Finally, West Asia turned a serious face and looked at Ye Tiandao carefully. By the way, since I have risen to the ninth order, it’s time to seal the beast that belongs to me. What should I do? Will you accompany me?
Khan heard the words of West Asia, Ye Tian shook his head with a wry smile and said, See if you ask me if I can not go with you? Such a delicate wife, who can rest assured that she will go alone? In case of being taken advantage of by any teenager, I really want to cry.
Hum, pride, hum, and stand up with full breasts. Then you really underestimate me. Don’t say that I am a seventh-order wind mage. My strength as a ninth-order seal master alone is not something that ordinary people can deal with.
Ye Tian smiled and shook his head when he heard West Asia. You really sealed the beast. Few people dared to provoke you, but now the question is, did you seal the beast?
In the face of Ye Tian’s questioning, West Asia proudly raised its hand and at the same time, it has been suspended in the middle of the school. The little flying pig has quickly plunged into the arms of West Asia. At the same time, West Asia’s happiness squinted and said, of course, don’t you know? Look at how cute it is.
Khan looked at West Asia’s arms that pink and tender little pig with a pair of golden light wings. Ye Tian completely said, What is this? Will people be afraid of this kind of thing?
Looking at Ye Tian’s strange expression, Sia pouted and said, Don’t look down on my little pig. He is very powerful, although he is still a little weak now, but he will be very powerful in the future.
Speaking, Lucia put her hands on the two front legs of the pig and lifted him up high. Although he can treat light now, he will continue to understand the Xinguang spell if he grows up. Although he has no fighting ability, he will never worry about injury or death in the base.
Nai looked at Sia Yatian and said with a wry smile, I know that, but now the question is, can he help you beat back the other person if he provokes you?
This statement looked at Ye Tian and then at Xiao Xiang Pig. Finally, Sia was discouraged. Of course, I can’t. I want you to accompany me to catch it.
Smiled and shook his head Ye Tianchong tired of saying, okay, okay, I said I would accompany you, but I really want to know what kind of seal beast do you want, a dragon?
When the dragon heard Ye Tian’s words, West Asia was shocked and shook his head flatly. It seems that you still don’t quite understand that our seal maker, the dragon, can’t be used as a seal beast, but dragons are arrogant creatures. Even if they are sealed, they don’t listen to the command. Powerful seal makers never choose dragons as seal beasts. Here, West Asia has a slight meal and then continued, and although dragons are powerful, they are not enemies. Many Warcraft have unique abilities, which are definitely better than dragons.
Ye Tian became more and more curious when he heard the words from West Asia, so could you tell me what your first choice was?
Hearing Ye Tian’s words, Sia frowned and thought for a long time. Sia Nai sighed. Although I really want to catch the king butterfly at once, she is so beautiful, but now I have to give up temporarily. After all, the king butterfly paralysis poison powder is an auxiliary, and what I need now is a powerful attack seal beast.
Then your first choice is to hear the words of West Asia, Ye Tian asked
Well, I hesitated for a while, but I decided that my first choice besides piglet was to ban the queen bee of the magic highland.
When the queen bee heard the West Asian words, Ye Tian opened her mouth in astonishment. What is this? Why haven’t you heard of it?
Looking at Ye Tian’s startled expression, Sia explained that the queen bee is the only creature in the forbidden highland, also known as the dragon bee and the black dragon, which can plague all elemental magic energy. The only way to destroy them is to chop them up with weapons, but the queen bee is strong and fast, and the flash speed is very small, so it is an alternative for the sealer to attack the super seal beast.
In terms of attack, the queen bee’s poisonous needle, which is more than ten centimeters long, can easily penetrate into the steel armor, and the needle contains a lot of poison. Once it is stabbed, it is very troublesome, especially if it is stabbed.
The most troublesome thing for the queen bee is whether it is magic or quarrelling according to the characteristics of elemental energy. Whether it is energy shield, quarrelling shield or enchantment is completely effective to him.
However, although the queen bee is powerful, it is extremely difficult to seal. First, it is small in size. Second, it is fast. Third, it is tenacious in willpower. Fourth, it is strong in fighting capacity. Fifth, it can be said that although everyone wants to have a queen bee as a seal beast, almost no one can successfully seal it. Most of them are directly killed by the queen bee.
As the hand-to-hand combat continued, the trace of gas became thicker and more coherent, and Ye Tian felt more and more distracted. Observing Ye Tian’s horror, he found that the cool gas was quickly integrated into his own blood and then disappeared. What is this, double cultivation or nourishing yin and yang?
Everything is still going on. At this moment, West Asia has fallen into a state of madness, completely losing its mind and knowing that consciousness is facing Ye Tiandong.
It’s not that West Asia is too lewd. At this moment, the cool air in West Asia’s body is constantly scouring her body, and the leaves outside her body are constantly bringing her happy ripples, especially in the spirit, which has been under the strongest stimulus. This feeling is by no means imaginable by ordinary people.
Perhaps it is because West Asia is too excited and her heart beats too fast, and the blood circulation speed has greatly increased. It will take some time to disperse the drug, but now it has nearly doubled its speed.
Finally, Ye Tian frowned, and more and more cool air poured into the body along the junction of the two people. It felt really strange, as if the cool springs were constantly washing Ye Tian, and the taste was simply wonderful.
After being stiff for a short time, at least half an hour arrived before the surge broke out. At the same time, Ye Tian clearly felt a cool surge of air pouring in from West Asia’s body.
As a large amount of cool air enters Ye Tian’s body, Ye Tian’s muscles and internal organs gradually ache. Ye Tian knows that this is an inevitable knot after energy is full. If you continue like this, he will burn sooner or later with the increasing energy.
Panicked Ye Tian wanted to leave, but his limbs were aching all over, and he couldn’t send strength, especially his waist was numb under the impact of cool air.
Nai Ye Tian suddenly remembered what fiercely bowed his head and buckled it, but Ye Tian expected it to be so overbearing that he went back to West Asia along Ye Tian’s mouth.
Circulation? Yes, it’s circulation. Cool air is constantly shuttling between the two people, tempering their skin, and their insides are like a wider and wider river. The original pattern of Ye Tian is completely different.
The cool and refreshing gas didn’t spread to the outside of West Asia, but the two people’s bodies were constantly moving back and forth, and the medicine department was transformed into a cool and refreshing river, which tempered the two people and refined their physical energy at the same time.
Ye Tian’s body soon reached a full state, and it has been impossible to continue to breathe the cool air, but in that cool air, all the indicators of the body are slowly rising, especially the body and the earth are becoming more and more pure.
In the last three months, Ye Tian’s practice has not released body energy, and it has also consumed a lot. After this time, Ye Tian’s body energy has finally been supplemented, reaching a prosperous state and refined.
Although Yuxi was absorbed by Ye Tian a lot of energy, in fact, she didn’t lose anything. These drugs are not that she can absorb 50% of them, even if they are good, most of them will be washed away.
Ye Tian’s original example of Dahuan Dan was that more than 50% of the drugs were mixed in the blood and discharged from the body. It was really less than half of them.
So now Ye Tian has shared a lot, but West Asia has not suffered losses. Instead, she is absorbing medicine more steadily under warmer conditions, and gradually Ye Tian’s body has reached a wonderful balance state.