Others are a little scared when they see this. After all, college students are still good children in this era, and there are few fights.
"How dare you do this to me? Wait for me." The boy covered his arm and fled in pain.
Longyou is not threatened by boys. He wants to keep a low profile, but it is not his’ sex’ to be patient after this.
"Husband, why don’t we leave school first?" Chloe worry said
I heard that Longyou gently touched her hair and said, "Okay, let’s go to the second brother’s hotel first."
Say longyou with Chloe came to green gang flag hotel.
I didn’t expect Joe to be here when I arrived at the hotel.
Xiaosi directly took him to Joe’s second room to see him sitting in a cold chair and kneeling alone.
Seeing this dragon swim, Chloe went back to her room first and went into his room herself.
"Second brother" Longyou light said.
Joe motioned for him to sit down and let him handle things. Longyou nodded and sat down.
"Tiger, how many years have you been working with me?" Joe’s second face’ color’ restored moist light asked.
The tiger shuddered and said, "It’s been three years."
"Now that you know you’re going to be punished, your position is temporarily at the top of the storm." Joe took a sip of red wine and said to him.
Say the tiger was pulled out by others, leaving Joe and Longyou.
Longyou didn’t ask what happened. He knew that if he wanted to say that he didn’t ask, he would tell himself.
Sure enough, Joe went over and sighed and said, "The gang with me now has two brothers, Storm and Hurricane."
"Second brother, you are a little sad" Longyou light asked.
He gave a wry smile: "This group of people were trained with me in those years and were not inferior to their brothers, but since I took this position, many things have been involuntarily."
"Second brother, do you regret doing this position?" Longyou asked gently
Joe shook his head and said, "No one thinks of a generation, and I am no exception. The boss is my savior. I am willing to be loyal to him, but I don’t want to be loyal to others."
"second brother, if it wasn’t that person at that time, I’m afraid you would still think about it?" Longyou smiled and said
Wen Yan Qiao Er said frankly, "Longyou bro is still the same sentence, so are you."
"Second brother, you’d see it." Longyou drank a glass of red wine and said to him.
Joe nodded with a smile. "Sometimes I think you have a ten-year-old man in your heart and a wise old man, bro."
After that, his eyes were sharp but fleeting.
"The poor children should be the masters early!" Longyou light said
"Ha ha!" Joe two bright lang laughed "now who dare say bro you poor? By the way, how are things going at school? I heard that you are going to Sanli? "
"School things are a little trivial. Well, Chloe is in a bad mood. Take her for fun." Longyou didn’t specifically say it was fun.
"It’s hard to enjoy people’s happiness." Joe laughed sarcastically.
Longyou waved his hand and said, "Don’t embarrass me, second brother. You didn’t call me here to talk about homeliness, did you?"
"I can’t hide anything from you, but I’m going to set up a branch," Joe said with a serious face.
Longyou won’t just want to set up a branch. There must be something else.
"Longyou bro, I won’t tell you anything about this. You know about Yihe and Shantang, right?"
He was surprised that the name of a previous life was not this. Presumably, he didn’t have any difference.
"The real one-off meeting, Yamamori, once approached me and wanted to invite me to deal with Yamagata. This matter involves the general headquarters without me. I’m afraid I can do it well by reasoning. I’m afraid you have Longyou bro." Joe explained the matter.
No matter I am or I am, the opposite impression of Longyou is not good. Maybe the blood in the bones of Chinese people has resentment from the opposite person.
"The second brother made life’s’ sex’ cunning’ rape’ fraud must not be good, afraid that it will turn against us." Longyou thought about it and came up with his own ideas
Joe 2 heard this and pondered some way: "To tell you the truth, this time Huaxia ordered us to join green gang and them."
Longyou didn’t think it was even involved in Huaxia. I’m afraid it’s even more complicated.
"Second brother, it seems that this matter can’t be delayed?"
"Longyou bro, there are some things I don’t say you know," Joe said some nai.
He Bai Qiao’s second difficulty, Huaxia Kingdom, has never moved to green gang. First, it involves a lot. Second, green gang does things. Huaxia countries are closely linked. There are always some things that they can’t handle. It is necessary to have such a sharp sword to deal with. To put it bluntly, green gang’s status is also very embarrassing.
But it is with their help that anti-green gang can better stand on the interests chain and be more rigorous and solid.
"Second brother, you can rest assured that I will take care of this matter." Longyou nodded.
The person he really wants to go to is not Joe II but the veteran of Huaxia Nation. Presumably this time, it is also the recommendation of Tang Lao.
"Longyou bro, be careful when you’re done. I’ll send you some right-hand men. I’ll let Xiaosi’ hand over’ the specific matters to you." Joe Erbai’s trip was very dangerous, but the boss ordered him to refute it again.
"Good when the time comes, please ask my second brother to send Chloe to Mr. Morgan Chu Er. I don’t want her to take risks with me." Longyou is worried that there will be another state of affairs in the United States, and on the other hand, Miranda Kerr is very unstable recently. Anyway, there will be no danger in having Chu Er to take care of Chloe.
Joe nodded and said, "Longyou bro, don’t worry, I will arrange good people to protect them."
After Joe talked about it, Longyou went back to the room, and Chloe slept soundly on the’ bed’.
He carefully covered Chloe with a quilt and straightened her body when she was uncomfortable.
At this time, I knocked on the’ door’ stereo and saw Xiao Si holding a big pile of information about the meeting and the mountain hall.