"Dadada" she stepped on the wooden stairs and rushed into the bedroom, then ran over and knelt on the bed and bent down to pick up NiHaoDong collar and growled "Say! Why did you freeze my bank account? What makes you! You don’t have this benefit! Quickly activate it for me! "
NiHaoDong look cold, he stretched out his hand around her shoulder and took her to the bed, and with a gentle roll, she had already run to him. He held his arms on her side and lifted his body to prevent himself from oppressing her lower abdomen.
Ann saw that he was eating people, and this scary face matched him. She was so angry that she couldn’t vent her anger now. Her hands were still holding his pajamas collar and her black eyes were rolling around.
Her red lips are plump and attractive. He can’t help but bow his head and kiss her lips. She wakes up when she feels her lips wet and warm. Her hands are at random when he is swollen and her face is pushing him. She screams angrily. "Get out! Don’t kiss me by kissing another woman’s mouth! I think you are dirty! "
Text 217 He squeezed
Ni Haodong frowned tightly, looked dark and stared at her coldly and asked, "Dare you say that again?"
Actually dislike your man dirty? Fuck her!
"I just think you are dirty! Don’t touch me! Separation! And unfreeze my bank card immediately! "
It’s not like a joke that a young woman is getting angry seriously. NiHaoDong’s face is cold layer by layer, and he reaches out and pinches her with a cold hum. You think I’m dirty, don’t you I specialize in your problem! "
Then NiHaoDong leaned over and kissed again. She frowned and gritted her teeth to stop him from entering. He pinched her hand and suddenly forced her to feel a pain in her mouth. Then she opened his tongue and rushed in, which reminded her that her tongue was sucking fiercely.
These days, he has been refraining from touching her body as little as possible, because he knows that he can’t stop when he touches her, but this girl has angered him today, and I’m afraid she can go against the sky by letting her develop naturally!
Her soft lips are as sweet as honey. His legs are curled up and he kneels on both sides of her waist to hold his body. He holds her face in his hands as if he were holding a precious treasure. He shows his deep love for her and his body surging in this warm kiss.
After kissing for a while, he felt that his body’s struggle strength became smaller. He was afraid that she would suffocate and faint, so he slowed down. When he was about to quit, the girl suddenly bit his tongue, and a bloody smell filled their mouths.
He frowned, and after she bit his tongue, the bloody taste in his mouth made her feel sick. She covered her lips and vomited a few times, and then she lay silently in bed, two lines of tears slipped into her hair and disappeared.
Ni Haodong screwed up her eyebrows, reached out and wiped away the tears on her face, and whispered, "Is it natural that you still cry here after biting me?"
Ann was washed with tears, and her clear eyes looked at his face and suddenly hated to say, "NiHaoDong, you bastard! I just got pregnant and you went out to find a young lady. When I am pregnant, you can’t bring people home? "
"When did I go out to find a young lady?" Ni Haodong’s face was written with a capital case. He turned to look at a sunny day outside the window and said, "Luoluo, don’t you believe it or not, it will snow outside soon?" I am more wronged than Dou E! Did you dream late that I went out to find a young lady? "
"You give me back? Look at the nail prints on your face! Who can be scratched if you are not scratched by a woman! "
Speaking of this sad thing, her eyes were covered with fog, and she didn’t want to look at his face, so she would feel heartbroken when she saw it.
Ni Haodong smiled angrily at her. He reached out and rubbed her swollen lips for a few times. She didn’t know that her red lips were slightly swollen and her face was sad. What a pity. He bowed his head and kissed her neck. He was just about to be angry when he pushed him. He suddenly smiled stupidly.
"I went out looking for a woman behind your back last night and was beaten by a woman? Huh? "
Section 165
Ann blushes and doesn’t talk, which means default? Yeah, why is he laughing so hard? Doing bad things instead of admitting mistakes is so rampant?
"Whose woman is so strong that she can hit me?"
NiHaoDong looked up and stared at her eyes and asked her to blink. She said with a big pie mouth, "It must have been discovered by the other male ticket."
"Oh!" Ann put her hands over her head and stared at him with tears in her eyes. This time, he played her forehead, which hurt more than anything else. It seems that it was strength!
"Stare at me? Your head is asleep and won’t wander around. I’ll help you wake it up! "
"Bitch!" She curled her lips and opened her mouth to scold.
"Your card will not activate your monthly life for you. I will give you but not obedient, swearing, hanging up on me, being suspicious, etc. Once I find out, I will deduct 500 yuan at a time. Today, you doubt me, hang up on me, scold me for several crimes and deduct your life in 15 yuan!"
"I grass"
"Deduct another 500"
""she choked and wanted to yell at Tian Da. Why!
Ni Haodong rolled over from her body and arranged her clothes by the bed. She saw his waist set up a tent and gritted her teeth. Don’t turn your face to scold him. Suddenly, he heard his teasing voice ring again. "Madam, it’s better to curse in your heart than to get rid of it. Be careful not to suppress your body."
Why do you think I’m stupid when I miss you? If you scold, you will deduct me 500 again! She suddenly remembered something. She sat up from bed with a puzzled face and looked up and asked him, "How much life will you give me every month?"
"three thousand"
"Three thousand? You have deducted two thousand from me now! I have 1000 left? The car doesn’t refuel? I don’t eat? Don’t pay the water network? I don’t buy clothes and makeup? I don’t go out for dinner with friends and family? "
"If you make me happy, there will be rewards and you want more life. It’s up to you, madam. Now your brain is slow, baby brain. I’m afraid that if you have too much money around you, you will spend it indiscriminately."
After that, Ni Haodong rolled up his sleeves and went to the door to catch him by the arm and asked, "No, my money belongs to my premarital property. Why do you want to deduct it?"
"Lady really pregnant silly? You go and see the little red date. When Jessica Fong Ching paid you the money, we just recorded that it was our common property. "
An Luo released his hand and lips and said, "You uncle!"
NiHaoDong face a heavy and raise your hand to knock on her forehead, her hands block bitter deep stare at him.
At this moment, there is a knocking at the door outside. Ni Haodong went to the door with a sullen face and hid at the stairs. The bearer was an ancient wolf. He carried a big bag of things in his hand and looked like medicines. He reached out and gave it to Ni Haodong. His voice was light and powerful and he said, "My master asked me to send it to you. He asked me to tell you that you are not young and don’t go out to fight like a child."
"Well," Ni Haodong reached out and took the medicine in the hand of the ancient wolf. He faintly responded. When he saw that the ancient wolf had not left, he raised his eyebrows and asked, "Come in and sit down?"