After this series of storms, the domain city is also considered to be ups and downs. Now, backed by its own strength practice and strong funds, it constantly delivers positive energy to the society, such as making donations, which greatly establishes the positive image of the company, and now makes the share price and transportation of the domain city tend to be stable.
Every face in Zaoyu City is still with a conscientious expression. It is the fear that I saw a few days ago. In their hearts, Ji Yu is a powerful leader who can always save the company from danger. Like this god, men will lead the company and their salaries will rise. What they can do now is to keep a warm pillow for their work.
When every employee came to his department, the position of the department bulletin board attracted their attention. The bulletin board announced that the assistant manager of the legal department, Rou Pingling, was dismissed by the company for colluding with outsiders to steal the company’s information, and was also facing the company’s prosecution. The employees did not expect that there would be ghosts in such strict management in the domain city, but they also felt sorry for this person because she would face huge compensation.
Xia Yu’s sitting on the throne and stealing evidence with peace of mind has been caught, which proves that she is not the thief and can finally hold her head high. Ji Yu is no longer timid in front of Ji Yu. Ji Yu looks good today, and her eyes are always soft from time to time. Although it proves that she is not the thief, Ji Yu will definitely not change her attitude because of this kind of thing. This way, Ji Yu can’t understand her. Since he is in such a good mood, she always feels that Ji Yu is strange and doesn’t ask about salary.
Xia Yu walked to the front of Ji Yu’s desk and knocked at Ji Yu’s desk.
Ji Yu raised his black eyes and said lightly, "My wife has something to do."
"President Ji, I want to ask a question: When will you be able to pay Liu Xia’s salary in arrears to your employees while you are still working? Please call your name directly and remember the division between public and private." Xia Yu left the pie mouth and looked serious.
Ji Yu’s heart burst into snigger. The little woman finally couldn’t hold back, but her face was motionless and didn’t have much expression. He said lightly, "I don’t remember defaulting on your salary and I’m not responsible for paying it."
"You" successfully angered Xia Yu. This man just wanted to turn his face and deny Xia Yu’s face was full of anger. After a stiff face, she said, "What a black boss who is in arrears with wages. I want to sue you at the Labor and Social Security Bureau."
Seeing his wife’s vivid expression, Ji Yu’s eyes flashed a bright light to miss Doby. She didn’t expect this little woman to be so serious and wanted to sue him at the labor bureau. She didn’t want to miss the defendant. This is her husband. Is this okay?
"Well, don’t be angry and tease you." Ji Yu raised his mouth and floated a faint smile, which made people feel relaxed and happy.
This smile can’t help but make Xia Yu look a little dull. This man should smile more. Isn’t this a good expression? But you can buy her off without a word and a smile. Xia Yu Cha Cha thinks of giving money or not.
"Are you kidding me like this? But put away your compassion and give me the money." Xia Yu said, "Put out your right hand and motioned Ji Yu to put the money in her palm. At this time, her expression was very disdainful, her eyes did not stay in Ji Yu’s face, and she was still a little angry and her purplish mouth was stuck high.
There are still some dumbfounds about this standard money slave expression and dynamic season domain. Find out a check, write a number in the square, and then hand it over to Xia Yu’s palm.
"I don’t like the way of paying salary, but I don’t like it very much. It’s like giving a dead woman a funeral. I want cash." Xia Yu rolled her eyes and glanced at Ji Yu with disdain. She wondered if she would often send a dead woman a check before Ji Yu. Thought of this, Xia Yu unconsciously got stuck in her heart. Although she knew that she might be a little big, her heart was inexplicably uncomfortable and unconsciously stained with a layer of angry mouth.
Looking at this little woman’s unpredictable expression, Ji Yu can’t digest it for a while. Isn’t it just salary? Why does her face become full of anger? No wonder people always say that women are the most fickle animals. I don’t know what’s going on in my head.
"I’ll get it for you later if you want cash. I don’t have so much cash with me." Ji Yu’s deep eyes stared at Xia Yu as if to see through what the woman was thinking.
