Of course, it’s only when you can’t sit still in the hospital that an uneasy surgeon is in a daze all the time. The surgeon must solve his personal problems before he can pick up the scalpel.
Although she wants to admit that the wood has affected her to such a great extent, but
That’s the truth. She can’t help it!
Chu smiled and took the coffee like water. After the eyes flashed, he put the coffee cup and got up. He looked up.
"You honestly tell me where Qin Fan went? Did he go back to R country and what did he suddenly go back to R country for? "
Mo Jun guessed from her night that she took a deep breath and laughed. "Smile, you ask so many questions, how can I answer the truth? I’m as confused as you. He really suddenly left without telling me anything."
Chu smiled and his eyes were dull.
Tsukiyomi ikuto, he really doesn’t know? He shouldn’t lie to her.
"But I believe that he suddenly left and should have to smile. Don’t worry, he will be back soon." Mo Jun comforted at night.
"Who’s in a hurry?"
Chu smiling face a red fierce sat to avoid ink jun explore eyes at night.
Mo Jun smiles at night.
Women are always like this when they are duplicitous, and that one at home has the same expression.
Just then the phone rang.
"I’m sorry, I have to take this."
Mo Jun looked at it at night, and it seems that the display is a strange number. After thinking about it, I still connected it.
"Hey, is Tsukiyomi ikuto Xiaoxiao in your place?"
Mo Jun was slightly surprised when he heard this sound at night. Shouldn’t he still be in China? How can I call you in Chinese?
"Yes, are you?"
"Don’t talk nonsense and don’t let Xiaoxiao know that I will meet Yunfei in the old place in half an hour."
"What’s the matter?"
"Let’s talk about it when we meet"
The words immediately hung up. Mo Jun choked back his doubts and smiled. "Smile, I’m in a hurry, so I won’t accompany you first. Let the driver take you home?"
Chu smile couldn’t ask what was so disappointing that he didn’t care about the flash of light in Mo Jun’s eyes at night, and he bowed his head and said, "No, my car will come."
Mo Jun stretched out his hand and touched her head the night before. "Don’t worry, he is a responsible person and will never abandon you. Maybe he has come back now."
"What do you mean, abandon me and talk like I’m with him? I’m leaving."
Chu smiled and pushed his big hand to pick up the bag and went out for a walk. He stopped and turned around at the door.
"Mo Jun, don’t come back when Woodenhead has something to do. If you come back, I promise I won’t kill him."
Dare to leave without saying goodbye and with Ogata.
Hum, dead wood, you’re dead this time.
Mo Jun smiled bitterly at night.
This time Qin Fan really pissed off this aunt.
He quickly took out the words and dialed Fu Yunfei’s words, "Yunfei, see you at the bar for half an hour."
Fu Yunfei at the other end of the sentence was still confused. "Who is he?"
"Qin Fan?"
“? How did this ghost come back, but there was no news of his position at that time? "
"We’ll know when we meet."
Mo Jun had a bad feeling when he hung up coldly at night.
That’s right. He didn’t receive the news of the replacement of the old gang and the new gang, which means that something must have happened when Qin Fan suddenly came back.
What could it be?
Is it calculated again?
He shouldn’t have done anything!
"What, did you run back?"
Two handsome men on the sofa looked at the man in front of them with the same face in disbelief.
I’m dressed in a black trench coat, my hair is not taken care of, and my face is a bit dusty.
Mo Jun’s eyes narrowed at night. "Come on, what happened?"
Qin Fan breath will drink wine at hand sneer at a matter of account.
Ten minutes later, Fu Yunfei and Mo Jun exchanged a frown and said, "Do you have that woman?"
Qin Fan leaned his body against the sofa and his eyes were full of holes. "I should not have moved."
"What do you mean there should be no? Moving is moving. Not moving is not moving? What the hell should it be? "
Qin Fan gave Yunfei a cold wind. "I think they gave me too much medicine and I broke it."
"Holy shit, and then you patted your ass and fled back?"
"Otherwise? Waiting to marry that Ogata eye and get that position by a woman? "
"Yes! Let’s sit down first! "