In case of one furnace and one magic pill, Princess Awu will ensure that two furnaces and one rule will be paid.
For Antuten, a senior alchemist is quite powerful, or for all the people in the virtual world, a senior alchemist is willing to help others with alchemy, which can save many monks from taking many detours.
Princess Awu, the Buddha of Wanjiasheng, has gradually spread far and wide. Not only the big totem near the Antun totem of the medicine family, but also many medicine practitioners come here to queue up for an alchemist.
With the passage of time, not only the monks of the medicine clan, the tree clan, the long-eared clan, the soaring clan and other neighboring races also came here to ask for an alchemy.
Princess Awu doesn’t crowd out the foreign monks, but her reward has increased. When facing the foreign monks, Princess Awu began to follow the rules of collecting rewards like his alchemist.
Even so, because of Princess Awu’s high rate of alchemy, the monks who came to Ann Totem to ask for Dan came in an endless stream.
The alchemy business of the Antuten alchemists is several times better than before because of Princess Awu.
Many monks who came here failed to squeeze into Princess Awu’s alchemy order and were recommended by Awu Xianfeng as his alchemist.
Master An Tuteng’s alchemy is not weak. Some masters have their own special advantages when refining some special elixirs. Princess Awu usually recommends masters with a very high success rate, and the names of the masters have gone away in the long run.
Antu Teng became a famous alchemist totem, so it ushered in a high-speed development opportunity around the Millennium.
For thousands of years, Princess Awu spent a lot of time on alchemy every year. With this continuous refining, Dandan Awu alchemy has achieved a perfect advanced level.
Hundreds of years ago, Princess Awu completed the alchemy examination and became the youngest alchemist. Now, she has achieved a senior alchemist, one step away from the great master.
Xiang Shi A Wu has been able to forge an alchemist, but he didn’t take part in the alchemy promotion examination.
It’s no longer an totem who can pass the examination. You must go to the holy mountain of the medicine family to take the alchemy test of the medicine family.
And the appearance of every alchemist is enough to shake the medicine family and make the whole medicine family treasure.
The medicine clan is the most powerful race in alchemy among all ethnic groups in the virtual world-but there are few alchemists who can reach the level of great masters. Big totem tribes like An Totem often have one or two great masters sitting in many weak ones, and there are also alchemists.
Awu Gong Zhubang people’s alchemy has been refined for thousands of years, and a banner, Wanjiasheng Buddha, has become an totem.
In the past 1000 years, small medicines have been continuously refined into different elixirs, or the properties of different elixirs have begun to change magically
Small medicine seedlings have appeared, which is not the same as his brother’s life-saving medicine. His brother’s life-saving medicine is a panacea at first sight, but it is full of spirit and medicine at first sight.
However, the whole body of the small medicine has become a semi-transparent glass, and every part of the trunk looks crystal clear. Every leaf and every thorn shows crystal clear color. As a whole, the small medicine is integrated and looks like a small medicine seedling, but it is actually more like a jade carving medicine seedling.
What surprised Awu even more was that she felt two strands of mysterious breath which were opposite in nature but very similar to each other, a kind of high breath that seemed to despise the whole life.
They are in a symbiotic state, so she feels the strong breath and doesn’t know what it means.
Once, someone took out a real Gracilaria lemaneiformis to make an alchemy, and even the master of alchemy was helpless because the grass was too prosperous in Rowen, which greatly reduced the level of the monk’s alchemy and completed the refining by the method of root.
To Awu’s surprise, the powerful real Gracilaria lemaneiformis came to his face. To be precise, the two mysterious smells of Xiaoyao suddenly changed from a big tiger to a little sheep, and he didn’t dare to be naughty from beginning to end!
What kind of breath can make Rowen dare not be naughty?
Awu consulted totem classics and found some photos. It is said that in ancient times, there were gods and demons with their own majestic bodies. suppression of the heavens suppressed the dragon Wei and naturally did not talk.
