The man smell speech when unprepared hurriedly way "butterfly I never have this idea if I really have this idea call me Li Shenfu by disorderly arrows …"
The woman hurriedly covered the other side’s mouth and said, "I believe you, Sir, what are you really swearing about me? Don’t say that I want to report it well."
Li Shenfu was moved for a while and held the butterfly hand and said, "You know my yellow-faced woman has no feelings. My favorite person is always you. There is one thing that I have to pull away and I am afraid I will not see you for months. Don’t worry, I will definitely come back here to redeem you after I finish this, so that your generation will be prosperous."
This woman is crying again. "You always talk like this to trick people. If you really want to redeem them and need to be busy, you can do it today and tomorrow."
Li Shenfu shook his head. "I want to do something big. If I let my brother know that I was redeemed by a prostitute before I got cold feet, it would be my fault."
"Get cold feet? Your majesty, are you going to fight? "
Li Shenfu nodded and acquiesced in the matter, "I can’t help myself."
The woman suddenly said, "I don’t know how long it will take to return after the war in March. Is this a war against Zhao?"
Li Shenfu said, "Don’t ask about it, and don’t be an outsider. Manager Zhang, don’t worry, I will come to redeem you after the war. Li Shenfu will never be ungrateful."
"I have already entrusted the sovereign body" to Butterfly in accordance with Li Shenfu.
Li Shenfu saw the great pity and hugged the butterfly tightly.
Li Shenfu did not find a different light in Guidie’s eyes.
Ps, thank you, happiness is blooming like a flower, and there is one more thing to be continued in the evening.
Chapter six hundred and ninety-two Review (the second more)
Dongdu Luoyang city
There is an endless stream of merchant ships coming from Luoshui.
The northbound two squares of the forest square on the north bank of Luoshui are the eastbound two squares of the north city of Luoyang, and the east gate forest square is very prosperous.
However, there have not been many people living in the forest square. The reason is that Luoshui often floods into the forest square, and in July, it often falls into the country. All the officials and dignitaries moved away early, but left some ordinary people.
There is a humble mansion in Linfang. Two months ago, a plaque of Luoyang Salt Administration Department was hung at the gate, but it became an official office.
Fang people don’t look at this Luoyang Salt Administration Agency, otherwise it will be able to open a place like Linfang, which is obviously not very important. Otherwise, Miyagi or Beishi will be opened anyway.
After the opening of this yamen, it was also very deserted, as if no one was walking around, and gradually the people forgot this Luoyang Salt Administration.
In fact, the Luoyang Salt Administration Agency was set up by the Li Tang Military Intelligence Agency, which was responsible for spying on the military situation in China.
The official office in Luoyang is full of silks. I heard that Cao Wen was quietly looking at the file at hand. Cao Wen was just joining the army at the beginning with Li Chongjiu’s Pujiu Temple to meet Li Zhiwan. After that, he was selected as a special official to be responsible for the six departments of the department and the Luoyang Department.
Now Cao Bie will pinch his forehead from time to time and pick up a bowl of green tea from the table to drink. He has been thinking for a while, and from the information he has at hand, Tang Jun seems to have all the changes.
First of all, the right division of the East Palace led the whole army, Qiao Gongshan, and Zhao Jun got wind of it. Qiao Gongshan was Zhao Junxi’s most successful secret spy so far, and the highest general in Tang Jun was the closest to knowing that Qiao Gongshan, a confidential figure in Li Tang’s confidant, had won the trust and esteem of Li Taitang and Li Jiancheng.
Judging from his intelligence, Li Tang intends to arrange a big offensive, and it is led by Tai Li Jiancheng instead of Li Shimin, who has always been regarded as the most brave and good at fighting among Tang gaozu.
Cao Wen’s consistent experience shows that Qiaogongshan news is highly credible.
The second is that Zhao Junxi, who came from the camp in Tang Jun, Huaizhou, bought off Tang Jun general Li Shentong’s younger brother, Xiang Yi Gong Wang Li Shenfu, who recently fell in love with a prostitute.
Guidie revealed to Cao Wen that there will be an attack in Tang Jun soon, and the direction of attack is unknown.
Returning to Butterfly is not a professional detail, and Li Shenfu’s tone is also relatively tight. We know from the specific details, but because of this, the reliability of the news is also very high. When returning to Butterfly to serve Li Shenfu, he secretly made a good friend with a businessman.
It was caught by the wind that the company wanted to blackmail the butterfly to know that Li Shenfu’s temper was absolutely dead if he knew that he was stepping on two boats, and it was reported that the company had offered conditions here. If the butterfly got confidential information from Li Shenfu, it could not only help her to be redeemed in a brothel, but also help her elope with her lover to a random place in Zhao Guojing and change her name and surname to live a new life.
After listening to it, Guidie agreed to the secret spy of Zhao Jun, who got wind of it, and spied on this important news.
The third is that Zhao Jun has been lurking in Chang ‘an for several months, and the grain price trend in Chang ‘an is constantly rising, which is very abnormal.
Although the grain price in Chang ‘an has been high because of Zhao’s economic blockade of Chang ‘an, it should be lowered just after the autumn harvest, but the grain price has not only not dropped, but has risen, which has always been rich in Sichuan and Sichuan.
You know, Sichuan and Sichuan are granaries, but after autumn, the grain price actually rises slightly instead of falling. This is really very strange. From this point of view, there is reason to believe that this is due to the hoarding of grain and grass in Bashu in Li Tang court.
Judging from the horse market, it is almost impossible for Turks to sell war horses to Li Tang. Even an ordinary packhorse in Chang ‘an is sold for 20 thousand yuan, while it is hard to find a war horse for 30 thousand yuan. In addition, the price of raw iron winter clothes, fabrics and other things is also rising.
It can be seen from the trend of grain price and pig iron price that Tang Jun seems to be actively preparing for the war.
From these aspects, it is possible for Li Tang to prepare for a large-scale battle. Three armies of Li Tang, from Li Chen, Hedong Army of Li Shentong to the 12 th House Army and Bashu Army led by Li Jing of Li Xiaogong, all participated.
It takes about one month and three months for the campaign to be launched. According to this trend, it is necessary for the Zhao army to fight a decisive battle and decide the fate of the world.
Cao Wen thought of this and wrote a piece of cloth with a secret message. After that, he put the cloth into an oil cylinder with wax. When someone was called from outside, he asked him to send the oil cylinder to Youjing through the channel of the news department for 400 miles to inform Li Chongjiu.
Zhong Chang’ an
In the heavy snow and cold wind, 20,000 soldiers of the No.12 Fan Fu Army in Chang ‘an East Gate Campus are reviewing.