"Bastard! She has been hurt so badly that there is still a chance to shout out the word "admit defeat!"
The way they naturally guessed the evil intentions of the magic brothers, but they can’t let them watch Huangfuhan die.
"Brother Lu!"
Just then, Huangfuzhi, who had been seriously injured, suddenly swept his eyes to Liu Fei’s face and cried out.
In his opinion, the only thing that can save his sister at this time may be Liu Fei. If his strength is stronger, they will definitely stop Liu Fei with these magic brothers.
However, to his disappointment, Lu Fei was indifferent at all. Instead, he smiled at him and said, "Don’t worry about it first!"
Huangfuzhi was obviously so angry that he said that my sister was dying. You told me not to worry? Can I take my time?
However, before Huangfuzhifa’s challenge, a shocking reversal suddenly took place.
In the name of the magic door brother fiercely waving iron bars to hit Huangfuhan head at the same time next to another Huangfuhan figure is suddenly moved!
In the hand, a purple and gold sword was instantly shot out, and then it was cut to the magic brother!
"Ah …"
At this time, all the attention of the magic door brother was almost focused on the figure just now. Where would you have thought that another figure was also Huangfuhan?
If you can’t touch it on the spot, you will be directly cut in half by Huangfuhan Zijin sword!
Not only that, but the purple and gold sword suddenly split a sharp sword light and went straight to the magic door brother, who has not yet come to flee the Yuan God!
The sudden change obviously shocked all the magic brothers present. They didn’t expect that there would be two figures in the ring, and all of them were Huangfuhan!
Does this mean the incarnation inside and outside?
"Bastard! Stop it! "
Seeing that their companion Yuan Shen is in danger, it’s finally their turn to worry this time! Don’t want to hurry and rushed towards the ring.
At this time, Liu Fei finally moved his figure, and a flash of "shua" stood in front of several devil brothers who refined God.
"What do you want? He didn’t even shout out the word admit defeat himself. Can you represent him? "
They can drill the rules, and Lu Fei can also return what they just said verbatim without hesitation!
On hearing this, several devil brothers in the refining god’s realm suddenly got angry and their teeth itch, but they also refuted it, because this is exactly what they said themselves!
"Ha ha …"
A listen to these words just now, those brothers who are eager to rescue Huangfuhan Zhengdao can’t help laughing at once, and quickly surround them to feel Japanese. You said this yourself. Do you want to slap yourself? "
"Ah …"
Just then, the demon brother in the challenge finally sent out a miserable cry. Yuan Shen was instantly smashed by firm but gentle! Completely stunned!
Seeing this, several magic brothers are even more eager to bite Liu Fei!
"You wait for me!"
The words sound just fell and I saw that these masters in the refining period rushed to other challenges in succession, but at the same time they challenged all the right schools!
"Not good! Let them directly admit defeat! "
Liu Fei let out a cry and knew that things had completely angered them just now, but the responsibility was not on them. If they were not the magic door, they took the lead in killing Huangfuhan. How could Huangfuhan not even let go of the other Yuan God?
In a blink of an eye, it is not only the right way factions that are occupied by the magic door alchemist, but also the original magic door side guarding the rolling ring, which is now replaced by the magic door alchemist!