And winning constantly means that you want your team to be young and fast to break their old defense line.
In fact, the tactical thinking is no different from a time when Valencia beat AC Milan 5 times at home.
However, at that time, the constant victory depended on the individual speed of the players.
And this time he rely on that overall speed of the team.
Chapter 31 Long-range tactics
The match with AC Milan was as scheduled.
The San Siro stadium was packed, and I have to say that Gazzetta dello Sport was still strong in the cave. They said it was the best time for revenge, so many AC Milan fans came to the scene to watch the team’s revenge.
They drowned the Lazio fans after the sound. Lazio extreme fans can show their presence by setting off blue signal sticks.
But being placed in the corner of the top bleachers makes no sense even if they show their presence.
They don’t own this place.
AC Milan has the final say here.
Always winning in front of the coach’s desk, his suit is straight. He continued to wear it in Hertha and Valencia. No matter how he usually wears it, he must be dressed in a straight suit to command the team to play the game. Even in midsummer, he will not slack off.
Except no tie.
Even in Rome, he never made himself look embarrassed in front of the coach.
He’s staring at the stadium since the game.
Both sides sent the strongest possible array.
AC Milan always wins revenge, and he doesn’t want AC Milan to succeed in revenge. He hopes that AC Milan will never get revenge.
He has no prejudice against AC Milan, but a narrow-minded person always wins the memory of Berlusconi’s ridicule.
He will not give up an opportunity to attack Berlusconi.
Since AC Milan is Berlusconi’s team, it can’t escape this fate.
Carlo Ancelotti did put out defensive counter-attack tactics in this game.
Christmas tree formation and defensive counterattack, which is why AC Milan became the league champion last year.
But this time they met Lazio, who always won, and their defensive counterattack was about to be tested.
After 15 minutes, Ancelotti was surprised to find that Lazio’s former violent offensive turned out to be a normal state!
After the game, Lazio scored a goal against AC Milan.
Carlo Ancelotti thought it was a normal game at that time, and Lazio hoped that the goal of AC Milan could be broken as soon as possible by taking advantage of the attack, so that the winning team could control the ball to kill time.
Ancelotti has also played against the winning team for five times, and he is very clear about the winning tactics.
No matter how it changes, he believes that this will definitely not change.
If you want to survive this stage, the initiative will return to your own hands.
Carlo Ancelotti told his players to pay attention to the defense and not to give Lazio a chance easily.
The player did abide by his tactical arrangement.
From the first minute of the game, most of the time they were shrinking their defense and occasionally got a counterattack opportunity, which also gave Kaka and Sepcenko two people to harass each other’s defense.
Although Lazio’s offensive is fierce, they all firmly believe that their defense will not fall so soon.
If AC Milan’s defence can’t hold for 15 minutes, how can it be the team with the second fewest goals conceded in the season? Only Bidiu scored 27 goals and Juventus scored one more.
Although this Lazio attack is really fierce …
Unexpectedly, after fifteen minutes, Lazio didn’t slow down at all to recover the defense and give the opponent an offensive posture.
They are continuing to attack!
And the attack intensity has not been significantly weakened!
They’re still fast, their balls are still sharp, their long shots are still a threat!
"Merlot-long range! ! !”
With the commentator hissing, Felipe Melo, Brazil’s midfielder, shoots from 30 meters away from the goal!
The football went straight to the goal.
Also from Brazil, goalkeeper Dida made a wonderful save. He saved Melo’s long shot with his height and arm length!
The football bounced off the baseline corner!
"Had a narrow squeak! Dida, how many times has this been saved? Three! Technical statistics tell us that Dida has made three key saves in just 16 minutes! And two of these three key saves are long-range shots against Lazio! In this game, Lazio has a lot of long-range shots and a high accuracy rate! "
No one knows that Lazio will play long-range tactics in this game. They frequently shoot long-range shots from 25 meters to 35 meters away from the goal. vilani, Melo and giuliano giannichedda take turns to shoot long-range shots, no matter what their shooting skills are.