles and asks.
Ha, ha, ha, ha. Leon burst out laughing and waved at Lance. I knew you would see through it.
Lance died in Yilong, and Teniers leaned in. For the dark ones, they felt the same life as Lance.
Did you really go with your staff? Lance asked tentatively
Leon snickered and drew a staff from behind his cloak, saying that of course it was false to go to the ground.
You’re not afraid that they’ll find lance approaching Leon and pointing to the staff, saying
It’s not like you, even if they find out it’s false, their judgment has been made, and we’ll take the lead, Leon replied