A few light rings, and the light cable was cut into inches and disappeared.
Rune steep turn toward the spring 30 fly away.
See the light rope cut off by the rune. Spring 30 Niang’s face is slightly dusty, and her hands are suddenly staggered. Ten crystal white wires emerge from her fingertips and interweave with each other to form a white optical network, which suddenly flies out to put the rune in her pocket.
"Chi Chi Chi"
Rune gold awn rose in an instant, and the size of the millstone was suddenly smashed, and several big holes were broken in an instant, and the light dimmed.
Runes rushed out of the optical network and scratched at a face of surprise. Spring Niangs beheaded in the past.
Spring 30 Niang frightened and turned into a pink light and swept away in the distance.
"It’s not that easy to escape."
Cold hum to see a flash of gold awn that a few runes instantaneous knot together into a golden hand toward the pink light disease took to.
"Peng" a loud noise and then a miserable cry pink light disappeared, and Spring 30 Niang showed her figure. At this time, she fell to the ground and vomited blood.
The pit gold awn flashed past the ancient splendor and floated lightly. With a wave of his hand, the robe sleeve was twisted into three runes and disappeared into the body.
Gu Huigen ignored one side and was surprised. Bai Gujing came to the front of Chun30 Niangs with a stride. His left hand reached out and grabbed her throat and lifted her up.
Spring 30 Niang feels breathing difficulties. Looking at Gu Hui’s cold face, she can’t speak, and her mouth is full of blood.
"Let her go"
Bai Jingjing woke up from the shock and looked at being in danger at any time in the hands of Gu Hui. Spring 30 Niang stretched out her hand and pulled out the bones sword from her waist and shouted.
"If you say you let it go, you’ll let it go."
GuHui a sneer at the spring 30 niang body suddenly move instantly came to Bai Jingjing right hand golden awn flashing at.
After practicing Sanskrit Zen, my body was once again baptized by golden light, and I was not afraid of sharp weapons. Although Bai Jingjing held the white bone demon sword, Gu Hui was not afraid to catch it with his bare hands.
"seeking death"
Bai Gujing great anger bones sword suddenly a shake magic three sword shadow straight cut in the past.
Cold hum to see the front of the golden awn do three golden claw shadow emerge and seize the sword shadow force a pinch several crunchy sword shadow was crushed into dust and disappeared.
Bai Gujing a surprised bone sword shake will once again cut out suddenly feel eyes golden awn flashing a big hand suddenly wear firmly patted his chest.
Bai Gujing felt a sharp pain in his chest than a bone sword flying out like a cloth bag and flying into the distance. "Bang!" When he hit a big stone, it broke into powder.
In a daze, Bai Gujing heard a burst of laughter coming from far and near, and then he felt that someone grabbed his arm and swept it away in the distance
When Bai Gujing woke up, she found herself tied to a cave wall by a dragon tendon.
There is a pile of wood fire at the two steps, and the flame is burning brightly.
Opposite the pig nine ring is holding a few dead branches and throwing them into the fire while throwing a pair of eyes. They are sweeping around.
"Sister, pull up your clothes quickly. That color You Zhu peeks at us."
A look at the pig nine quit glowing eyes Bai Gujing busy toward the spring 30 niang glanced at himself not big shame said.
Only then did I realize that my spring 30-year-old girl’s gauze dress had long been tattered, towering and elastic. No wonder the pig’s eyes shone.
Unable to move because his hands were tied with dragon tendons, Bai Gujing turned to avoid his eyes.
Just turned to wake up in the spring, 30 Niang also found a malicious pig. Nine commandments and ancient bones are busy, and she will hate to stare at the color pig’s eyes.
"I said, Brother Pig, you still have some promise. Don’t you have business to do?"
Two women to avoid the pig nine quit big flashing color eyes turned away, but just to the GuHui GuHui a stupidly busy eyes away next to a mouthful of drooling pig nine quit can not help but angry and said.
Chapter seventy It’s confusing
Listen to GuHui said pig nine quit also like found himself gaffes busy touch head shan shan smile stand aside.
GuHui is now a not to be taunted master, but Bai Gujing and Spider Spirit can be captured alive. It’s better not to talk to themselves or provoke them less.
See pig nine quit instantly turned into the original simple and honest appearance GuHui a funny shook his head and ignored him, but went straight to the front of Bai Gujing spider essence looked at them coldly.
Gu Hui’s cold eyes made Bai Gujing Spring 30 Niangs inexplicably panic and two women could get together.
"Let me ask you what happened to the thirty thousand Tang Jun. Where is the lead general?"
GuHui coldly scanned the Bai Gujing eyes cold with a murder.
"Twenty thousand have been transformed into skeleton soldiers, and there are still ten thousand trapped in the fog. Some of those Tang generals have been sucked by my sister and transformed into yin generals, and some are still alive."
Bai Gujing honestly replied.
"It’s so bold of you to be ordered to take Tang Jun to the west."
GuHui great anger left hand stretched out a golden awn flashed a golden rune and suddenly flew out of the two women’s heads going round and round.