Yang Wen’s mood is like a burst flood.
She kept flapping her chest muscles, her eyes were red and tears rolled down.
"I’m not coming. I’m not coming to see me off."
Then Yang Wen threw himself into Mu Hai Huai, hugging and feeling Mu Hai’s chest warm and unwilling to leave.
"Fool, I told you to send you. How can you break your word?" Muhai stroked Yang Wenxiu’s hair and said gently.
"Xiaohai, do you still love me?" Yang Wen said.
"Love has never stopped," Muhai said.
So two people hold for a long time don’t want to points.
Yang Wen didn’t ask Mu Haiyuan why, and he didn’t need to ask for his love. That’s enough.
"Ladies and gentlemen, please pay attention to your flight K52 from Jiutang to Longcheng, which will take off in 5 minutes. Please hurry to gate 24 if you have not boarded the plane …"
The plane is about to take off. Yang Wen Muhai is parting …
Chapter 133 Injustice Alice [2 more]
"I ask you, does the devil heal people?" Muhai asked
Alice shook her head. "It won’t be a disaster!"
"Then ask me how many people have been cured these days and they are all dying," Muhai said.
Alice nodded her head. She knew about Muhai’s treatment.
Her investigation made it clear that when she saw Muhai, she didn’t catch it directly, but confirmed it with a compass first.
"Then how can you confirm that I am a demon!"
Muhai calmly watched Alice have a method to resist the momentum.
Alice lowered her head and didn’t dare to look at Muhai. Her eyes were weak and she said, "I … I heard."
"I heard?" Muhaiyin is not loud, but it makes Alice’s body tremble gently as if she were on trial.
"Just listen to a word from others and you confirm that I am a demon?" Muhai asked
Alice nodded and then shook her head.
Mu Hai said calmly, "Then who did you listen to?"
"I didn’t know they were father and daughter," Alice said.
Muhai showed doubts when he heard it, and then kept clicking on his mobile phone.
Not long after, he took out the photo of Wu Hong and Wu Tongtong for Alice to confirm.
Yes, that’s them,’ said Alice.
"Hey, they are the demons!" Muhai show a hatred of iron and not produce.
"What? They are demons! " Alice leaps out and rushes out only a few steps, then bends back and goes back to the sofa.
"You see …"
Muhai points out a news.
The news said that it was the destruction of the Wu clique that listed hundreds of crimes of the Wu clique.
Murder and usury, cheat people …
"Look at them killing and setting fire to test the living … What is this not a demon?" Mu Hai said
Alice nodded her head and looked apologetic. "Muhai, I’m sorry. I listened to others and misjudged you."
Muhai waved his hand. "It’s okay. I still can’t see through everything that our saints can’t see through. It’s also a matter of how much personal mistakes can improve."
Alice was ashamed when she heard that her face was burning.
I really did something wrong, and when I was absolutely sure that Muhai was a demon, I said that I would take him back for trial. This is really wrong.
"Well, I’m a saint, which means I’m not a demon. Please let you live in my house and supervise me," Muhai said.
Alice nodded. "OK, thank you!"
Then Muhai arranged a room for Alice on the second floor next to Tang Yu.
Although Tang Yu doesn’t want to, it is the default to look at Muhai seriously and not intervene.
When Alice finished cleaning the room and walked to the first floor, Muhai took out her mobile phone and started talking.
"Brother Zhou, is there anyone who needs to be treated recently?" Mu Hai said
"Mu bro, and so on, there are just two eyes waiting." Zhou Qinglong said.
"So that they can come over now," Muhai said.
"It’s …"
In less than ten minutes, the doorbell rang outside Muhaimen.
When I opened the gate, I saw that it was Zhou Qinglong who came with people who needed to be treated.