In the face of the season’s visit, Xia Yu is somewhat unnatural and disdains to say, "You are smart enough to wait for you later."
Say the potential turned back to his desk, but Ji Yu grabbed Xia Yu’s hand in a hurry and wouldn’t let her leave. After she pecked at her lush jade hand, her eyes were a little evil and she stared at Xia Yu’s way, "I really want to wait for me later."
Looking at Xia Yu’s face full of affection and affection, he quickly flew over two pieces of hongxia, holding his head low. This man can always misinterpret her words and always make them so ambiguous that they don’t conform to his cold image at all.
"Benedict Benedict" suddenly there was a knock at the door, which made Xia Yu shudder. Taking advantage of this file, he quickly pulled his hand back and immediately fled back to his desk and touched his hot face. What if Ji Yu made a provocative remark, she would blush so easily? This man must have given her something to make her blush so much.
Looking at Xia Yu is like a frightened rabbit. Although his body is not as flexible as before, he will always be a little cute, stubborn, unyielding and kind in his heart.
Take back the line of sight season domain only cold mouth way "come in"
It was Linda who entered the company run by the president. She walked up to Ji Yu with a calm pace. She said, "The boss of Xiong’s regiment wants to see you. I have turned it down for you, but he still insisted on waiting for you in the conference room and said that he has what you want."
Linda’s brief report to Jiyu is sure to be true. Xiong turned out to be the most powerful competitor in the city. The two companies are in business and are in opposition to each other. It really surprised Linda to come to Jiyu at this moment, and Linda also knows that Xiong Ruixiang has a strong black color. Linda has to report to Jiyu. If anyone else cares how long he waits in the conference room:
Chapter 93 Flexibility and resilience
Ji Yu’s slender right hand dragged Ba, and she was not in a hurry to answer Linda’s words, and Linda was not in a hurry to get the answer. She was waiting quietly. She knew Ji Yu was measuring how good things Xiong Ruixiang could bring.
After half an hour, Ji Yu looked up and casually said, "Go and tell him that I have gone abroad."
"Good" Linda stepped out of the office immediately without stopping.
Xiong Ruixiang’s face in the meeting room has already shown impatience. No one has ever waited for him. Where would he have thought that he would be too low-spirited to beg others? His eyes are as big as Tongling’s, and his face is full of anger. In fact, Xiong Ruixiang came to a society, and a small punk seized the company’s affairs by illegal means today. He can be described as ignorant, but fortunately, his brain is still smart. Xiong hired an effective president to take care of it for him, which made him both right and wrong. It’s going very smoothly, but it’s different now. In the past, even the right business has attracted many enemies because of their great enthusiasm and love for trouble. Now it’s the weakest time for Xiong, and many people want to see Xiong Ruixiang’s jokes.
Linda knocked on three doors as a courtesy and walked into the meeting room. She smiled faintly and said, "I’m really sorry. Manager Xiong has just received a very important message from our president, and now he has gone to the United States to deal with some things. Please come back another day."
Obviously, this explanation can’t make Xiong Ruixiang give up his determination to see Jiyu. His eyes are full of anger. His thick hands beat the desktop and "touched" and made a huge noise. "Knowing that I’m coming, he’s going abroad. What the fuck does this mean?"
Linda was already psychologically prepared. She was not scared by this scene, but her smile disappeared. Her expression went on to say, "I’m sorry, our president has really gone abroad. Please come back another day. We have to call a department meeting in our conference room."
The meaning of seeing Fujian in Linda’s words is very obvious. I believe Xiong Ruixiang has already done so, but this Lord is not so easy to send away. Who knows that he is a cruel and heartless black leader who will get angry if he is careless?
"Are you fucking kidding me? Just because you want to send me away, you don’t deserve me to tell you that I just won’t leave today. I see what you can do with me." Xiong Ruixiang is ill-bred to the extreme, and his mouth is full of vulgarity, which makes people feel strongly disgusted. At this time, Xiong Ruixiang glared at Linda angrily as if he could swallow her alive.
