The first is Su Dingguang’s data.
China-Soviet Dingguang was originally from Jingkangnian, Shandong Province, and once took office in Jinghu area with Song Tingnan. Zeng Yuefei made some contributions in transporting grain.
Later, Su Dingguang, the mastermind of Yue Fei’s unjust death, was also attacked by Qin Gui and transferred from the front line to the southeast state government where there was no threat of war. He made some achievements, and successively took the Wenzhou secretariat and Taizhou secretariat. Shaoxing died of illness in 24 years and died early.
Zhao Shen heart sank.
Then came the information of Sun Yuanqi, the doctor of the Ministry of Finance.
In the book, Sun Yuanqi once worked as an assistant to the official position under Su Dingguang’s command, and Yue Fei also worked diligently in transporting grain.
Later, he took some jobs to fill the central position, didn’t go to the foreign state government to be an official with the old company, and his official fortune was not good, so he took the position of a doctor in the Ministry of Finance.
But in Shaoxing for twenty years, he died strangely in a high-end pub in Lin ‘an City.
Emperor Zhao Shen’s access to nature is the highest limit file. This file records in detail that Sun Yuanqi’s death from yang exhaustion was caused by excessive drugs, and also records the investigation process of the court, and finally identifies a suspect named Su Yonglin.
On the eve of this person’s murder, Sun Yuanqi ate and drank, and Mrs. Sun Yuanqi also confessed that Sun Yuanqi was deeply suspected.
It was when they went to Dinghai County, qingyuan prefecture to arrest the suspect that the suspect had escaped and disappeared. The case was deadlocked, but after Sun Yuanqi’s corruption incident, the court issued a wanted order locally, and the case failed.
Su yonglin
Su yonglin
When Zhao Shen looked through the file, he also found a pattern of posting a local wanted order in qingyuan prefecture, which read the arrest order for Su Yonglin and the reward for the insider.
Three passes of money
"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha …"
Zhao Shen smiled a little seeping.
Wang Huan doesn’t know why the emperor laughs so seepingly.
"Butler, what are you laughing at?"
"Me? I laugh that these people are overreaching themselves. Do you want to arrest the emperor of the country after three rounds of money? "
Zhao Shen said that he was laughing and laughing and laughing.
Wang Huan quickly patted Zhao Shen on the back to straighten him out.
Zhao Shen gasped and wiped her eyes with tears. "Even if the emperor killed our officer, what can we do? Three money, three money, trying to catch people? Ha ha ha ha! Ridiculous! What a surprise! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha … "
Zhao Shen laughed until he was hoarse.
Zhao Shen didn’t eat anything that night and stayed up all night. The next morning, he had a high fever and fell ill directly.
The eunuchs are in a mess. Please call a doctor for treatment.
And before Zhao Shen completely lost consciousness and fell into a coma, he asked ye yi and Shen the last command.
It is forbidden to pass through the Great Song Dynasty. Once circulation is found, it will be burned immediately, and private possession is not allowed. If it is read, it will be immediately punished.
Then it includes that court officials are not allowed to talk to people. Once the "Hongwu Political Theory" is found, people can report the whistleblower and give him a reward.
Generally speaking, it is necessary to completely ban not only Hongwu Political Theory, but also to seal it, so that people are not allowed to say it, and Hongwu Political Theory is not allowed to continue in the Southern Song Dynasty, causing irreparable results.
Even in a trance, Zhao Shen realized that this might bring him great hidden dangers.
It is true that Su Yonglin wants to subvert the old system and create a new system. He really did this and achieved considerable success, as evidenced by the strength of the country.
This made Zhao Shen particularly afraid.
Because according to this statement, Zhao Shen will be the No.1 criminal in Tianzi, and once he is caught by the state, he will die.
The whole Zhao and Song royal families may not have any good games.
However, the country will inevitably destroy the Song Dynasty in the south, and the avoidance of this law of war in the future depends on when the country will destroy the Song Dynasty in the south, not on the subjective will of the Southern Song Dynasty.
Unfortunately, it was too late when he reached this order.
As early as the first day of March, when it was put on sale, many merchants in the border areas of the Song Dynasty snapped up this Hongwu Political Theory because of their extreme curiosity. In addition, there was a list of Shuren clubs for sale.
Because of the external sales, merchants in the Song Dynasty can easily buy these and bring them back to the Song Dynasty, and then they begin to publicize that they have got good things when they return home.
The emperor of China wrote it, everyone!
Don’t even come and have a look!
The emperor’s writing of the wonders of the ages can let us flat-headed people see it. Hey!
So with the "Hongwu Political Theory", the border area became an explosion in about a month, which also became an explosion in the border area of Song State. Not only the local prominent people know this, but also many rural villagers know it-
Have you heard? The emperor of China wrote one for the people of our country!
I heard what it’s called "Hongwu Debate". It’s beautiful to hear people say!
Come on, I know you don’t know it’s called political theory! Politics!
Uh … See you later.
The common people in China are very fond of divination, and of course, the people in the Southern Song Dynasty are also very fond of divination. This kind of thing for the emperor is even more extreme. Everyone is quite interested in it, and it will soon be known everywhere.
I really don’t want to say that at this time, the speed of information broadcast is full of things that people are really not interested in. Once they encounter things that are really interesting, they should be as fast as possible without blocking.
Zhao Shen saw this and decided to ban Hongwu for four years, which was also his own. On the seventh day of May in the third year of Longxing, "Hongwu Politics" was opened in the border States of the Southern Song Dynasty and further broadcast to the south.
Due to the purchase restrictions, there are almost no conservative estimates, and three or five thousand "Hongwu Political Theory" was grabbed by businessmen in the Southern Song Dynasty and aroused great interest in the Southern Song Dynasty.
At that time, Luoyang paper was expensive, and Hongwu Political Theory was sold at a gold price in some places.
This attracted the attention of a large number of professional scalpers and professional dog thieves in the Southern Song Dynasty.
These people are embarrassed to think that they can’t read, but they know that money smells good.
With another wave of replenishment at the beginning of May, a large number of Hongwu Political Treatises poured into the Southern Song Dynasty like a pinch of time and went crazy to the southern state capitals.
At the same time, a large number of pirates began to circulate in the Southern Song Dynasty, and the low selling price was not only enough to satisfy people’s curiosity.
Even if Ye Yiwen read the preface of Hongwu Political Theory, he immediately rushed to ban it, which was also in early May.
On this day, it is conservatively estimated that more than 20,000 copies of Hongwu Political Theory and 50,000 copies of Hongwu Political Theory have been exported to the Southern Song Dynasty.
The number of categories copied and transferred by the people themselves is even more numerous.
It was on May 11th that I finally left Lin ‘an to move forward in accordance with the order of the bureaucrats in the Southern Song Dynasty, such as separating from the original spectrum and working efficiency.
It is after June and July that it will be thoroughly implemented in various places.
Depending on the implementation, different people have different opinions.
Chapter 954 Isn’t this killing them?
The touching efficiency of the Southern Song Dynasty government made them complete the law in accordance with the regulations.