It’s Wang Liang, like the same sharp and peerless sword, but this guard’s aura is like a towering mountain.
All are their own weather.
Tianyang shook his head. "How can a character like you be a guard here?"
The guard smiled and said, "You are still young. When you can’t think about everything in the world, you will understand my mood at the moment."
Tianyang thumb gently pressed the blood knife. "Since I can’t think of anything, why should I stay here?"
"I’m used to living here, and I’m bored. I owe you back after all, right?" The guard smiled and said
Tianyang exhaled, "What should I call you?"
"Everyone calls me Lao Liu. No one has remembered my name for so long that I almost forgot." The guard narrowed his eyes slightly, and gradually straightened his body, buckled his toes and stood in front of the rock pillar, giving people the feeling that mountains were shaking.
"Be careful, Liu." Tianyang walked forward, and at the same time, he communicated with the "Obsidian Original Furnace" and felt that Tianyang’s will consciousness was extinguished in the wilderness.
Immediately, the Tianyang guards released two original furnace capabilities.
Will corrode!
The guard felt something, his eyes changed slightly, and he seemed a little surprised. "No wonder you little friend dared to run to the dungeon alone. There are indeed some special places."
Tianyang was also surprised by the feedback from the original furnace. He knew that these two abilities had little effect on the guards.
Going to’ weakness’ can make the target star drop by three points, but now the guard star has disappeared by one point and less than two points.
In the’ will corrosion’, it only makes his mind slightly shaken, but it can be seen that this person’s spiritual will has been tempered and it is difficult to influence his will.
"Very strong …"
Tianyang takes another step, and the silver light on the body surface emerges to outline the wing pattern.
The milky way is flashing!
His figure suddenly disappeared from the guard’s sight.
In the feeling of Tianyang, there were many obstacles around him, and the gas seemed to solidify, but he still swept away.
So there were layers of ripples around him, and the sun passed through the surrounding landscape one by one from the ripples, and it turned into a vague halo that quickly retreated. He kept his eyes motionless, and he still stayed in the air. He couldn’t see the sun at all.
In this way, a rusty red light flashed past the guards.
A second knife shadow all over the sky!
The secret skill is amazing!
The stone bridge rang with a dense cascade of earthquakes.
The guard exploded several Mars, but he abruptly shouldered Tianyang’s blow like a really hard fine steel.
Never take a step back
Never shaken a point!
His hair
His beard and wide-legged trousers were smashed into dust.
Hundreds of dark red marks appeared on his body, and after a few minutes, the colors of these marks went from dark to light, and finally white marks were left.
At this time, the guard’s hair was less than a centimeter long to his chest, and his beard became stubble. The trousers were tattered and trouser legs fell off, looking a little embarrassed.
One day Yang knew that the guard was powerful.
"It’s really hard …"
The figure of Tianyang appeared a few meters behind the guards. At this time, the sand was sprayed from the ground and turned into diffuse white smoke. There were criss-crossing marks on the ground around the guards, and almost all of them penetrated the rock strata and could see the square sea.
"Are you compressing the limit of your ability to yourself?" Tianyang turned around and saw patches of glittering and translucent light falling on the human body surface as thin as cicadas.
The guard laughed. "You saw a little trick."
"You are also very powerful. I can’t even see you move. Is that your ability or your’ alien’ credit?"
Blood has been drawn, and a crack appears when Tianyang shakes the ground gently.
"Is it allogeneic or ability? I think you should also see that I am more restrained in your fortress. Why don’t we stop here? " Tianyang smiled and suggested that, to be honest, he had no ill feelings towards the guard, and he didn’t want to hurt people’s lives because of different gods.
The guard turned around and said seriously, "If you can’t fight, don’t fight?" Sorry, I’m not used to it. Besides, it’s rare to meet an interesting opponent, and I don’t want to miss it. "
With a smile and a fierce look in his eyes, his aura suddenly grew and became unpredictable.
Guard’ yi’, but this time he no longer passively defends his body. In a flash, he doesn’t know how many’ star barriers’ he has put on himself, but unlike its fortress, he puts on his own star barriers, which are extremely compressed and thin and close to the body surface.
There are also illusory walls around the stone bridge, which are’ barriers to order’. These walls are layered and tightened, and two defensive capabilities are continuously released around the guards, and then the rock stick flows around with the dawn light.
This is’ morning wave’!
After adding defensive ability to himself and adding’ morning wave’ to the weapon, the guard suddenly rushed to Tianyang with his toes. When he approached Tianyang, he held up a rock stick and wrapped it in the morning light, like a mountain falling down, like a jade peak leaning towards Tianyang.
It’s easy for Tianyang to flash out of the original place and guard the stone bridge with a stick, as if a small sun had risen. Seeing that the stone bridge was divided, the guard smashed a gap.
The guard turned sharply when he missed a blow, and the rock rod swept out a wave-like light.
The light waves rolled, roared and swept through
It seems that it will drown Tianyang in a moment, but it and Tianyang are like a galaxy separated by a sea!
No matter how hard the tide tries and how rough it is, it is hard to get close to Tianyang.
There is a symbol shining in the original furnace of Obsidian in the wilderness of consciousness.
This is a kind of’ quality’ distance control in Tianyang’s mastery!
Chapter 1191 I have a daughter
Looking at that turbulent tide is like entering another life, and you can’t get into Tianyang anyway. The guards around you can’t help but wonder.
He has experienced great storms in his life, and he has seen many extraordinary people who have found other ways. He himself has changed the conventional method of "star barrier", but he has never heard of such a means as Tianyang’s ability to let the other side attack close to this ability.
Tianyang controls the’ distance’ of the light tide and keeps it away from itself, which can consume energy in vain.
He didn’t idle figure flash’ shake’ out of the three-body phantom, three inherited the’ galaxy flashing’ state phantom.
As soon as the three phantoms appeared, they immediately turned into ridges to come and go, and the light and shadow and guards were constantly intertwined.
Every time the phantom and the guard are staggered, a star will explode, and the protective ability of the guard on Mars will be weakened by one level. After rank 7, the’ weakening strike’ effect will be improved.
It takes seven attacks for the three phantoms to break a layer of’ star barrier’ after extreme compression. The guard is also aware of this. He suddenly holds up the rock stick and thumps.
After a muffled sound, it is scattered and overflowed with the morning light, and the circles of fluctuations are released, and the phantom shapes of Tianyang appear in the air.