Linda doesn’t have much fear of this look. "Bear, go ahead. I have things to do, so I won’t worry about you."
After that, I ignored Xiong Ruixiang’s anger and wanted to turn around and leave, but I didn’t want Xiong Ruixiang’s fat body to block her way. His fat face was full of evil and thick lips, and his expression was quite contemptuous, as if he were not afraid of the old king.
"Want to go now that I’m here, I’ll stay with you." Xiong Ruixiang’s slanted eyes wantonly swept through Linda’s whole body, and her big fat palm was about to reach over and attack her hips. Fortunately, Linda took a big step back to the side when she reacted, but it didn’t let Xiong Ruixiang succeed.
At this time, Linda’s face was a little angry. "Bear always asks you to respect yourself or I’ll call security."
Suddenly Xiong Ruixiang stepped forward and unceremoniously pushed Linda’s shoulder. Linda’s center of gravity was unstable, causing her waist to hit the corner of the table in the conference room. A burst of pain came to Linda. She bit her lip tightly and held the corner of the table so that the pain could be alleviated. At the same time, her eyes stared at Xiong Ruixiang.
Xiong Ruixiang is also full of anger. Of course, he will not give a good face to those who beat him. It has always been someone else to please him. Now even a little secret of Domain City has come to him and clamored for him to swallow this tone. At this time, his eyes are full of scarlet and there is a chill breath.
In the face of such a ruthless person, Linda said that it is impossible without a little timidity, but doing the secret of the season is considered to be everything. There are not a few fierce people who have seen it. Although she is still a little scared in her heart, she is not afraid to meet Xiong Ruixiang with a cold eye. "Bear always asks you to leave our city. People like you are not welcome."
Linda said and pressed the security system. At this time, the security headquarters must have received help and was rushing to the scene. Fortunately, Xiong Ruixiang was not allowed to enter with Bao Piao in the domain city. Xiong Ruixiang was alone in the conference room.
Xiong Ruixiang narrowed his pair of dead fish eyes, showing cold light inside. His left hand gripped Linda’s shoulder and didn’t let her escape. His right hand was held high. He wanted to give this smelly woman some lessons. When his palm was about to fall, he came to Bai Yifan and grabbed it hard and pushed Xiong Ruixiang hard. Xiong Ruixiang’s body was heavy and Bai Yifan’s strength was great. Xiong Ruixiang was so embarrassed that he sat down in the corner and knocked off the side of the water dispenser. The bottled water from the water dispenser was thrown at Xiong Ruixiang by mistake.
At this time, Xiong Ruixiang can form in one word, that is, Reservoir Dogs’s hair and body are all wet by the barrel water department, and he is also pinned down by several security guards in the city, making him unable to move.
Xiong Ruixiang twisted his body desperately to get rid of the security guards in front of him, but the security guards in the city are not covered. They are also specially trained and rely on a large number of people. Xiong Ruixiang can get rid of it even if he uses brute strength.
"Fucking Bai Yifan, you little rabbit cub, tell them to let me go or I’ll show you good-looking." Xiong Ruixiang growled with a big mouth, and the spittle star splashed out as he roared, which made people look disgusted for a while.
Bai Yifan made a look at Linda. Linda knowingly stepped out of the meeting room. Bai Yifan strolled up to Xiong Ruixiang with his hands in his pockets and his waist was a little bent. Xiong Ruixiang said, "Do you know what will happen if you dare to break ground at the traditional age? Do you think you have too many famous industries?"
Bai Yifan’s tone was slightly smiling, as if he were joking with a friend, but more sarcastic and contemptuous. His eyes were impolite and he fell on Xiong Ruixiang.
"Bai Yifan, it’s not your turn to speak here. I have very important documents to hand over to Ji Yu. Can you afford it when you delay the event?" For Bai Yifan’s contempt, Xiong Ruixiang was so angry that his teeth itched, but he could threaten Bai Yifan’s way