Little sister, don’t be so excited. You said a lot. Can you hurry? We want to see the best animated short film award announced.
But every time the camera cuts to the dreamer delegation, the fans will be inexplicably excited and proud.
In the tension, everyone didn’t notice or think about what Oscar shots always gave us from time to time. It’s a bit deliberate. The Academy Award is a movie star carnival animation award, which should be a supporting role. This should not be.
Baby Yang can’t hide her nervousness. Anyone can see that a pretty face is collapsing tightly.
Aunt Mei was very relaxed and watched the performance with great interest.
No one can see anything in Gao Feng’s expression, but his heart is very complicated. He is familiar with the rules of the Oscar counting and awarding process, and he has too many things on his mind at the moment.
The results of the Oscar awards have come out, which is absolutely true. However, if the Oscar judges vote for the awards, it will be difficult for people to suspect that the Oscar organizing Committee will handle the awards in a black box, which will make others more recognized for the fairness of the awards. The Oscar awards have always been counted by a third-party prestige organization. This part of the Oscar organizing Committee is very strict.
On the morning of the closing day of Oscar voting, a third-party prestige counting team composed of people will take the voting results to a secret place for statistics, and the whole process will be kept strictly confidential by manual statistics.
How secret is it? When they distribute the votes, they ensure that no one can guess the final award. Every member of the counting team will receive the same award and vote in part during the counting process. Finally, the two leaders of the counting team will add up the results of each person’s counting to get the final result.
That is to say, even the official officials of the Oscar organizing Committee did not know the result before the award was announced, but now they know the result, and there are two leaders of the third-party statistical agency team
During the awarding ceremony, the two leaders also handed over the envelopes containing the final results to the host and the awarding guests for on-site announcement.
Then what did that worker just say to himself with an ambiguous face? It was a hint that Gaofeng won the prize.
He is fooling me.
Well, it’s not necessary for him to fool me.
Can’t explain it
So Gao Feng didn’t tell Yang Baobei that it didn’t make sense. There were too many strange things everywhere. What else was there? After the interview incident, the official staff would quickly explain and apologize. The attitude was very sincere. We were made difficult by an unruly reporter. In their eyes, we shouldn’t be that important and noteworthy.
Unless, unless something must have happened behind this, we don’t know that this is the peak, and the only conclusion that can be analyzed from the known information.
No, no matter if things are going well and the answer will be revealed soon, there is no need to think too much at the peak.
But the official reaction is very interesting and unpredictable. The fact is not only that the camera is often given to the trio sitting in the corner, but now some organizing Committee members are watching the three China people in the dark and sighing.
"It’s incredible. I can’t believe it from the time they got the quota in the peripheral short film exhibition to the time they voted for it. God, how is that possible?"
"Haha, but it just happened, didn’t it? It was right in front of our eyes. It was so interesting."
"It’s a pity that suluo, who is called miracle, didn’t come. I really want to see this young man."
"It’s really a pity that I heard from Professor Edward that he spoke highly of old Edward’s temper. You know there are not many people who can get his eye."
"I’m thinking that everyone will be scared silly for a while."
"Well, I’ll definitely be scared silly. I swear to God."
"I dare say so, haha."
The audience will not know some small details outside the Oscar ceremony. At this moment, all the fans watching the live broadcast, especially the Chinese audience, are so nervous that they are going crazy.
There are 24 Oscars, the first one is best supporting actor and actress, and the second one is best animated short film.
The actress who won the best supporting actress will open her eyes after giving her speech.
In the early hours of the morning, the audience from the live broadcast country kept listening to zj TV guests analyze the probability of winning the prize, and now they finally don’t analyze it
Analysis of an egg, you analyze that there is a fart that can be Oscar-named and which is weak. This advantage and that disadvantage make people more and more panic.
Five famous animation clips are played one by one, and each shot will be given to a guest.
When it is play to DreamWorks animation
"It’s our turn"
Village head excited a yell.
The position of Guo Yang Baobei’s hometown has already moved quickly, and the big screen will not fart after dawn.
Now crowded in front of a big TV, all the villagers can’t control it. Squeeze forward desperately to see more clearly. At this time, if you zoom in a little more on the close-up, you may be able to photograph that Yang Baobei’s nose is covered with small sweat.
"Come on!"
No matter how loud the villagers shouted, Yang Baobei couldn’t hear them on the other side of the ocean. It was just to vent his nervousness.
DreamWorks branch is the same, everyone held their breath, even Tang Yike stopped making trouble and looked at the big eyes unblinkingly and pulled suluo clothes nervously.
"Master, can Master Mickey win the prize?"
look at
After the five animated short film clips are played, the award-winning guest table in the palm of your hand takes over the envelope containing the final result.