In the virtual world, there are monks who refine their bodies. In the final stage of their practice, that is, the Mahayana stage, when they refine their spirits, they will become a kind of magical body. The body will bring its own divinity and magic, and it will be able to resist all kinds of powerful spells on its own, and it will be more powerful than the virtual body.
Then, Awu wondered in his heart whether the mysterious breath of the little medicine body was divine magic.
Chapter DiErSi99 Godsworn nai
However, even if a monk wants to cultivate divine magic, he must come into contact with the real magical body, and he must take the magical temperament as his own practice guide and constantly temper himself in order to finally cultivate the magical body
Can Xiao Yao be a magical body? Was refined into a demon body by your own alchemy?
Awu felt very incredible in his heart.
Small medicine is amazing. If it’s really a magical body, is it a magical material? Will the ultra-rotten wood be a kind of magic material that is powerful and beyond the ordinary meaning?
Maybe it’s a drug with a little weak intelligence, but it’s extremely powerful.
Although it took awu a lot of time to make an alchemist for thousands of years, she often dreams at night, and every dream will have a long time and experience, so she can have more time to practice.
Therefore, the practice of Awu has not fallen for thousands of years.
The momentum of practicing Awu for thousands of years is increasingly converging the state of practice, which is also somewhat incomprehensible.
In this Millennium, she still receives the subtle influence of small medicine, and her physical quality is still rising. The Danhai Sea is also slowly expanding and the meridians are becoming more and more tenacious.
Her own feeling is that she has been making progress in self-cultivation, and she doesn’t know what kind of cultivation monks can finally accumulate after she has never survived the Du Jie period.
However, Awu knows that his accumulation has gone beyond the routine, and he has a completely different way of practicing compared with other monks.
In the past thousand years, in addition to the great achievements of alchemy, Awu’s practice has also changed greatly.
In her dream, the blue brother gave her a magic method that is more amazing than practicing Buddhism.
Accumulating thunder and robbery is a method. When he got this method and began to practice it, Awu had a strange feeling in his heart, as if he had finished practicing medicine with him.
The Du Jie period in An Tuteng’s classics is a period of trembling for every medicine repair, which makes every medicine repair have to be careful for fear that the thunder will turn itself into fly ash.
Therefore, how do a large number of Du Jie-period practices in An Tuteng’s ancient books reduce the degree of lightning robbery, how do you make your Du Jie easier, how do many practices, and how do you directly advance to the distracted period practice with fewer Du Jie times?
Brother Qing, give yourself a good practice. Tired of thunder solution, I am afraid that my thunder intensity in Du Jie period is not enough. I will try my best to accumulate my thunder robbery together and make it stronger. When crossing the robbery, I can make the thunder more violent. This is a wonderful practice.
Awu searched the ancient books of An Totem and found that there was no other method that would be such a tiring thunder except some that could actually survive the thunder robbery and survive!
Adding a little medicine to the letter from the blue brother also means that this is the real method to lay the foundation for all generations. In the end, Awu finally practiced the Leilei Dafa
This method is very strange. Brother Qing, all kinds of illusions seduce Heaven and thunder, and the technique is also very high.
After practicing this method of tiring thunder, Awu can get a chance to be tired every hundred years.
For thousands of years, nine Lei Huan have appeared side by side in her mind, which means that she has unconsciously accumulated her nine thunderbolts in Du Jie.
At this level, Awu feels that he has reached his limit and reached the limit of ordinary brother Du Jie.
Awu is very skeptical that Lei Huan will instantly annihilate himself into fly ash. Awu is very aware of the amazing power contained in those thunder rings.
However, Ah Wu didn’t think that it was in this state that Xiaoyao said casually that "it is still a little weak, and the time is not mature and there is no need to rush to Du Jie …"
Again? Awu is a little dizzy. Is it necessary or able to get tired when Friars in Du Jie are usually the Nine Thunder Robbers?
