"Yes, I have booked the 15th of next month. I’m here today to discuss the dowry." Liu Yichen didn’t look at Su Kang’s eyes and stared at Sue’s late love sipping tea.
Bride money?
Qiwang w w w q i s u w a n g
Su Kang Tang Sumei glances from each other’s eyes to see the surprise.
There must be a lot of betrothal gifts for every family in the world.
I don’t know how much I can give. Tang Sumei was thinking in her mind.
Look at Liu Yichen’s attitude towards Sue. If she adds more money later, I think he will also agree.
After all, Liu Yichen is not short of money because he is willing to give it or not.
Sue looked up quietly at night and Su Kang pulled the corners of her mouth sarcastically with Tang Sumei.
They are really greedy. They must be wondering how much she is worth in Liu Yichen’s heart.
Or how much can I sell her to Lu Yichen?
Sue put a teacup in the evening and said thoughtfully to Liu Yichen, "We have come over for dinner today and haven’t told mom yet. Let’s give mom a message to save her worry."
"It’s most thoughtful of you." Liu Yichen said and took out a cellular phone to call Wenyiting.
"I’ll call." Sue took the phone from Liu Yichen and got up and went outside to make a phone call.
Su Kang saw Sue’s late love going out and took the opportunity to say, "Late love can marry Lu, which is always a blessing for her generation. At this time, it is too hasty to prepare this dowry."
"Late love doesn’t need a dowry, and neither do we in Lujia." Want this greedy man to prepare a dowry for late love? Forget it. Don’t be too shabby. It will make that woman sad.
Anyway, he thought that if Sue was not interested in Su Kang’s so-called dowry at all.
It’s not good for Su Kang to go out without a dowry, is it?
Tang Sumei pulled Su Kang’s sleeve and said with a smile, "Manager Lu said yes. Besides, we were too nervous when Lao Su said it, and we couldn’t prepare anything."
Liu Yichen looked up at Tang Sumei and immediately turned his head in disgust.
I still have half a month to get married. What dowry do you want to prepare?
This woman is really climbing along the pole.
No wonder Su Kang doesn’t attach importance to Sue’s late feelings. It’s really her bad luck to have such a stepmother.
Su Kang face some red he naturally see Liu Yichen some unhappiness.
Section 94
Lujia doesn’t need to be one thing. It’s another thing for Su Jia to give it or not. Tang Sumei will say this directly. Isn’t it obvious that it will offend Lu Zong?
"Yichen, you come to mom and want to talk to you."
Su Kang was about to say something that was interrupted by Sue’s late love.
Liu Yichen picked his eyebrows. Mom put him on the phone?
Got up from the sofa and walked towards Sue’s late love.
Sue looked at her mobile phone in the evening. Su Kang and Tang Sumei took Liu Yichen to the yard.
"Mom didn’t look for you, I looked for you."
"Hehe … I guess so?"
Sue looked at the house at night and saw that Su Kang didn’t come out before saying, "Are you going to give my dad 10 million dowry?"
Liu Yichen nodded "Yes". Although he doesn’t like Su Kang, he has a good daughter, so he won’t be stingy.
Sue licked her lips for a long time before she said, "Why don’t you play a play with me later?"
"Well, you just have to cooperate with me later."
Lu Yichen teased and said, "Sue, I can’t see that you still have acting talent."
Sue looked at him with embarrassment at his last stamp. "Are you going to help me or not?"
"help? Of course, Liu Yichen loves her. At the moment, she looks like a woman coquetry in front of her beloved man. She can’t help but bow her head in her arms and kiss her pouting lips.
Sue was so surprised that she pushed him in the chest. This man is really in heat everywhere and dares to kiss her here.
Five minutes later, Lu Yichen let her finger touch her swollen lips and said, "But you have to tell me what you want?"
Sue took a deep breath before saying, "I want 4 million for the 10 million dowry."
Lu Yichen puzzled and asked, "Are you short of money?"
"This has nothing to do with lack of money. Who is too short of money?" Sue wan Qing doesn’t want to tell her plan, because now she doesn’t know if she can trust Liu Yichen.
Liu Yichen looked at Sue for a while and touched her hair. "I’m willing to help you if you want."
When they entered the room, Su Kang and Tang Sumei looked at them with different eyes, like looking at an ATM.
But also restrict ATMs
Liu Yichen hug Sue evening feeling after sitting leisurely drinking tea, this can be anxious Tang Sumei just said the dowry, why don’t you go on?
Can’t help but clutch Su Kang.
Su Kang glanced at Tang Sumei and shook his head at her. Now that Liu Yichen has just spoken, he will definitely start again. On the contrary, his initiative is disgusting. What if Liu Yichen is unhappy and gives less?
Liu Yichen knew that Mr. and Mrs. Su Kang were in a hurry, but he stopped betrothal, picked up the orange peel on the coffee table and sent it to Sue.
Sue night feeling took a sip with a smile and said, "Yichen, this orange is so sweet, you also try it." Then she sent it to Liu Yichen’s mouth and Liu Yichen opened her mouth and ate it.
Sue is going to want to act in front of Su Kang and let him know her position in Liu Yichen’s heart, so she can ask for a dowry of 4 million later.
In the last two people, I ate two oranges at a time until the servant woke up for dinner.
Tang Sumei quickly got up and said, "Let’s have dinner with manager Lu at night." The two men were not ashamed to show their love in front of the two old men.
Glared at Sue secretly, like her dead mother, she would seduce a man.
Today, Su Kang learned half of his lesson, half of it was Sichuan-style, half was light, and all of it was Su’s favorite meal.
Liu Yichen glanced at the table dish satisfaction nodded slightly.
Su Kangsong was relieved to see Lu Yichen’s expression. It seems that the late love is unusual in his heart. He chose the right dish today.
It was also at this time that Su Kangcai felt that this daughter still had it.
After dinner, a group of people sat on the sofa eating fruit.
Liu Yichen saw that it was about time before he said, "No matter how Mrs. Su always said, the late love is also the dowry of Su’s daughter. I don’t know if the two of you are satisfied."
Su Kang and Tang Sumei smiled at each other.
He said, Lujia is a big family, and it won’t be so stingy.
"Thank you, Lu. I’ll leave it to you." Su Kang walked over and said.
"That’s natural, my woman, I will naturally hurt." Liu Yichen took Sue’s little hand and gently held it in his palm, soft and soft, just like a child’s hand.
Sue looked at Su Kang and Tang Sumei across the street with a faint smile. "Thank you, Dad and Aunt Mei are compact. I will get married with Yichen in half a month. What do you think about my dowry?"