These two men have just taken the wrong stand. If Chen Shaobai doesn’t settle accounts, he will say that he is out of his mind.
Don’t you see that Wang Ruoyu, who claims to be the first in courage and qualification, was easily beheaded by others! You have to have that qualification to let them escape.
Chen Shaobai slowly raised his head and took a cold look at the two defectors.
Was he so swept away HongHaoJiao a chill from the soles of the feet gives birth to spread quickly along the spine, even with the help of magic, there are ways to curb cold sweat and secrete a moonlight gown, which was instantly soaked and soaked, so he said hastily, "Brother Chen was blinded by lard and made a big mistake! My younger brother is willing to make a vow to follow you forever to redeem this sin! "
Another rat-eyed and mouse-eyed brother was even more unbearable. He knelt on his knees and cried bitterly to express his loyalty and regret to Chen Shaobai. His tongue was bursting with lotus flowers, but he didn’t say anything about it. With his eyes down, he occasionally flashed a trace of Y and N malicious resentment, and Se was well concealed by him.
Seeing the performance of these two traitors, Zhou Jinyu and Chineydy felt a little unbearable without in-depth thinking, but Wu Muqin’s eyes were flashing with cold light. She was worried that Chen Shaobai was soft-hearted and sprinted out, but she was about to speak out to persuade her when she saw five black mans flashing past two anti-bones.
Although Honghao is also a disciple of cultivating mana, it is not only a hundred ways, but also far inferior to Se in terms of quality and quantity. In Chen Shaobai, Yang Yan’s mana qi machine can’t move and can’t move any more. The super posture of Taibai Qingyun Tactics was immediately killed by five black mans flying swords, destroying the flesh and destroying the soul. There is no possibility of resurrection and rebirth.
And that rat-eyed and rat-headed 25-year-old boy is just a profiteer. His younger brother didn’t even accumulate enough strength to exchange the contribution of the Seven Secrets of the Qing Dynasty. He didn’t react at all and went directly to Yan to report it.
Take back the nine deep and remote dragon’s breath. Chen Shaobai gently pushes his body to suspend, and the breath surges. The clouds on the horizon roll with the wind.
Sweep away the devil and slay the traitor. He is in a good mood. Even the oncoming prestige seems to be a little sweet and refreshing. His eyes are shining and he is staring at everyone.
Pride, worship, worry, fear, shock and trembling …
As if watching from a distance, all kinds of emotions were clearly distinguished by Chen Shaobai. He was glad that he didn’t have a nasty guy like the two men just now.
"Wang Ruoyu colluded with the Yellow Sect to frame thousands of brothers in the Qing Xuanmen, and their crimes should be punished."
"That’s true"
"Ge Lao was almost killed by Brother Chen by Wang Ruoyu. He is also very popular!"
"Brother Chen has such strength that he will definitely take the lead in the dragon and phoenix list when he returns!"
"What dragon and phoenix list? That’s just the gas quenching preparation list. Brother Chen’s strength disdains to refine himself and fight with small people at the beginning! "
Speakers are often more than 100 people in the original neutral position. Chen Shaobai’s decisive means of war are simply daunting. One by one, he quickly expressed his fear that he would be killed by him, while more than 200 people who have been behind Chen Shaobai looked at them with a smile and seemed a little calm.
This is differential treatment. You treat people sincerely and treat you sincerely. They risk being suppressed and remain loyal. Naturally, they get the letter from Chen Shaobai.
"You swear by demons."
What do you swear? Chen Shaobai has no mouth. Everyone is smart. You don’t need to say it too clearly
As soon as the voice fell, just after two breaths, the oath sounded one after another.
The old-fashioned situation in Sharan is noisy and chaotic, and people are buzzing to disperse the original Y and N gas. The sun is the spirit rising, and the breath of the living is gradually rippling. Except for the group of neutrals, people have consciously made vows behind Chen Shaobai.
"Don’t change? This is good. "
Feel the gradual silence in the presence. Chen Shaobai’s eyes are cold and he refers to the sword. He gently outlines several mysterious radians in the sky. When everyone sees nine different colors of Se flashing and fourteen huge heads fly high.
"These people just played a little clever."
Chen Shaobai, now J and jīng’s divine power has temporarily reached the level of quenching gas. Although the scene just now is noisy and chaotic, he has clearly distinguished fourteen people who have just been killed by him. They either fish in troubled waters without taking an oath or have made some text traps in their vows.
Chen Shaobai doesn’t have any sympathy or soft feelings for the guy who is ready to betray himself at such a moment.
"Sword Edge Group needs friendship, kindness, blood and honor, but one thing must be put in the first place. Everyone must abide by it-absolutely loyal to me."
With the strengthening of strength, Chen Shaobai is becoming more and more confident in speaking and acting, and he is no longer timid, with a majestic atmosphere. Even if his tone is peaceful and positive, it also makes people lack domineering, which is the king’s posture.
This time, although it is a bit overbearing, it is also imperative. He can only be truly popular if he is benevolent and benevolent.
Behind Chen Shaobai, the first pulse didn’t feel anything wrong, as if it had changed like this. It is only natural that the stronger the strength of the head of the regiment, the tougher the wind, and the more heart they have.
Because of this, leaders will show their support at the key moment.
And the former master of neutral Qing Xuan felt a monstrous shaqi paving, and his heart beat wildly unwillingly, but he looked at Chineydy, Zhou Jinyu, Wu Muqin, Xiang Lan, Zhao Keng and other masters’ faces before his heart was a little more secure.
At present, this small team seems to have a sound that will not be fought immediately because of the seizure, let alone the fish in the pond.
Chen Shaobai is very satisfied with the fact that these people are more rigorous in their vows, putting an end to the possibility of accidental outflow in the way.
Besides, even after the incident, he has enough evidence and clues to deal with the official investigation of Qing Xuanmen.
Although the paper can’t cover the fire, Xuanyu Hall will definitely take action, but their revenge will also be impossible, which gives Chen Shaobai enough opportunities, time and pressure to break through and improve himself.
What is needed now is "grace"
Chen Shaobai hand a lift in a solemn.
The old soil of Sharan is silent.
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Chapter one hundred and twenty-seven Sit and share the spoils
Chapter one hundred and twenty-seven
"I have seen everyone’s performance in escaping from the Liuliguo Summer Resort today, and I remember in my heart that if there is a penalty, there will be a reward. Although we are not true, we must not break the rules."
Chen Shaobai speaks slowly, but with justice and strictness. "Where is Zhou Jinyu of Jianyuan Group?"
Zhou Jinyu choked back a smile and staggered to fuels and sing.
"You’ve been successful in many rescues, and this gold glare treasure coat will be yours."