Will human thunder accumulate again under your command?
Ah Wu feels that Xiaoyao is sometimes very unreliable! Awu also expressed his concern about the energy contained in Thunder to Xiaoyao!
As Awu kept accumulating thunder, at the same time, monks had already started to practice in Du Jie. For example, Ann A Mu had been practicing for thousands of years, and he had already advanced to the Du Jie period and ushered in his first big robbery.
Awu also received an invitation from A Mu to visit Du Jie.
Take Brother Heibu, Sister Yuhe and Angzhuo Awu, who are already deified, to A Mu Peak to watch the ceremony.
Sister Yuhe has become a Taoist couple of black cloth, and both of them are practicing in Awufeng. The yellow calendar and black cloth have become the length of Awufeng, and Sister Yuhe has also become the manager of Awufeng. Over the years, the order of alchemy in Awufeng has been taking care of Yuhe.
Wumeng Angzhuo still keeps Nami Peak, and now it is the upstart of Nami Peak. It is said that Wumeng Angzhuo is likely to be the best candidate for the new generation of Nami Peak.
A Mu’s first thunder robbery was not very strong, but three thunders came down, which Leigen couldn’t hurt A Mu. Naturally, A Mu became a monk.
After Du Jie, A Mu called Ajujie and other former partners of Jingyao Mountain City, and it was rare for everyone to get together.
Over the years, everyone’s totem has developed well, and it has become a powerful country, and it has become a small name in a certain range.
Xiu also advanced backward to the level of deification, and now we are together to recall that there was quite some warmth in our hearts.
Everyone’s biggest sigh is that flying kites and laying eggs in the past, and then look at that time. Now everyone suddenly finds that Awu is really getting higher and higher and achieving extraordinary achievements.
At the party, everyone also talked about the companions who earned his great totem in the past. On that day, there were three great gods around Awu, which were recognized by Qubi Heihip, Yushen Ayi and A Mu respectively.
Nowadays, it is said that Qubi Black Hip Horse Totem has developed very well. Like A Mu, it has become a totem. Brother Xiu also contacted A Mu shortly before the Du Jie period.
What makes people feel sad is that Ayi Yushen was supposed to be the most powerful totem when she was selected that day, but after the selection of the ancient totem Phoenix totem, she developed very well, even faster than A Mu and Hei Hip.
But in the news brought by Hei Hip, Jade Ginseng Ayi went out to perform more than a hundred years ago, and I don’t know what she encountered. She has lost the news for more than a hundred years, and the medicinal light of the phoenix totem has completely dissipated, which means that nine times out of ten, she has fallen to the market.
Although Yushen Ayi was not particularly friendly to herself in those years, Awu was still slightly sad after hearing the news.
Xiaoyao sensed that her mood was floating out and expressed her sadness. "It’s not necessary to die as a monk. It’s normal. If you practice, you will find that there will be fewer monks around you in the end. Do you believe that there will be few monks left after ten thousand years? You will get used to it slowly."
Is that so? After perceiving the fluctuation of Xiao Yao’s spirit, Awu suddenly thought that Sister Yuhe might not enter the Du Jie period, Shou Yuan would not be more than 5,000 years old, and Heibu might not be able to survive several major disasters, even in Shou Yuan.
That is to say, Xiao Yao is right. On how to sigh and work hard, some things can’t be changed, just like ordinary minor medicine repair. It is a natural law to be born and die, and you may encounter such problems after a certain age.
The difference between themselves and them is that they are all experienced by monks themselves, so the cycle of reincarnation will be longer
Godsworn’s practice is short for ten thousand years.
With filar silk sigh full of sighs, Awu began to return to his own Awu Peak. Just before breaking up, Du Jie A Mu asked in high spirits, "Awu, when will you be thunderstruck?" I think it’s about time, right? We are a few brothers apart, but we are just one step ahead. "