If he can pull the two of them into his club, he will certainly get a lot of benefits by then.
And these benefits are likely to make him reach the gold level before graduation.
With this in mind, Shen Yuntao became more enthusiastic.
The idea of tal to Tina was immediately forgotten by him.
Shen Yuntao is not stupid. He was just surprised by Tina’s appearance. Can you strike up a conversation?
Now that Tina is a special student, Shen Yuntao naturally won’t have such an idea again
Because once Tina enters the college, she will become a goddess of a large number of male students in an instant.
There will definitely be a few days of arrogance around Tina
He can’t shoot salted fish before 100 in this grade, so don’t get involved in this muddy water
Compared with hitting on Tina, if you pull her and Liu Yuan into the club, it is more doubtful about your own benefits and more worthy of his mind.
The so-called person who stretched out his hand and didn’t smile talked with Shen Yuntao when he faced Shen Yuntao’s enthusiastic offensive.
However, the senior of Shen Yuntao Wilderness Veterinary College still knows a lot about the college situation.
From his mouth, Lu Yuan still learned no less than the college.
Some boring train life has become a little more interesting with Shen Yuntao’s participation.
When Lu Yuan learned about the situation of Wilderness College through Shen Yuntao,
His Lingrail train also quickly entered the depths of the wilderness.
Looking out of the window at the vibrant birds and animals dancing scene, Liu Yuan was very dumbfounded.
Because his wilderness is a desolate and barren land
But in fact, the environment and the word "shortage" here are not at all, but a scene full of vitality
Let Lu Yuan feel that he is in a tropical jungle.
While Tina saw blindfolded, she still looked surprised at the window, Liu Yuan.
I can’t help but ask, "Can you still see the scenery outside when you are blindfolded?"
Lu Yuan smiled and said, "Can’t you see the outside world blindfolded?"
Er ….. Is it possible?
Liu Yuan’s rhetorical question won’t help Tina.
Because according to common sense, blindfolded should not be invisible?
Maybe Lu Yuan doesn’t see with his eyes? Then what did he …
This makes Tina more and more curious about Lu Yuan.
At this moment, the original smooth-running Linggui train suddenly experienced a violent vibration.
The shock came very suddenly, and there were bursts of exclamation in the carriage.
It felt like a high-speed train hit something.
But the vibration comes and goes quickly.
After about ten seconds, the carriage will return to calm.
And when Lu Yuan and Tina faced the violent movement just now, they almost didn’t let the pet beast out.
His two reactions are so big that Shen Yuntao and Xia Qing are very calm and normal.
Shen Yuntao looked at Lu Yuan and Tina with a dignified face and said with a smile, "It’s okay. We should have entered the turbulence zone. All the vibrations are normal."
Tina asked doubtfully, "Turbulent flow area? What’s that? "
Although Tina is a large number of people, she has never left her city because of her poor family.
Turbulence area is the first time she heard this name.
Shen Yuntao said with a smile, "The so-called turbulence zone is the wild environment at the intersection of airflow in various regions. I don’t know that there is a strong regionality, and turbulence zones will be formed at the front intersection of each region."
"The Alliance once used satellites to observe the wilderness. If you look at the wilderness from the sky, you will find that it is a place similar to the’ Thousand Dust Cakes’."
"Every turbulent area is like a long and narrow dividing line separating one area from another."
"The deeper you go into the wilderness, the greater the intensity and scope of turbulence. For example, the turbulence area with the largest scale and highest intensity in the wilderness is the turbulence area outside the Wilderness College."
"Once we enter the turbulence zone, we will lose contact with the outside world, and then we will get in touch with the outside world again after crossing the turbulence zone."
"But you’re not worried about the turbulence area, although there are all kinds of extreme weather all the year round."
"But these extreme weather also have strong and weak points. This amount of ghost trains will appear here, which means that the extreme weather in the turbulent area today has not reached the level of passing the ghost train law."
"Do not believe you see …"
Tina and Liu Yuan immediately turned and looked out of the window.
The scenery that used to be sunny has now turned into a storm.
Several thunders cut through the sky and fell hard with heavy rain.
The stormy and thunderous world makes people feel small.
Before the invasion of nature, personal strength suddenly seems unworthy.
But although this scene of thunder and lightning doomsday is terrible
But there are still no trains that can threaten the spirit track.
I don’t know when I saw a spiritual barrier around the spiritual rail train.
It is this spiritual barrier that protects the moving rail train from thunderstorms in the turbulent area.
And it was at this time that Lu Yuan knew that this train was called "Linggui Train" instead of "Lingli Train".
The barrier that wraps the spiritual train is emitted from the spiritual train.
And this process seems to be triggered by the rail train.
Because Lu Yuan saw that when the ghost train passed by, the ghost rail would not project a protective barrier.
Although there is no spiritual barrier, the unique structure of the spiritual track makes it not afraid of being destroyed by thunderstorms.
Although it is not clear what the main components of the spiritual track are, it is certainly not a simple matter to build such a large-scale spiritual track
If you want to see a dangerous place like a turbulent area and build a spiritual track, the resources you need must be horrible to imagine.