Yanjing, the operation center of beautiful music network brand, will move the department in a few days, and at the same time, Yanjing will call a press conference to announce the financing situation. None of the three parties will miss this opportunity to create a research and development center, and Pangu Group headquarters will be set up, which is the industrial park.
The meeting has ended, and the representatives of the three investors have also arranged for them to take a break first. Although the agreement has been signed, it is impossible to directly see the guests off.
Chinese culture is inseparable from the wine table culture in the etiquette of wine merchants, and it has a long history. If there is no wine table, it is impossible to talk about it. If there is one, it is that Chen Bo hasn’t had a good drink. After a busy afternoon, he rubs his head and looks at the minutes of the meeting. Gao Yuanyuan is also tired, so he will let her go to rest first and the banquet will naturally not take her.
It’s embarrassing that she can’t talk to the company’s senior management, and most of the bosses who take their female secretaries to banquets have ulterior motives. He doesn’t need others to stop the wine for him. It’s really unnecessary to call Mark after attending the meeting today. He is no stranger to Xiong Xiaoge when he comes. He is also a circle of people. It doesn’t hurt to expand a circle.
Chen Bo went to treat her to dinner, and Gao Yuanyuan returned to the dormitory with a tired body, which shocked her a little today.
The usual chat tools, music listening network and mobile phone short message package have a great relationship with Chen Bo, and this afternoon, he brought in $10,000 for investment. Although she is not too white, what is all this money for? But the eyes of this little ordinary people are astronomical figures, and a boy who is half a year younger than himself can be so powerful!
You know, all his peers are still studying in college. Besides, he also has an entertainment agency, and the more he thinks about it, the more curious he becomes.
After lying in bed for a while, I recovered my strength, but my stomach growled. People are iron rice and steel. If you don’t eat, you will be so hungry that you can’t go too far in a canteen.
When she paid at the canteen window, she was teased by the fat master with a native accent.
"Little girl fairly new? I don’t charge money for this canteen … "
"Don’t accept money that charge? A meal ticket? " Gao Yuanyuan puzzled way
"You this girl is really funny all what s and meal tickets! Do you have that work permit or not? " Fat master laughed
Gao Yuanyuan looked at others and said it was a badge class. After that, she picked it, so she quickly took it out of her pocket and handed it to the fat master.
"Just have a card. I want the girl who doesn’t matter. You can eat whatever you want, but you can’t wave this canteen. Your company gave it to the money department!" The fat master said cheerfully, "I really envy the fans who sit in the office and play with their brains to eat without spending money. I have to let the children learn from big companies to come to class."
Gao Yuanyuan chose a few light dishes and found a table with a plate. After sitting, he said that Chen Bo invited me to dinner at noon and lied to me. It was full of routines.
Looking at the food on the plate, I feel that everyone is like Chen Bo’s head. I hate to put a piece of broccoli in my hand and lie to you!
"Excuse me, have you ever taken a clear mouth advertisement? What’s the matter?" Just as Gao Yuanyuan was caught in the fantasy world of destroying "Chen Bo" and enjoying the pleasure of revenge, suddenly a voice brought her thoughts back to reality. A girl came up to her with a plate and asked.
"Ah yes, what can I do for you?" Gao Yuanyuan saw her badge marked Skynet Operation Department.
"It’s really you!" The girl put down her dinner plate and turned around, and called several girls to come around her. "Do you know how beautiful your room is? We are all envious."
"No, it’s all taken by the director," Gao Yuanyuan said shyly. When it comes to the director, that big lie came back to her mind.
"Your skin is really good. How do you usually maintain it?"
"What are you wearing?"
"What constellation are you?"
A group of girls are twittering about all kinds of divination questions. If Pangu Search, Dingdong and Tengxun can recognize her, there are certainly not many people coming. But where is Skynet? The song of kun yang is all around the music scene all day. It is even more popular. Plus the advertisement of clearing the mouth for a long time during the Olympic Games, how can you not remember this lovely, pure and beautiful heroine?
She didn’t expect that she just took one and advertised. They could recognize themselves and were treated like a big star. Although she didn’t like the feeling of being surrounded by many people, they were all cute and colleagues, so she patiently answered various questions.
