To their surprise, it was not bandits who came in, but a middle-aged man with a pale face dressed in rustic clothes.
The guards are all on the sidelines, vigilant in their hearts.
It’s better to walk in the Jianghu with more than one thing.
What does everyone praise when the road is rough?
It’s because of less.
However, Guo Luquan changed his face. "Qi Long?"
Say body flashing has come.
The guards were startled. I didn’t expect the old man to be a good player.
Dressed in rustic clothes, old and young, it was Wang Xuan who had seen a treasure-suppressing person. When he saw Guo Luquan blocking the road, he was shocked and would draw out his waist iron thorn.
"It’s one of our own"
Qi Long hurriedly stop two people pale laughed "deer old man bad time and planted …"
"Don’t talk yet"
Guo Luquan tree-lined with three people quickly away.
The counter in the lobby is settling accounts. The shopkeeper’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. Call the man and give him a low order …
The house is brightly lit and full of blood.
Bed Qi Long has been in a coma. Five finger holes in his chest are bleeding. A large area around him is blackened and festered and turned green.
Guo Luquan’s face changed, and his hands were like the wind. First, he quickly scraped off carrion with a knife, then he cupped, pulled out poisonous blood and took out powder from his arms …
It took a long time to wipe the sweat off my forehead and dress it carefully.
Behind a few people, the waiter at Sihai Inn bowed down with his face unchanged and said, "What else do adults need?"
The business of Sihaimen is a marketer. Guo Luquan just took Qi Long back to the yard, and in a blink of an eye, a buddy brought all kinds of needles and jars for injuries.
Wang Xuan waved off the man and stared at the master and apprentice. "What happened when you met again?"
"Say it!"
Guo Luquan was so angry that he didn’t fight. "This was injured by an old zombie. He must have dug a grave!"
The little disciple of sheepskin coat blushed. "Nonsense, Lao Yang’s family is not the same as those local people."
"Hanwa, shut up"
The old man in sheepskin coat stopped his apprentice from taking a pipe from his waist, and after smoking a few mouthfuls, he wrinkled his face and said, "Since several old men are familiar with Qi Ye, they won’t hide it from you."
"I was connected with the business students of Xiao Guzhen Baoge, so I got to know Qi Ye. This time, I took it to find a wooden guest in the mountain to do business, but something was wrong."