However, Pei Hui’s expression did not change in the face of Xuan’s unique words.
"isn’t it what we are doing to seize divine power in the name of God?"
"Now that Wende has this opportunity and talent to make him a real Mohologa?"
Here PeiHui tone paused a little before continuing to calm and said
"Even if Mohologa is a real god, it is now a pile of residue that should have been swept into the dust of history …"
"On the previous life, like the new life, Mohuluoka will no longer be the python god in the Western Regions, but will be born in the land of the Central Plains!"
Silently looking at Pei Hui’s side face, Xuan never seemed to see the figure of going her own way thousands of years ago.
[Department Tianzhong? So you expect so much from that guy? 】
My heart and emotions are mixed, but Xuan Jue still has no mouth to refute Pei Hui’s words, just as he followed every time before.
"Did you find all the candidates for the’ Four Gods’ when you came back this time?"
Directly brought the topic into the theme. Pei Hui didn’t believe that Xuan Jue came back before this time just to listen to himself play a song.
Or it’s really like something Xuan would never do, but it’s more important that he didn’t give it to him himself.
"There were some twists and turns, but fortunately it didn’t affect much."
As Pei Hui expected, when it comes to seriousness, the mysterious performance always makes her very satisfied.
"According to the original plan, Qinglong has returned to Suzaku, and there are still three candidates left, but it does not affect the next plan."
"The only surprise is that the best candidate for the position of’ White Tiger’ died years ago."
Smell speech PeiHui slightly surprised stare big eyes.
"Dead? How did it die? "
It is undoubtedly that the "Four Gods" have the strongest fighting power and the most murderous intention, but they have inherited the fierce star name "White Tiger".
Therefore, if you want to kill a monster with "white tiger" potential, you need to pay a price far beyond your imagination.
At the very least, Pei Hui doesn’t recognize that the "white tiger" will die so inexplicably by the Xuan.
"’white tiger’ death is some unexpected factors …"
"However, the main reason is that it was forcibly washed away by Hui Ji’s’ Dizang Fayin’."
Never imagined that "the death of the white tiger" also involved the monk Hui Ji, and Pei Hui became more interested.
"How is this related to Hui Ji again?"
Seeing that Pei Hui is so interested in Hui Ji and telling about the Xuan can not help but raise a sense of crisis.
Pei Hui was also very interested when he heard that Hui Ji had invaded Jionji’s name as a "holy evil monk" and intervened in the imperial dispute.
Xuan Jue’s many years of experience tells him that once a woman is curious about boys, it is not far from their downfall.
Pei Hui in Xuan Jue’s heart is naturally not that kind of superficial woman, but he doesn’t want to find another rival in love for himself.
So Xuan decided to temporarily shift Pei Hui’s attention to a relatively safe topic.
"To be precise, it should be with Pei Wende."
I have to say that the strategy of Xuan Jue really worked. Pei Hui’s attention was transferred to Pei Wende as soon as she got there.
"And Wende also?"
Fixed color turned eyes xuan absolutely must have nodded his head.
"Because of the’ white tiger’, it is called Mulian Temple …"
"That’s where Pei Wende first met Hui Ji, and that’s where we felt the first awakening of’ earthworm’."
Xuan Jue calmly and steadily narrated the life track of a tiger demon known as "Mountain King" and gradually appeared in front of Pei Hui.
In particular, what happened after the other person lost his memory and mistook himself for a human has aroused Pei Hui’s resonance to a certain extent.
Yu Shanjun finally took the initiative to disperse and repair, and voluntarily went to hell forever?
Pei Hui gave an evaluation quite in line with her personality-stupid!
Chapter 10 Fierce tigress
Li Yanran is the eldest daughter of the Li family in Changsha and the only successor of the Li family business.
Nowadays, it is rare for a woman in the Tang Dynasty to inherit the family business, but it is not unprecedented.
Although Jia Li Yanran is nominally the eldest daughter of the Li family, in fact, there is nothing too big in the Li family.
Since his father Li Fugui became a monk, it was Li Yanran’s mother who supported the whole family business on her own.
In a sense, apart from being crowned the "Li family", Li Yanran’s huge family property and Li family property are not big.
Li Yanran, who was alone after the death of both her parents, also showed considerable courage and skill.
Whether it’s those distant relatives who want to rob relatives or those in-laws who are uneasy and kind …
Li Yanran all unceremoniously drove them out of Li Fu’s gate and made his own shops and forces retaliate against these malicious guys.
Over time, those who can’t take advantage spread some vicious rumors.
For example, Li Yanran is the reincarnation of Dreadwind Lone Star, which will kill all relatives and friends around him.
For example, Li Yanran hates being kissed so much because she likes the same sex as her father.
Li Yanran all took a visual attitude.
Anyway, the spread of gossip from the outside world is no more powerful than the breeze coming from the ear for Li Yanran, who is now alone.
However, there are exceptions to everything, even Li Yanran, who has always shown a strong attitude towards the outside world.
So one morning, those who have been coveting Li Yanran’s beauty and wealth were surprised to find that the fierce woman like a tiger had dressed up and went out.
"Little Niang, who are we going to see?"
Li Yanran, a close-fitting servant girl behind her mother, looked at the noisy crowd nearby with a face of surprise.
Since the "Mulian Temple Incident", the maids who grew up with Li Yanran have almost died.
And this girl, who has been with Li Yanran for a few years, is definitely not an easy-to-contact personality, although she is not as cold and fierce as the outside world.
On the contrary, Li Yanran’s eyes are very high, and even the local county magistrate doesn’t pay much attention to it. She refuses each other several times and holds various banquets.
After a long time, I feel that maybe there is a real heaven born to enter her eyes.
"A benefactor"
Glancing at the servant girl lightly, Li Yanran at the gate of the city is like an ordinary woman, showing no abnormality at all because of the noisy crowd nearby.
That habit looks like Li Yanran often goes in and out.
And that’s true. Li Yanran’s mother had been trying to find her father before she died. She had long been used to dealing with all kinds of unscrupulous people.
Raised eyebrows slightly wrinkled and looked around a circle, showing that she was not used to this state of Li Yanran, and the girl wanted to continue to ask.
But after seeing Li Yanran’s indifferent eyes, the servant girl suddenly remembered the first two dismissed "predecessors" and hurriedly bowed their heads and shut up.
As I heard, Li Yanran doesn’t like people questioning his own practices and choices.
The first two "predecessors" of the servant girls were put into the kitchen directly by Li Yanran because they chewed a few words on their tongue.
The servant girl is very satisfied with her present identity and status, and she doesn’t want to follow in the footsteps of those two "predecessors" at all.
The servant girl bowed her head and thought about how the "benefactor" could make this little girl go to the city gate to meet her in person, regardless of her manners. As soon as she hid her joy, she whispered into her ear.
"That is?"
Looking down the direction of Li Yanran’s light call, a luxurious carriage suddenly appeared on the original Kuang Avenue.