After all, they are all young girls, and the common topic is easy to find. It doesn’t take long to get together. Three women are a play. What about a group of girls? Then follow up. The goose circle feels almost the same. It’s hard not to attract attention, but fortunately, no more people join in.
When they chatted for a long time, they noticed that there was a signboard on the table and a photo of Gao Yuanyuan was attached. They suddenly realized that they were not only colleagues, but also administrative assistant to Chen Bo, chairman of Pangu Science and Technology Group.
Of course, Tianwang people are no strangers to Chen Bo. The topic of discussion has shifted from the girl’s private affairs to the group chairman’s youth and wealth. Although it is not handsome, it is not ugly and approachable. It is also normal for girls to have some ideas in their hearts.
"Have you forgotten the proprietress?" A girl said at this moment.
"ah? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m telling you, I know this! I stayed in the dormitory after working overtime late that night. I saw the boss and Zhou Xun cuddling into his dormitory with my own eyes, and I was drunk. Do you think what can happen after drinking … "The girl described it vividly as if it had opened the emperor’s perspective.
Sister Xun? They don’t seem to have that floor, but they do seem to be quite familiar with the hero and heroine in the story. Gao Yuanyuan couldn’t help thinking.
"What are you talking about? So lively! " Just as the girls were whispering, a sound broke the atmosphere.
"Sister Yuan returned so late?" It turned out to be Liu Yuan, the head of human resources. She is senior and old, and everyone will call her a sister when they see her.
"You just joined the class Yuanyuan. How do you feel today?" When Liu Yuan saw that Chen Bo’s new assistant was surrounded, she asked and glanced around again. Just now, the girls’ words had already reached her ears. It was not good to say that people were divining behind their backs. Of course, her human resources director had to stop the car quickly.
"Yuanyuan is an elite personally recruited by Manager Chen. Everyone is a colleague. You should help her more."
In a simple sentence, you should have a little brain divination. What’s wrong to say * * Even if you want divination, you can’t say it in front of her. It’s Chen Bo who personally recruited people. If it’s a little ambiguous, it will destroy the two of them because of your words. Who are you talking about?
Chapter 16 Don’t give up treatment
Although Chen Bo is relatively low-key and has never cared about these scandals, he will not punish an employee for it, but talking about these private topics behind his back is ultimately a loss of virtue.
Of course, they are not stupid. They can’t come to the company. How can they not understand the meaning of Liu Yuan’s words? Just now, they were really chatting too much, and then they all made an excuse after they didn’t pay attention to it. Only after the divination meeting was over, Liu Yuan and Gao Yuanyuan were left.
"It’s all young people’s mouths, so don’t take it to heart," Liu Yuan comforted her.
"How did that happen? They are all very friendly. "Gao Yuanyuan didn’t notice anything unusual." Sister Yuan, how long have you been in the company? "
"I’m the first employee of Skynet. It’s only been half a year since I joined the company in July."
Liu Yuan recalled that she was at a loss in the talent market. She was planning to find a job where she could support her family and bring up her children. Unexpectedly, she was frustrated many times. Fortunately, she met Chen Bo. He sat in an ordinary corner and summoned up his last courage to ask a sentence.
Although only half a year is enough to change her life, even that nightmare marriage has gone with it, and Huang Xiaoxu has grown up happily, which is enough to make her happy. Although the work in the company is heavy, it also proves her value and has a high salary. What else can she expect?
"It’s only been half a year since I got online that day?" Gao Yuanyuan interrupted her memories and asked.
"A little more than half a year ago, Chen Bo and Zhang Yiming just made a personal network, and then when they had the money, they invested it in corporate operation, which led to the Pangu Science and Technology Group." Liu Yuan replied with a smile.
"ah? Does he have any magic? Can you make a small net into such a big group in half a year? " Gao Yuanyuan’s face is puzzled by question marks.
"Why not? You will know whether he has magic or not after a long time with him! " Liu Yuan smiled meaningfully. "I’m going to the kindergarten to pick up the children. You have a good rest and have other work."
When Chen Bo came back, he felt that his feet were as light as cotton. Is this the rhythm of the day? These people can drink too much, especially Zhu Li, who comes out of the industry is different. The base is that he has to drink it himself and have to help Xin block it. After all, he is a girl and drinks all white wine.